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Please come and join us for our annual dog walk. This year's theme is 'A WALK FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T" remember most puppy mill breeding stock will never be allowed to walk freely, they will live in tiny cages and die at the hands of the puppy miller. We bring you this event to educate the public about Puppy Mills................


One of the big dog food companies is using the tag line " ----- is for Shelter Dogs",... well, so are we. That line keeps going around in my head and the faces of shelter dogs and cats have been in my mind's eye for decades. Awareness Day is for shelter dogs and cats and for homeless animals on the streets and for those who shouldn't be born, but who are.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day still asks the same question we asked last September -- how can anyone not ask for a moratorium on all Commercial Breeding of domestic pets? (Other than those who are in this business solely for the money.) Animal rescues all over the country are still trying to pick up the remnants of the devastation done by the hurricanes in the South. The homeless animals who have been living on the street since last summer have been breeding, there are now 'COUNTLESS" puppies and kittens being born to the Katrina survivors. They have not been saved and may never be saved. Ask the animal rescue groups who are trying to help. There seems to be no end in sight.

Still Puppy Millers continue to breed and to sell and to breed and to sell, dumping animals into an overburdened system that is at its breaking point.

The lobbyists for the PA pet breeders association say that they are filling a need when in fact they are filling their pockets. They claim consumers want the product and they are just helping out.

The product is there, dying daily on the streets and in the shelters, but the Commercial Breeding Industry continues to prosper. WHY? Largely because of the uneducated consumer. There are plenty of puppies available -- they are being born daily to the Katrina survivors on the streets of New Orleans, they are being shipped to your local pound, they are dying for lack of a home.

Please, all of you who care about animals, we implore you -- SPREAD THE WORD. Join us at the Awareness Day Dog Walk on May 20 in New York City at Riverside Park, or join us in September at our annual Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Lancaster, PA. But don't stop there...share this invitation/information with your local vets offices, local pet stores, schools, clubs, organizations, friends, neighbors, communities. There is strength in numbers. There will be media attention at these events....we want to be heard as a voice for the suffering animals that we dearly love.

Whatever you do, please remember --dogs are suffering and dying with inhumane treatment at the hands of the puppy millers every day. These dogs are being bred to fill - a need -- who's need? Lets stop the demand and educate the consumer.

Lets educate the public. Please join us and either participate as a vendor, or just come and join the fun and make a statement. We will not condone the continued breeding of unwanted pets while there are still homeless dogs and cats in our shelters

For further information and registration, please visit http://www.awarenessday.org/

Thank you.

Carol, Kathy and Walter

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