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Woman hurt as Nokia phone battery explodes

1 Sep, 2007, 1204 hrs IST, AGENCIES

KOLKATA: A pregnant woman suffered burns in eastern India after the battery of her Nokia mobile phone exploded minutes after she put the handset on charge, police said Saturday.

The Finnish phone maker warned last month in front-page advertisements in leading Indian dailies that some of its batteries were overheating after around 100 such incidents were reported globally.

The battery that exploded was, however from the firm's BL-D3 series, and not from BL-5C that Nokia recalled a month ago, police said.


Bush Hears About Strain on Troops

Robert Burns of The Associated Press reports: "At a key juncture in the Iraq war, the military chiefs conveyed to President Bush on Friday their concern about a growing strain on troops and their families from long and repeated combat tours."

Iraq's Endless "False Hopes"

Writing for Consortium News, Robert Parry says, "Two-and-a-half years ago at another 'turning point' in the Iraq War, columnists at the Washington Post and other leading American newspapers were ecstatic over how the Iraqi national election was finally fulfilling the neoconservative dream of remaking the Muslim world. Now, however, some of the same columnists who praised the January 30, 2005, election are denouncing it as a failure that must be undone so George W. Bush's newest 'turning point' - the American troop 'surge' - can achieve its fullest potential."


Bis letzte Woche waren Analogien des Irakkriegs mit dem Vietnamkrieg bei amerikanischen Konservativen ungefähr so beliebt wie Nazivergleiche. Nun hat Präsident Bush dieses Tabu gebrochen.

Civilian Death Toll in Iraq Climbs

Reuters reports that "civilian deaths from violence in Iraq rose in August, with 1,773 people killed, government data showed on Saturday, just days before the US Congress gets a slew of reports on President George W. Bush's war strategy. The civilian death toll was up seven percent from 1,653 people killed in July, according to figures from various ministries."

Larry Craig: Scandals and national security

Senator Craig Expected to Resign Today

Carl Hulse of The New York Times reports that "Senator Larry E. Craig, Republican of Idaho, under intense pressure from party leaders to step down in the aftermath of an undercover sex sting, plans to resign his seat on Saturday, Republican Party officials said Friday. Through intermediaries and unusually harsh public statements and actions, party officials made it clear they wanted Mr. Craig to quit before Congress returned from its summer recess next week, hoping quickly to conclude an embarrassing episode that threatened to complicate an already difficult election cycle for Senate Republicans."


Larry Craig and the expanding police state

Scandals and national security … don’t mix

Frontiers of Freedom
by Kaye Grogan


What we desperately need in our leaders are ‘godly’ men. Not just in name only, but in actions. Every time you turn around another scandal rocks Washington sending the country into a vertigo type of condition with so many twists and turns. The latest scandal involving Senator Larry Craig of Idaho produced another ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ abrupt press conference. The Republicans can add another resignation to their ever growing list...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mobile firm dubbed sneaky

Residents in north Watford have criticised a "sneaky" mobile phone company for attempting to extend a huge phone mast inside the grounds of a primary school during the summer holidays.

Mobile phone firm Orange has applied for permission to construct three additional antennas and an extra dish on an existing telecommunication mast, as well as move it.

The mast is inside the grounds of Orchard Primary School, in Gammons Lane, but Orange wants to make the mast bigger and needs to rebuild it.


impf-report Newsletter Nr. 18/2007

Rachel's News #921

Rachel's News #920

Rachel's News #919

Help stop the killing and save wolves: Take action online now!

End Aerial Gunning of Wolves: Sign the Petition Today!

U.S. Opposition Leaders Warn Of Potential 9/11-Like Attack

A group of former government officials along with current Congressional candidates, authors and activists has issued an urgent warning that a faction of the US government allied with Dick Cheney is planning to stage a terror event or provocation as a pretext for launching military attacks against Iran and implementing emergency powers in America...

Informant: NHNE


Scholars endorse "The Kennebunkport Warning": Report ominous signs of a privatized takeover of the nation

Informant: beargoodfruit


Ominous Signs of Blackwater Military Takeover


The North Pole is melting for the first time in 55m years. Researchers have found that the icecap at the top of the world has turned into a mile-wide patch of open ocean...

Informant: NHNE

The Administration Refuses To Take Responsibility For Initiating a War Based On Lies

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: GAO Report Shows The Administration Refuses To Take Responsibility For Initiating a War Based On Lies

The American Tragedy of Our Troops Held Hostage

A Cameo by the Old John Conyers

US Forces Would Only Make Things Worse by Staying In Iraq

Succeeding by Withdrawing

The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy

Fighting Fire With Fire? Weapons Sales and Military Aid Will Not Bring Peace

Cholera Spreads in Iraq As Health Services Collapse

What Form of Government is guaranteed by the Constitution?

From People Against Prison Abuse

U.S. nuke work afflicted 36,500 Americans,1299,DRMN_15_5686694,00.html

Informant: MoJo

Soil Erosion and Global Warming: Dirt Isn't So Cheap After All

Dirt Isn't So Cheap After All

Stephen Leahy for Inter Press Service reports that "soil erosion is the 'silent global crisis' that is undermining food production and water availability, as well as being responsible for 30 percent of the greenhouse gases driving climate change."


Soil Erosion and Global Warming: Dirt Isn't So Cheap After All


Rich Countries Deadlocked Over 2020 Climate Goals

Reuters reports on the first UN session about long-term climate targets, which is being held in Vienna August 27 to 31 and attended by 158 countries with the goal of discussing post-Kyoto plans.

Residents Speak of Smog With Passion, Knowledge

Janet Wilson for The Los Angeles Times reports on an EPA field hearing in downtown Los Angeles where citizens spoke vividly about their asthma attacks and failing health as a result of poor air quality. Federal air pollution regulators are under court order to update ozone public health standards for the first time in a decade.

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War With Iran?

Ray McGovern, writing for Truthout, says that Americans must begin organizing against a war with Iran that Bush and Cheney are already planning: "It is going to happen, folks, unless we put our lawn chairs away on Tuesday, take part in some serious grass-roots organizing, and take action to prevent a wider war - while we still can."

Bush Email Mystery Deepens

Justin Rood for ABC News reports that "the White House will not identify a private company which appears to be involved in the disappearance of millions of White House emails."

Countdown to Midnight in Persia

Informant: Bob Banner

Bush seeks immunity for companies in spy case

Verizon, AT&T face privacy suits for helping White House eavesdrop.

Informant: ranger116


Bush Seeks Legal Immunity for Telecoms

The Associated Press reports that "the Bush administration wants the power to grant legal immunity to telecommunications companies that are slapped with privacy suits for cooperating with the White House's controversial warrantless eavesdropping program." (AT&T)

Kripo fordert Hightech zur Handy-Ortung

IMSI-Catcher - Wanzen für Handys

Andrew Lloyd Webber lehnt Handy und Computer strikt ab



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