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Bush Plays Politics With Our Kids

by Bill Scher

To cover our kids with health insurance, Congress unites. To keep our kids sick, Bush divides.


Bloggers Demand Health Insurance For Kids

by Bill Scher

Pressure builds against wavering conservative congresspeople.


Fight to close mast law loopholes

By Staff reporter

CAMPAIGN: Esther McVey at the telephone mast site in Pensby

THE Wirral phone mast fiasco has exposed a fundamental flaw in the Telecommunications Act - and a prospective MP is seeking to get it changed.

Four T-Mobile masts are being built in Pensby, Moreton, Claughton and Heswall after a massive council default, despite fierce opposition from more than 600 residents.


Help us to tell Sears to get out of Endangered Forests for catalogs



Kritik an deutschen Geheimdiensten: Zusammenarbeit mit ausländischen Folterdiensten

Wie die New York Times (NYT) am 24. September berichtet, ist der deutsche Staatsbürger Aleem Nasir zwei Monate lang in pakistanischer Haft gewesen, wo er gefoltert und von westlichen Geheimdiensten "befragt" worden sein soll. Auch deutsche Behörden wussten offenbar Bescheid, jedoch ohne dem 45jährigen zu helfen. Die innenpolitische Sprecherin der Linksfraktion, Ulla Jelpke, kritisierte, de deutschen Behörden hätten "wieder einmal eng mit ausländischen Folterdiensten zusammengearbeitet. Im Namen des Antiterrorkampfes wurden dabei die Menschenrechte eines festgenommenen deutschen Staatsbürgers mit Füßen getreten".


"The New Way Forward in Iraq" Fails on All Fronts

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III writes for Truthout, "When you compare the new strategy for going forward in Iraq as articulated by President Bush this past Thursday, September 13, with the old 'New Way Forward in Iraq' that he articulated on January 10, 2007, you can only conclude that both are failures on all fronts."



The Ugly Side of the GOP

Bob Herbert writes for The New York Times: "I applaud the thousands of people, many of them poor, who traveled from around the country to protest in Jena, La., last week. But what I'd really like to see is a million angry protesters marching on the headquarters of the National Republican Party in Washington."



Berlin Says US and France Guilty of Iran Hypocrisy

Der Spiegel reports, "German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is to oppose French calls for European Union sanctions against Iran and is planning to back up his case with evidence of French and American hypocrisy over sanctions against Iran."



Olbermann: Bush Used Bogus Terror Threat to Scare Votes for FISA Bill

Logan Murphy writes for Crooks and Liars, "Keith Olbermann has been tracking the Bush Administration's use of trumped up terror alerts to manipulate the American people for the past two years, but in this latest Nexus of Politics and Terror report on Countdown, it appears the president stooped to a new low by using a bogus terror threat that specifically targeted Capitol Hill to manipulate members of Congress just hours before a crucial vote on the FISA bill last August."



America's Home-Mortgage Meltdown Has Just Begun


From Information Clearing House


U.S. Senate to vote on Iraq division plan

The US Senate is expected to vote as early as Tuesday on a Bosnia-style plan to subdivide Iraq on ethnic lines, touted by backers as the sole hope of forging a federal state out of sectarian strife.


Now we have Article 41

They crossed the high seas; they poured out their billions; they sacrificed their sons .. to "liberate" Iraqis .. but what we, the women of Iraq got, is article 41.


Iraq MPs oppose US division plan

Two Iraqi parliamentary blocs have enunciated opposition to a US plan aiming to subdivide Iraq on ethnic lines, notably Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites. The US Senate was expected to vote as early as Tuesday on a Bosnia-style plan to subdivide Iraq on ethnic lines, touted by backers as the sole hope of forging a federal state out of sectarian strife.


Iraq VP dismisses subdivision plans

Visiting Iraqi Vice-President Adel Abdel-Mahdi here Thursday dismissed Iraq subdivision plans, saying the country has been united for 5,000 years.


Arab League condemns U.S. Senate view to segregate Iraq

The Arab League condemned Thursday the U.S. Senate view to separate Iraq into several sectarian parts, saying that the decision was reflecting a grim vision for the future of the fellow Arab country.


US in Iraq in 2013? Democrats say maybe

All three leading candidates conceded that they could not guarantee that all U.S. combat troops would be gone from Iraq by 2013, the end of the next president's first term in office.


US plans $2.3bn arms sale to Iraq

The US is ready to sell Iraq up to $2.3bn of weapons to help the Iraqi army grow and take over operations currently run by US and allied forces, the Pentagon has said.


Iraq PM rejects U.S. Congress call for federalism

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Friday a U.S. Senate resolution calling for the creation of separate Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish federal regions in Iraq would be a disaster for his country.


Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis reject US partition idea

Shiite and Sunni figures in Iraq dismissed Saturday a US Senate plan to split Iraq along ethnic and religious lines, while the Kurds welcomed it as the "only viable solution" to the present chaos.


Let's Try Partitioning The US

By Linda S. Heard

Isn't Iraq supposed to be a sovereign nation with an elected government? If so, then why is the US Senate attempting to meddle in its affairs by overwhelmingly passing a resolution calling for the country's partition into three, which is tantamount to ethnic cleansing?


From Information Clearing House


Senate Endorses Plan to Divide Iraq

Reporting for The Washington Post, Shailagh Murray says, "Showing rare bipartisan consensus over war policy, the Senate overwhelmingly endorsed a political settlement for Iraq that would divide the country into three semi-autonomous regions."


Iraq PM: Senate Proposal "a Catastrophe"

CBS News: "Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Friday rejected a US Senate proposal calling for the decentralization of Iraq's government and giving more control to the country's ethnically divided regions, calling it 'a catastrophe.'"


Senate Vote Unites Iraqis in Anger

Ned Parker and Raheem Salman, of The Los Angeles Times, report: "Iraq's political leadership, in a rare show of unity, skewered a nonbinding US Senate resolution passed last week that endorses the decentralization of Iraq through the establishment of semiautonomous regions. The measure, which calls for a relatively weak central government and strong regional authorities in Sunni Arab, Shiite and Kurdish areas, has touched a nerve here, raising fears that the United States is planning to partition Iraq."



US embassy rips Senate’s Iraq partition plan

Arizona Republic


The U.S. embassy on Sunday criticized a U.S. Senate resolution that could lead to a division of Iraq into sectarian or ethnic territories, agreeing with many Iraqi leaders in saying the proposal ‘would produce extraordinary suffering and bloodshed.’ The statement came hours after representatives of Iraq’s major political parties denounced the proposal that calls for power to be given to Shiite, Sunni or Kurdish regions. ‘Our goal in Iraq remains the same: a united, democratic, federal Iraq that can govern, defend, and sustain itself,’ the statement said...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp





Ask your Members of Congress: Will You Commit to the Constitution?



Der Irak-Krieg ist nicht die Lösung, sondern das Problem


Regierungen unter Druck: Mehrzahl der Menschen fordert Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz

Nach einer internationalen Umfrage in 21 Ländern führen 79 Prozent die Klimaerwärmung auf menschliche Aktivitäten zurück und sind 90 Prozent dafür, dass etwas dagegen getan werden muss.


Australier demonstrieren für Klimaschutz

Downunder kommt die Regierung wegen ihrer Ablehnung von Klimaschutzverträgen unter Beschuss.


Müssen die Strompreise wirklich steigen, um das Klima zu schützen?


Closing Guantanamo Lockup Looks Increasingly Unlikely

Noam N. Levey reports for The Los Angeles Times, "A lightning rod for international criticism, the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, not long ago appeared headed for closure.... But the latest attempt to shut it down is facing collapse: The detention facility has been embraced by many Republicans as a potent political symbol in their quest to seize the terrorism issue ahead of next year's elections."



Waxman: Administration Lobbied Against Clean-Air Waiver

David Whitney reports for McClatchy Newspapers, "The White House approved a Transportation Department campaign to lobby against California's application for a waiver to combat global warming through auto emissions limits tougher than federal standards, a lawmaker charged Monday."



Mikrowellen-Gefahr durch WiMAX?


Die EU-Grundrechte-Charta und die Verfassungsdebatte

Wider die Fortsetzung antidemokratischer und menschenrechtswidriger Politik im Namen der Europäischen Union

„Zum arglistigen Ersatz der an der französischen und niederländischen Bevölkerung gescheiterten „Verfassung für Europa“ durch einen von den Institutionen der EU abgesegneten „Reformvertrag“ (…) Die für Oktober 2007 geplante Regierungskonferenz der Mitgliedstaaten der EU soll einen so genannten Reformvertrag beschließen. Dieser Reformvertrag ist pure Tünche. Er soll erlauben das Monstrum einer „Verfassung für Europa", mit einem Sprachfilter versehen, durch die einschlägigen europäischen Institutionen zu pauken. Und er soll vermeiden lassen, dass europäische Regierungen, die nicht wie die Berliner dem nachdemokratischen repräsentativen Absolutismus frönen, den als „Reformvertrag" anscheinshaft unverbindlicheren Text erneut der Bevölkerung zur Abstimmung vorlegen. Damit ist der „Reformvertrag" in der Prozedur von vornherein noch weniger demokratisch als dies für den Verfassungsentwurf galt…“ Pressemitteilung des Grundrechtekomitees vom 25.09.2007 //www.grundrechtekomitee.de/ub_showarticle.php?articleID=255

