New battle looms for campaigners over mobile mast

By Adrian Kajumba

Concerned parents and residents are bracing themselves for another battle with a telecommunications giant planning to erect a mobile mast just yards from a playground and children's school.

Mobile phone firm O2 confirmed they have identified a site on railway land close to homes on Kingsmead Road, Streatham Hill, for a giant 12.5m mast.

The proposed site is close to the recently refurbished Hillside Gardens Park, used by kids groups like the One O'Clock Club pre-school, and opposite the Hitherfield Primary School.

News of the plans come just a year after mounting public pressure forced T-Mobile to relocate a mast planned at the entrance to Hillside Gardens. Campaigners claimed the appearance of the mast would seriously blight the much loved garden park.

Phone giants O2, who stressed there is no conclusive evidence proving masts carry health and safety dangers, said the mast would help improve the service provided to their growing network of customers in the area.

Mike Connolly, who was part of the successful campaign against the proposed 11.7m T-Mobile mast, said: "Why on earth would they want to put a mast by a school and playground? It makes no sense."

Barbara Virtue, manager of the One o'clock Club based in Hillside Gardens Park, feared parents would no longer want to bring their kids to the pre-school if a mast was erected nearby.

She said: "A mast is something that could do serious damage to the kids. We all have mobile phones but you don't live on them all the time.

"It is the kids who will be living, eating and breathing near a mast if it is put up."

Community relations manager for O2, Jim Stevenson, said the company are currently consulting on whether to submit a planning application for the site and will make a decision in the next three weeks.

He added: "We have a lot of scientific information available to us and nobody has come up with anything conclusive that shows there will be health and safety dangers if we put up a mast. A lot of the information available is mischievous."

Omega this is not true. See under:

Adrian Kajumba
What do you think? Should a 12.5m mobile phone mast be allowed to be erected close to Hillside Gardens Park? Write to the address on page 2 or email

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