Verify your TETRA health problems

In our local paper this week and just the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. A few links to other articles of interest below it.


Letters to the Editor

West Sussex Gazette 22.03.06

Verify our TETRA health problems

I was most interested in your excellent editorial (WSG March 9) concerning masts, particularly as our bungalow is a mere 50 yards from one situated on the edge of the Bognor Regis Golf Club land which was converted from mobile to TETRA in June 2004.

This was a fateful day because ever since we have been beset by problems. So I feel we have considerable experience on how TETRA emissions can affect quality of life. To put it bluntly it makes us feel decidedly off colour with headaches, disturbed sleep patterns and a general feeling of lassitude.

When we go away we are perfectly alright and completely restored to normal, only to feel the adverse affects immediately on return.

My wife and I wonder exactly what ‘independently verified evidence’ is required before anyone in authority will accept the fact that the possibility exists of any health problems. We have suffered them for almost two years and we are certainly not alone.

Is anyone in authority making any attempt to have the experiences of people like us ‘verified’? Or do they think we are all nutters?

Geoff and Mary Harris
Felpham, West Sussex

Success for phone mast campaigners

Protest brings down mast plan

Anxiety and fear, or mast emissions, causing restless nights?


Dear all

I am Jayne Packard, the mother of Nicola from Milford Haven. Basically big business always wins, we can keep trying to convince people about health effects - heck my daughter's seizures increased so much when a mast was placed near her school that for the past year she has been receiving education at home.

Fortunately we have got the mast moved to where it was originally intended to be at Uzmaston but still there are residents living near the intended site for it that will be affected.

It's all wrong.


Omega see "Epilepsy girl will learn at home after radio mast victory" under:


Letters to the Editor, West Sussex Gazette 29th March 2006

In response to Geoff and Mary Harris’ letter ‘Verify our TETRA health problems’ in the March 22 2006 edition, I can confirm that no one in authority will “verify” ill health around TETRA or phone masts at this time.

I have worked voluntarily for since 2004, answering the advice line, helping with mast problems, and trying to raise awareness of the far too many people I know of who are unwell around mast sites. Some of these people live locally but many are from all areas of the UK.

I have noted many attempts by various groups and individuals to raise awareness of this growing problem of ill health which is totally ignored by officialdom or dismissed as “anecdotal evidence.”

Mr and Mrs Harris have proved their own claim that their ill health is cause by the TETRA mast because they gone away and recovered their well -being, then come home and become unwell again. So have hundreds of other people across the UK, yet still no research is carried out and there is no recognition that TETRA and phone masts might cause harm to human and animal life.

The only respite thousands of people have is to go away/move away from masts if they can, or pay out money for some sort of protection.

This in itself is a disgusting state of affairs in a modern, affluent, and supposedly democratic society.

I am currently trying to raise awareness with GPs of the fact that some of the illness in our society could indeed be caused by microwave radiation from these masts/DECT phones etc. I do point out that TETRA is the worst of all and that it can cause instant symptoms and even severe damage in some people. This is a very difficult thing to prove without medical evidence and good research, and neither is forthcoming.

I am also helping local people to persuade Arun District Council to amend its masts policy to something closer to the precautionary approach recommended by Sir William Stewart, the Government’s own advisor, in his two reports of 2000 and 2004.

In over five years NOTHING has been done.

What I do is very little in the order of things, but I just wanted to reassure those who are suffering around masts that they are not forgotten and that many of us continue to try to bring this issue into the open any way we can.

If anyone wants to research this subject try

Mrs Sandi Lawrence

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


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