Depleted Uranium: US Lung Cancer Rates Soar

On the March 8, 2006 edition of the CNN American Morning program with Miles O'Brien and Soledad O'Brien, they made a startling announcement. On average there are 175,000 new cases of lung cancer each year in the United States. For just the months of January and February 2006 there are 172,000 confirmed, newly diagnosed cases of lung cancer. This is not just a little spike on the charts and much worse news is coming. That is already averaging this year about 6 times the normal incidence of new lung cancer cases in a year.

Do you mean that DU doesn't just disappear when you aerosolize it?!!!

Most DU comes from MN. Since I lived in MN I decided to try to stop it.

I confronted Mike Hatch, MN Atty.Gen., DFL. He said it was his job to defend MN industry after I explained that energy, and munitions manufacturer execs should be prosecuted under R.I.C.O. He told me to tell my Congressperson about nuclear waste disposal.

Betty McCollum, my DFL Congressperson told me she had been working on DU for 3 years, but she didn't know who Maj. Doug Rokke was. Yah, right. She said she would be seeing Dennis Kucinich in a week, and asked if I had any message for him. I put my hand on her shoulder, and when I said, "We're going to stop this war.", the expression on her face turned from feigned interest to a hurried discomfort. It seemed to me that she had positioned herself to allow it and perhaps complain about, but not oppose it or stop it.

4 million pounds of DU aerosolized in 2003 in Iraq...

I don't have much faith in Herseth. Maybe if enough people run against her, regardless of whether they win, she will have to beat a hard truth that will bend her. Maybe she can lose.

Maybe the spoiled brats who used to say that he who dies with the most toys wins, have already killed us all. I wonder how excited they are about becoming eternal winners.

Dave Diggins


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