New York City may restrict cell phone towers placement due to health worries

An anyonymous source sent this to me earlier today.

I think we should pass it on.

James River Martin

The story was originally published in the Park Slope Courier, of Brooklyn, N.Y.

It was an important bit of news, but with no legs to carry it through "official channels" to the larger world. The story basically got nailed down to Brooklyn, its feet taken from it. The powers that be, it would seem, don't like stories of this kind getting legs.

The headline: "Critics Fight to Restrict Cell Towers". The upshot: New York City may restrict cell phone towers placement due to health worries..., that's all. No big deal, right? Not news with legs.

".... The bill would prohibit the erection of cellular towers and antennas within 500 feet of schools throughout New York City. ..." Schools! Children!

A foot in the door. That's all.

Critics Fight to Restrict Cell Towers //

A couple of blogs picked it up.


But Google and Yahoo news searches including its various terms pulled up essentially nothing. It is not news with legs. Officially.

One wonders about the..., what? millions or is it billions (?) in advertising which cascades into the advertising departments of the media. Those same ad departments which are officially "separated by a firewall" from the news rooms.

Some anonymous writer sends an e-mail to a news underground. (This will happen momentarily.) The story gets e-mailed around. The bloggers pick up the story. This hasn't happened yet. The story needs refinement, editing, a bit of research, some underground investigations and interviews.... The real story is that the story isn't told, but lay in various ways hidden, nailed down in Brooklyn.

It did. Until the people began taking the news into their own hands.

And THAT is a story!

It will be.


Hey thanks - this is now on my blog too!





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