Siehe dazu auch die Anträge an den ver.di-Gewerkschaftstag zur EU-Verfassung unter F. Europäische und internationale Politik //bundeskongress2007.verdi.de/antraege_beschluesse/antraege.html?cat=F

Aus: LabourNet, 25. September 2007


Next-up News n°317


Battle ahead over phone mast

By Rob Devey

A MOBILE phone giant which erected a 40 foot mast refused planning permission by councillors has snubbed a request to rip down the structure.

A legal battle is looming between Bolton Council and T-Mobile over the mast at the Market Street precinct in Little Lever, which was levered into place on Sunday morning.

The move sparked fury among residents and workmen downed tools when police were called by local councillor Sean Hornby, who is also the council's planning committee chairman.

The committee had refused the mast permission in April and the authority says it will now take enforcement action to get the structure removed.


Biofueling disorder

National Review
by William Yeatman


Would you believe that the weather in Indiana could trigger popular unrest in China? Global demand for fuel made out of food is growing so fast that grain supplies are becoming dangerously thin. In this market, a hiccup in agricultural production — like a drought in America’s Corn Belt — could cause food prices to skyrocket in countries like China that depend on food imports. When poor urbanites in developing nations suddenly cannot afford to eat, they just might take to the streets in anger...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Free speech takes a beating

by Mike Ferner


Free speech took a beating with another round of arrests September 18 in the nation’s capital. It was administered by the police at a rally sponsored by the most unlikely-sounding group to be involved in such a thing: Veterans for Freedom...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Fed, the enabler

by Robert Kuttner


Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, like Alan Greenspan before him, has acted to keep a credit crunch from turning into a depression. The stock market liked the Fed’s half-point rate cut, and experts have generally praised Bernanke’s determination to do whatever it takes to contain the crisis. But the turbulence is far from over, and in a sense the Fed is cleaning up its own mess. For more than two decades, the Federal Reserve has been prime enabler of a dangerously speculative economy. If we dodge this bullet without addressing the deeper threats, there will be more bullets to come. Here’s the basic problem: Since the late 1970s, financial institutions have invented exotic ways of extending credit and taking big speculative risks...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Soldier killed in Iraq day after his son born



A Hendersonville native began grieving the loss of her soldier husband only one day after giving birth in Nashville to the couple’s first child, a son. Spc. Joshua Reeves, 26, of Watkinsville, Ga., died Sept. 22 in Baghdad, Iraq, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kan., according to the U.S. Department of Defense Website. His wife, Leslie Reeves, a 2001 graduate of Hendersonville High School and a graduate of the University of Georgia, had been living in Hendersonville since her husband’s deployment in January...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Why Does Everyone Bow Down to the Health Insurance Industry?



Pope to Make Climate Action a Moral Obligation

Global Warming Meetings Put Focus on US Role

Deborah Zabarenko of Reuters reports: "A trio of climate change meetings in the United States this week will focus attention on how Washington can deliver on its pledge to play a lead role in combating global warming."


Pope to Make Climate Action a Moral Obligation

The Independent UK's James Macintyre says, "The Pope is expected to use his first address to the United Nations to deliver a powerful warning over climate change in a move to adopt protection of the environment as a 'moral' cause for the Catholic Church and its billion-strong following."



Scientists: Brain Injuries From War Worse Than Thought

USA Today's Gregg Zoroya says, "Scientists trying to understand traumatic brain injury from bomb blasts are finding the wound more insidious than they once thought."



Keine Krebsgefahr durch UMTS-Handys?


Should all U.S. Muslims carry a special ID?

Charles Firth asks the people of the U.S. their opinion.



Dollar Falls to Record Low Against Euro as U.S. Growth Falters

The dollar fell to a record low against the euro and declined versus the yen on speculation economic reports will show U.S. growth is losing momentum, adding to pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates again.


How the falling dollar affects Americans

US consumers' standard of living may drop as they pay more for foreign goods, but demand for American labor will rise, say economists.


From Information Clearing House


Bush Tries To Pardon Himself

Should Congress pass a bill giving retroactive immunity to president Bush for possible war crimes?


From Information Clearing House


Americans will regret use of private armies such as Blackwater in Iraq


From Information Clearing House


Washington's proxy war inside Iran

Washington's proxy war inside Kurdish Iran

The chief responsibility for turning the northern Iran-Iraq region into a war zone rests with the Bush administration, which is cynically using the PJAK to undermine and destabilise the Kurdish areas as it draws up war plans for attacking Iran.


