O2 threatens legal action in mast row

Mobile phone company O2 has threatened to take Bognor Regis golfers to court. The firm said it would take legal action if the sportsmen and women wanted it to remove the Tetra mast from their land.

The prospect of an potentially expensive encounter in front of a judge caused the golf club to back down.

The actions by O2's subsidiary, Airwave, to protect its mast on the first fairway at its site off Downview Road in Felpham, close to Downview Primary School, have been condemned by protestors against the mast.

Alan Taylor, of Felpham Residents Against Tetra, said: "This does appear to be a case of a large multi-national company using its financial clout to ride roughshod over local concerns and interests. This is aided and abetted by our government – particularly the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister."

He said nearby residents were grateful the club had tried to force O2 Airwave to take down the mast. "There is no dispute between us and the golf club," he stated, "But I can't see a way out of this situation."

Full report in the March 30 issue of the Bognor Regis Observer

06 April 2006

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Read the e-mail below from David Baron with regards to 02 trying to take court action with the Golf Club, how can they be allowed to get away with this? They continue to hide behind ICNIRP, WHO and the UK Government. They need to get out and meet people and see them suffering and face up to the truth.

I've just returned from visiting a lady who is suicidal due to the phone masts 100 metres from her home, she can't sleep and is suffering with EHS problems, many of her neighbours are also ill.

The housing Association want to terminate the 10 year contract with Orange, the contract is due to finish, however Orange are claiming special powers and rights over the Landlord and said they can only terminate the contract if they can find a new location which is virtually impossible in Sutton Coldfield. How can they be allowed to do this? If you sign a rented agreement with a tenant, surly you have the right to claim your property back when that agreement has finished, they wouldn't be allowed to dictate to you and say I'll leave if I find somewhere else to live and that looks impossible so I'm staying.

It's so awful, I've only been there for three hours and can feel the effects of radiation, I had to leave this poor woman who is living there 24/7, its heartbreaking.

Something must be done, this is an emergency situation.

I will follow up soon with a report about my visit to the deaf centre in Liverpool and the awful situation in Sefton. I visited last week with Dr Walker and took some readings, they are within ICNIRP but people are still suffering.

Eileen O'Connor


What this report doesn't say is that the golf club was attempting to exercise a 5-year option in the lease agreement. Airwave had to accept this legally but through its lawyers, Lawrence Graham, threatened court action unless the club agreed to negotiate a 'new' lease. As I am sure most are aware, an operator may apply to the court to force landlords to accept installations. The first step is to use threats and intimidation.

David Baron

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