Shielding for high voltage powerlines

Take a look at what going on in Taiwan and Vietnam.

Eileen O'Connor


Electromagnetic radiation issues mean large costs for mobile-telecom carriers in Taiwan

Yinxuan Wang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, [Thursday 16 March 2006]

The operators of mobile-communication services in Taiwan are faced with a common serious problem - public protests over existing base stations, by neighboring residents, due to fear of the potential hazards of electromagnetic radiation. The protests have meant large costs for operators, and in addition, the problem may hinder development of 3G services and even WiMAX in Taiwan, according to these operators.

The Taiwan Telecommunication Industry Development Association (TTIDA), formed by these operators, held a symposium on safety and the question of electromagnetic radiation from base stations, with attendees including local experts as well as international ones such as representatives of the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF).

Residents in adjoining neighborhoods have objected to some existing base stations, mainly due to ignorance of the impact of electromagnetic radiation or as a result of specific motivations, such as political opinion or wishing to have compensation. Residents' objections are spontaneous in some cases and planned and led by local political figures in the other cases.

In coping with such objections, operators have incurred large costs in litigation, the demolition of base stations and compensation for business partners. According to TTIDA statistics, about 2,700 of
49,000 existing base stations around Taiwan were under protest and nearly 900 were finally demolished in 2005. The operators spent a total of more than NT$1.0 billion (US$30.8 million) in dealing with such issues. This year, the total cost incurred is likely to rise to NT$2.0 billion (US$61.7 million), the operators estimate.

Taiwan adopted electromagnetic safety standards specified by the IEEE and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) in October 2005. Protests around these issues are unique to Taiwan, and the solution may rest with public education about electromagnetic radiation and safety, according to symposium attendee C. K. Chou, who is an MMF science advisor and a member of an IEEE committee.


Protective shielding to go up near high-voltage power lines

Some 2,099 households in central Vietnam are to be protected from dangerous electromagnetic fields emanating from a high-voltage power line with shielding technology, said Power Company No 2. The shields are to be set up to protect homes in line with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) practice by end of March through central Vietnam, beginning in Gia Lai province and running north to Quang Binh province.

Leukemia, lymphoma and cancer of the nervous system are diseases that can be caused in children exposed to the powerful electromagnetic waves without protection.

The shield system is considered the most effective measure to combat the waves and effectively protect anyone that spends excessive periods of time near high-voltage power lines.

Reported by Quang Thang - Translated by Thanh Tuan

It is good to see an 'advanced' country like Vietnam willing to admit that there is a serious health problem with electro magnetic fields and actually doing something to help its citizens. Lets hope that 'backward' countries like Canada, USA and Britain can learn from this advancement in knowledge!



Dear Eileen: I was just thinking when I wrote the email re the house shielding that I hadn't responded yet to one of your other emails. I wanted to thank you for all that you are doing and say too how sorry I am to hear about your own cancer and personal struggles.

The question of "when will it end" can most likely be answered with one word -- "never."

We, who are still alive and angry enough with the ongoing situation of minimization, greed and deception, are doing everything we can do to help "get the word out." As you know, this is a very difficult job whether appealing to politicians, charities, cancer societies or even celebrities who are, themselves, most likely suffering from the toxic pollution, "EMF/EMR!!!"

I received a response from a representative of Muhammad Ali's Parkinson's Research Center in Phoenix, Arizona, this week wishing me luck in regard to research. She was referring to my mention of Olle Johansson's willingness to replicate findings similar to the rare immune deficiencies of the boys and guinea pigs.

My email appeal, however, was primarily asking for help from Mrs. Ali to combine her efforts with Actor, Michael J. Fox in regard to publicity re the "more than a possibility" that electrical items close to beds (including their own) are promoting Parkinson's and more. They had both been featured, along with Muhammad, on a TV program re stem cell research for Parkinsons. I responded that "Mrs. Ali isn't the only one who doesn't care......" I "wished her well but asked her to be sure Muhammad doesn't have something electrical by the head of his bed......"

"God is watching us....!!!" Just as I finished typing the word Parkinson's above, I received a phone call from my son, Rick. He was reporting an extended family member who suffered from Parkinsons died as result of strokes and complications........

Last week, he phoned to say another extended, adult, family member died only four months after having been diagnosed with Leukaemia!!!

