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Someone asked about Dr. Feychting and the ICNIRP: As you can see in this link, both Elizebeth Cardis and Maria Feychting are consulting experts for the ICNIRP. They are not considered members according to the website but I don't think they consult for free as volunteers. How Cardis can regulate or coordinate the conflicts of interests of the INTERPHONE, or how she can run a neutral study, while she consults to the ICNIRP is beyond me (and the quotes that the french organization Next-Up sent- spoke for themselves).


Today in the newspaper in Israel it's written that the FDA "blamed the study [from Sweden] in lack of consistency, flaws and an interpretation that the mind can't accept", and the FDA stated that "in the near future there will be a special scientific conference and a series of in-depth checks into the subject".

The article continues with some surprising revelations for such a mainstream newspaper: "In studies which found proofs for health damage following radiation, there were found damage to eyes, brain, acoustic nerve, DNA and chromosoms. In addition, studies raised the concern of damage to fertility, memory, concentration, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. There are also those who claim that the radiation causes the appearance of malignant tumours not only in the brain, and even concern for psychiatric disturbances". (By Alex Doron Maariv 10.4.06)

Maariv http://www.nrg.co.il also published today a longer article about the problem of higher radiation in closed places like elevators, but only to convince the public that the companies are trying to solve the problem of high radiation by increasing the amount of antennas (according to their moto: more antennas is less radiation. Many people were convinced).

The day after Hardell's article was published in Yediot Ahronot http://www.ynet.co.il Yediot published the warning of the German federal authority of radiation protection, that cordless phones emit more radiation than cellular phones because they lack a component which controls the power and they emit the maximum power density inside the house also when not in use.

On the 9.4 it was published that since 2003 there's an increase of 28% in the number of people who receive anti-depressant drugs in Israel, every year there are additional 3000 people. Altogether there are 200,000 people who receive these drugs, and between March and September 2005 there were given 1,277,000 anti-depressant drug prescriptions. "Does it say that the whole nation is depressed?" asks the newspaper. The psychiatrist who was interviewed explained that this is not an incerase of morbidity but an increase of proper diagnosis, and "a blessed [good] trend of increase of awareness and treatment"

"No reception - Yes radiation" Nahum Doron, Amir Taig and Assaf Zelinger Maariv 10.4.06 "Cordless phone emits more than cellular" Amir Ben David Yediot 3.4.06 "A nation in depression" Hila Alroy De-Bar, Maariv 9.4.06

From Iris Atzmon


Mobile phone use and the risk of acoustic neuroma



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