Stop Importing Animals for Labs

a message from Eleanor:

Please sign and forward to help stop this cruelty!
All necessary information can be found in the Gateway To Hell website! Thanks!!!



We the undersigned would like to voice our disgust at the importation of lab animals through Dover port. These animals end up in vivisection laboratories all over the U.K. where they will suffer and die. We are calling on Dover port to adopt a policy of allowing NO lab animals to be imported/exported through Dover port.

Stop Importing Animals for Labs

* Primates are rarely bred in captivity. The vast majority of the animals pictured in cages in labs were once roaming free in the tundra of Tanzania, the sugar plantations of Mauritius or the jungles of Indonesia and China. Traders in the countries see primates as ‘profitable pests’, to be seized and sold to willing labs abroad. This despite the fact that most primate species are listed as endangered or recognised as heading that way.

* The cages in the labs, as horrible as they are, are little compared to the holding units in Africa or the Far East, where they are beaten, starved and generally abused. The journey to the labs of Europe and America is terrifying to already traumatised animals, and despite the amount of money changing hands, the conditions so appalling that a large proportion of them die – some from shock; some from simple starvation.

Every firm that handles them along the way, from the catchers in the jungles, to the handling companies and airlines, to the people facilitating them along the way, is profiting from this trade. They do so in the knowledge that they’ve been getting away with it for years and that the secrecy they operate in is enough to protect them. We plan to change all that.


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