In each instance, I have expressed my concerns to Rick. He does know how very concerned I am about all EMF/EMR exposures such as cellular antennae, powerlines, cell phones, etc. but I make the point that "the numbers are adding up" in particularly in regard to those who are also sleeping next to electrical items and some phone equipment. As you know, I believe "that combination" is responsible for promotion of many of the cancers, M.S., Parkinsons as well as Alzheimers and more.

Your reports come right on top of the two I mention above.

I often write about Bonnie Boyum, mother of a wonderful young man (age 23), Michael. Michael died from Leukaemia. Bonnie responded to information I mailed to her that "....he had a clock and small fan on his headboard!!" Michael died about six years ago now, but his strong desire to help children both as a teacher and also those who suffer, "lives on in spirit" and continues to be "a powerful, driving source of inspiration" for me........

You know too that my two grandsons were sleeping against walls opposite electric meters. We were told they may develop Leukaemia -- their "rare immune deficiencies" signified "ageing." "Ageing" is what happens to cells when one is chronically exposed to low dose ionizing radiation. I have also reported many times both boys were moved away from electric meters in their respective homes and their medical records support "improvement" not only regarding chronic sinus infections and often intractable asthma, but also their IGG (blood tests).

I always add too that both boys live in homes less than 300 ft. from high voltage powerlines.

I think you also know about my guinea pig studies. One out of each set of two died within 30 days of being placed against "powerwall" in our home (wall opposite electric meter). Blood tests before such placement indicated "normal results." Within a week or so after placement, they developed "asthma" and blood testing revealed "drastic blood changes" -- severe neutropenia and lymphocytosis ("markers for irradiation").

The guinea pigs were, of course, in our home, which is only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines. The two out of each set of two who lived, "improved" (after cage moved to basement). They no longer had asthma and one guinea pig whose osteomyelitis was confirmed on X-ray, no longer suffered from osteomyelitis. She did, however, die from Reactive Renal Amyloidosis more than two years later. Since then, I had identified RF readings on waterpipe under the cage.

My story about the boy down our street falls right in place with my other facts. He suffered chronic sinus and ear infections for three years. They are about 150 ft. from our same two high voltage lines. BUT, the boy had an electric clock radio on his nightstand too...... His mom moved the clock after I checked milligauss readings of 200.0 mg on the clock itself (one spot over motor/transformer) and a reading around 2.5 mg on his pillow. Six months later, his mom reported only one ear infection after the clock was removed (same day) and he remained well.

I believe "the severity of health problems and perhaps "earlier onset" (which correlates with info I am providing) differ from the annoying, painful and aggravating health problems being reported as "ES" and "EHS" because of differences such as whether or not persons are also subjected to chronic, prolonged nightime exposures such as I describe. We know that night workers may be similarly affected (earlier onset and breast cancers, etc.) apparently from reduction of Melatonin due to light exposures has been confirmed in many studies.

There is "additonal evidence" even if anecedotal -- however, they are "documented facts," -- my husband's improvement on his neuropsych tests (Alzheimers) 5 - 6 months after moving his electric clock radio off of his nightstand.

Since the American Cancer Society was providing copies of "USA Today article" (1994) recommending persons move appliances, etc. away from close proximity to beds AND also the power companies had booklets printed for wide distribution in 2001, with same recommendation (taken out of print), this "vital information" obviously has been supported by more than the cases I report and has been well-known for a very long time!!!

In my opinion, it is "an outright crime" this information is not being covered by public service announcements so that all medical providers, school officials, nursing home and daycare providers, etc., can, in turn, inform patients, students and clients of this simple, cost-free method of perhaps reducing all health problems by a minimum of 51%!!!

The picture showing the house-screening does "paint-a-picture" and, of course, the ambient readings throughout one's home from high voltage powerlines are definitely contributing to ES and EHS, but I think we need to know what close, nighttime exposures are perhaps accelerating illness, cancers and death........

I am very sorry for your losses and wish you well in your personal war on cancer!!! Take care - Joanne

P.S. If anyone knows how to contact Michael J. Fox directly, he needs to be cautioned re possible bedside exposure and he has the ability to make a major contribution toward improving the lives of many!!! I will try and make contact again through his Foundation.

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
731 - 123rd Avenue N.W. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55448-2127 USA Phone: 763-755-6114 Email: [4-26-06]

Be loyal to your country always, and to the government only when it deserves it. -Mark Twain

"If circumstances hold you back, ALWAYS find another way to achieve your goals...." DaVinci Code


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