Rage against the Machine

Enclosed a fantastic article that featured in the Metro on Monday, the article is about fellow trustee for the Radiation Research Trust, Brian Stein, sadly Brian suffers with EHS. The metro is a free news paper for people travelling by rail, it has an enormous readership.


Eileen O'Connor
Radiation Research trust


Headline: Rage against the machine Byline: LISA SCOTT Source: METRO Issue Date: Tuesday March 14, 2006 Page: 15 Story Text:

Brian Stein might run a company worth e578,985million but you wouldn't know it. He doesn't own a computer, mobile phone, television or fancy car.

He spends most evenings reading books and rarely goes on holiday.

But his lifestyle isn't one of choice – he is allergic to modern life.

Stein suffers from electrosensitivity (ES), or electrohypersensitivity (EHS), a heightened reaction to electrical frequencies emitted from wireless technology and electrical mains, also known as 'electrosmog'.

'I knew I had a problem about five or six years ago,' Stein says. 'I had been a heavy mobile phone user for 15 years.

In my last year of using a mobile phone, I experienced weird sensations in my ear that soon developed into excruciating pain. It happened every time I held the phone to my head, so I stopped using it altogether.' Mobile phones aren't the only mod cons believed to produce electrosmog. ES awareness groups claim cordless phones, cordless baby alarms, phone masts and bluetooth-enabled devices such as wireless computers also pose a risk. And while Stein's ear pain and headaches are common, fatigue, poor memory, nausea, depression and skin rashes are likewise reported.

Stein, who is also the chairman of Sensory Perception, a campaign group that investigates ES, found that the sensations returned when he sat in front of his computer and television. 'Simple things such as watching football on TV, having a car with the latest gadgets or getting on a plane make me ill.

My life will never be the same again but I have the money to modify my home and office. Other sufferers who aren't in my position have their lives destroyed by ES.' Reluctance to research One of the leading experts in the field of electrical-related illnesses, Dr David Dawson, has been following ES since he diagnosed his first case 15 years ago. 'All ES sufferers are different,' he explains.

'One person will react to mains frequencies and won't go near cookers, microwaves or phone masts. Others will find they aren't as vulnerable.'

Still, research on ES is sparse. Sweden is the only country to recognise it as an illness and Swedish statistics suggest up to five per cent of the Irish population suffer from ES but don't know it.

'There is no way of proving a diagnosis of ES,' Dawson says.

'Last year, the [British] government begrudgingly recognised its existence but didn't specifically state it was caused by anything in particular. They asked for extra research, but pharmaceutical companies won't help because they can't make money from it. There is no magic tablet.' The Irish Government insists EHS is not a medical diagnosis.

Stein and Dawson are frustrated by the reluctance to take the condition seriously.

'People regard you as a nutcase,' Stein says. 'I've spoken to scientists and politicians and they aren't interested in ES. The mobile phone industry is now the biggest in the world. No one wants to stand up and say it causes illness.'


¦ In 2004, the minister for health and children said: 'I am aware of concerns expressed by some persons in regard to hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. The Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network, IERVN, is an organisation which represents their interests and my department corresponds with IERVN on an ongoing basis. My officials have also met with them. Scientific research to date has not established a causal relationship between electromagnetic radiation and ill health.' ¦ On February 2, members of IERVN, led by spokesman Con Colbert, recounted their daily suffering to the Joint Committee on Health and Children in Leinster House.

¦ On February 9, an expert in mobile phone technology, Dr David Aldridge, warned that the radiation output from Irish phone masts is at least 100 times too high for safety.

He claimed that the international 'safety' limits which Ireland adheres to are out of date and totally flawed.


The electrosmog detector (pictured below) turns energy from wireless technology into a loud sound, as a Geiger counter would.

The greater the noise, the more risk of electrosmog. We asked three people whether the detector found electrosmog in their homes.

The gadget's designer, Alasdair Philips, adds his comments: Home 1: The cordless phone sent the detector nuts. The bedroom was fine but the wall between the oven and the fridge was a hot spot. 'The phone's microwave signal is carried up the wall by mains electricity wiring. The signal can appear throughout the building.' Home 2: The living room, bedrooms, TV and stereos were all fine. But, again, the space between the oven and the fridge-freezer set the detector off. 'Sometimes the clockcontrollers for cookers whine quietly when the detector is held up to them.

A mobile phone might have been on standby in the room.' Home 3: No noise in the bedroom or kitchen but a big reaction in the living room next to the TV, which was on standby, and the computer, which was on. 'It's likely the detector is reacting to a wireless network card in the computer.' ¦ Electrosmog detector, e83.22.


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