Why the US granted 'protected' status to Iranian terrorists

"This will be interpreted in Iran as another link in the chain of the US determination to move onto Iran next" in the US war on terror.


US outsourcing special ops, intelligence to Iraq terror group, intelligence officials say

The Pentagon is bypassing official US intelligence channels and turning to a dangerous and unruly cast of characters in order to create strife in Iran in preparation for any possible attack, former and current intelligence officials say.


From Information Clearing House


Bush to ask 195 billion to fund Iraq, Afgan wars

If President George W. Bush's spending request is approved, 2008 will be the most expensive year of the Iraq war.


From Information Clearing House

How Iraq's war has turned friendship between families into sectarian hatred

The forced migration, called "a human tragedy unprecedented in the country's history" in the latest Iraqi Red Crescent report, has uprooted communities from homes they have occupied for decades. In Baghdad, the focus of US military action, there are a million displaced people in a population of four million.


From Information Clearing House


US snipers baiting Iraqis

US military snipers operating in Iraq are "baiting" Iraqis by scattering items like detonation cord, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then ambushing and killing those who pick them up.


From Information Clearing House

A Fed panic and a massive bailout of American banks paid for by the entire world


Informant: shane_digital

URGENT Phone Action: Lieberman Trying to SNEAK Iran War Declaration Through The Senate


In case you thought it was just an aberrant moment of lunacy last week when Lieberman pressed General Petraeus for an attack on Iran, just before the weekend he introduced an amendment to the defense bill to authorize exactly that.

No, we are not kidding. He has drafted language that any impartial observer would interpret as a DECLARATION OF WAR against Iran, and he is pressing for a vote as fast as possible.

ACTION PAGE: //www.usalone.com/no_iran_war_declaration.php

Here is the language from the amendment:

(3) that it should be the policy of the United States to combat, contain, and roll back the violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its foreign facilitators such as Lebanese Hezbollah, and its indigenous Iraqi proxies;

(4) to support the prudent and calibrated use of all instruments of United States national power in Iraq, including diplomatic, economic, intelligence, and military instruments, in support of the policy described in paragraph (3) with respect to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies.

The policy of the U.S should be to "combat" Iran with "all" "military instruments"?!? You can be absolutely certain that those are the ONLY words Dick Cheney and George Bush will see or care about.

ACTION PAGE: //www.usalone.com/no_iran_war_declaration.php

We need every warm body we can muster to call and email their senators RIGHT NOW, before they pull another fast one and sneak this one through in the dead of the night. Call them toll free at 800
828-0498, 800 614 2803 or 866 340 9281, and the submit the action form below to make sure your message gets through.

Just yesterday, Newsweek reported that Cheney had recently made overtures to Israel to get them to launch an attack against Iran, to try to provoke an all out conflagration. It seems every day there is a new story leaked about their aggressive preparations for The Debacle, Part 2. And just as in the lead up to the Iraq invasion, they will keep lying, lying and lie some more about their intentions until they've shot off every cruise missile in the military inventory.

We need your voice, and the voices of everyone else you know, and we them now. We need to absolutely flood the Capitol with phone calls and email. Please believe your voice counts. Please believe that when enough of us raise our voices together at one time they do have an impact.

Cheney and his minions are absolutely not going to stop pushing for an even bigger disaster unless we stop them by speaking out with a louder voice. So we cannot let up ourselves even for an instant.


We would be remiss not to ask who other than Dennis Kucinich has shown more courage to speak out against the Iraq disaster before it even started? If you are asking yourself what you can do to encourage Dennis to continue to stand strong on the ISSUES, why not make a contribution, if you are so motivated.

DENNIS KUCINICH CONTRIBUTIONS: //www.usalone.com/donations_kucinich.php

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.


Powered by The People's Email Network Copyright 2007, Patent pending, All rights reserved


Webb: Lieberman And Kyl's Hawkish Iran Amendment Is 'Cheney's Fondest Pipe Dream'

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) made an impassioned appeal to his fellow senators, declaring that the Lieberman-Kyl amendment on Iran should be "withdrawn" because the "proposal is Dick Cheney's fondest pipe dream." Webb cautioned that the "cleverly-worded sense of the Congress" could be "interpreted" to "declare war" on Iran.



Democratic Weekly Agenda


Auch auf europäischer Ebene ein Generalangriff auf Arbeitnehmerstandards



Rumsfeld Admits $ 2.3 Trillion Missing on 09/10/01


Cynthia McKinney grills Rumsfeld


Informant: ranger116


Mehr Sender bringen weniger Strahlung?



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