Congress Can Stop the U.S.-India Nuclear Proliferation Agreement

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Subject: Congress Can Stop the U.S.-India Nuclear Proliferation Agreement - FCNL
From: "Kathy Guthrie"
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 16:28:38 -0500 (EST)

When President Bush arrived in New Delhi last week, India had the capacity to produce 6 to 10 nuclear weapons per year. When he departed after reaching a tentative nuclear deal with India, that South East Asian nation will potentially be able to produce nearly 50 nuclear weapons per year.

Before the new U.S.-India nuclear agreement is implemented, however, Congress will have to approve changes to existing legislation that would weaken several nonproliferation laws. This deal would undermine years of work by the U.S. to strengthen the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the international agreement endorsed by 188 nations that bans the export of nuclear technology to countries that don't agree to international inspections of their nuclear programs.

India has refused to sign the NPT and has conducted tests of a nuclear weapon as recently as 1998. Nonetheless, the Bush administration wants to provide India with nuclear technology and fuel. In exchange, India has agreed to international inspections for 14 of its 22 nuclear reactors. This proposal undermines the NPT by tacitly encouraging other countries to make bilateral nuclear agreements with non-NPT members in violation of a basic principle of that agreement.

The proposed U.S.-India agreement could also deteriorate relatively stable relations between India and Pakistan if the latter perceives this agreement to be an aggressive move. What would stop Pakistan from reaching a similar agreement with China? Furthermore, even while the U.S. is criticizing Iran (an NPT member) for developing its nuclear technology, the U.S. is simultaneously creating a double standard by offering India (a non-NPT member) similar nuclear technology. The U.S. loses a lot from this nuclear agreement with India and gains very little.

*Congress Can Block This Deal* The verbal nuclear cooperation agreement that President Bush negotiated with Indian Prime Minister Singh last week is far from a done deal. Congress will soon begin debating legislation to implement the U.S.-India nuclear agreement.

Please let your representative know that you care about reducing the nuclear danger and that you oppose the U.S.-India nuclear deal. To see reasons and talking points visit

Rep. Ed Markey (MA), a leading critic of the deal, recently quipped, "You can't preach temperance from a barstool." If you have not done so, please encourage your representative to cosponsor

H.Con.Res. 318
( ), a bipartisan resolution expressing concern about the proposed nuclear plan. See an updated list of cosponsors:

Some congressional offices have not heard from their constituents on this issue, so many may think that the public does not care about or understand this issue. Your emails and calls to your representative are key, especially if he or she is on the House International Relations Committee. Find out if your representative is on this committee at

Read FCNL's Legislative Action Message on the U.S.-India nuclear deal from two weeks ago: For updated information about the U.S.-India nuclear deal, please visit:

The Next Step for Iraq: Join FCNL's Iraq Campaign,

Contact Congress and the Administration:

Friends Committee on National Legislation
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