Litigations against the phone firms will wipe them out in a matter of days

From the desk of John O'Hanlon

Dear Geoff and any interested parties,

Despite much, much effort and time by a few who are convinced that this type of constant irradiation is harmful (I liken non-ionizing radiation to a tap dripping on your head-it won't harm you for a couple of weeks but as time goes on it will harm) there appears to be no hearing ears to the plight of the 'mast sensitive'. The main reason for this being the deceptive power of money, which it would seem holds almost everyone in it's clutches.

With the aforesaid in view then it is my belief that we are with this technology for some time yet to come; although I would seriously expect the next 18 months to be ''telling''. As 3g is rolled out nationwide we are seeing at the same pace the complete and utter overloading of the NHS system-despite having been funded up to the hilt in recent months. It won't be, however, fully accepted that these masts are harmful until it is irrefutable-as was the case with the drug thalidamide. It was considered 'safe' until the babies were being born without limbs on such a scale that questions were asked.

In conclusion, I can see why Richard Branson is gearing down his interests in virgin mobile-and if I had shares in any of these firms i too would definately sell-sell-sell! Because as soon as it is openly apparant there are problems the litigations against the phone firms will wipe them out in a matter of days. I wonder what odds William Hills Bookmakers would give now on any of the big mobile firms going bust in the next two years would be? i would hazard a guess at 2000/1.

Kind regards,

John O'Hanlon
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