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Hiding Behind the General

The New York Times editors say, "Mr. Bush, we fear, isn't looking for the truth, only for ways to confound the public, scare Democrats into dropping their demands for a sound exit strategy, and prolong the war until he leaves office. At times, General Petraeus gives the disturbing impression that he, too, is more focused on the political game in Washington than the unfolding disaster in Iraq. That serves neither American nor Iraqi interests."

As the Iraqis Stand Down, We'll Stand Up

The New York Times columnist Frank Rich writes: "It will be all 9/11 all the time this week, as the White House yet again synchronizes its drumbeating for the Iraq war with the anniversary of an attack that had nothing to do with Iraq. Ignore that fog and focus instead on another date whose anniversary passed yesterday without notice: September 8, 2002. What happened on that Sunday five years ago is the Rosetta Stone for the administration's latest scam."

Injuries, Arrests As Thousands Protest vs Bush in Sydney

Agence France-Presse reports on the massive demonstration against the war in Iraq and President Bush during his weekend trip to Australia.

HR811 Vote Delayed by Rules Cmte

There is still time to call or fax your US Representative. The vote will probably be tomorrow, or more likely on Monday.

Two main groups are opposing and stalling HR811 right now -

1. activists who are insisting on a DRE ban - and the NY Times has joined them in calling for a DRE ban,

and the other extreme

2. The National Association of Counties (NaCO) who is representing election officials who want no changes at all, to keep their DREs with paper rolls forever, despite all the evidence recently from New Jersey that DRE paper rolls do not accurately record votes, and who do not want elections subjected to independent scrutiny or any changes which would take effect in 2008.

Here are NaCO's concerns in their words:

* Multibillion-dollar unfunded mandate
* Preempts state laws allowing a reel-to-reel paper trail
* Requires many counties to replace their equipment twice - once in 2008 and again in 2012
* Requires parallel voting systems - new electronic systems that don't yet exist along with sufficient pre-printed paper ballots for all voters
* Imposes cumbersome and untested audit process
* Prohibits recounts using any automated equipment
* Prevents the use of vote centers and early voting unless county officials print thousands of different ballot styles in multiple languages for each location
* Ignores EAC standards and voting system certification

Some people are working on a response to NaCO's positions. (some of what NaCO objects to should be reason enough to support the bill, and some of their statements are flatly wrong or illogical). If you want to help with the response, please contact me.

Unfortunately, both groups opposing the current form of HR811 could have the effect of putting our 2008 elections in danger by causing HR811 not to pass.

HR811's audits are sufficient (3%, 5%, or 10%) to give candidates 98% to 99% certainty, on average, that all US House and Senate races and the US Presidential races are decided accurately by voters. (See "Federal Election Audits – Which is Best?" June 2007 It is not possible for federal legislation to make requirements for non-Federal races.

While anyone who has sufficiently studied the issue wants to eliminate DREs, it is unnecessary for HR811 to ban them outright because just by imposing reasonable requirements we all want for elections, DREs must go the way of the dinosaurs.

HR811 would provide incentive, funding, requirements, and opportunity that would encourage the elimination of flawed electronic-ballot DREs before November 2008 in virtually every jurisdiction using paperless DREs.

Without HR811 many other jurisdictions, will be using paperless DREs in the 2008 election.

States that use PAPERLESS DREs and need HR811 to pass now include:

DE, GA, LA, MD, SC, TN (entirely paperless DREs for voting on election day) and some counties in AR (3 counties), CO, DC, FL, IN, IA, KY, KS, MS (2 counties), NJ, PA, TX, WI (1 county).

The following states use DRE voting machines which are incapable of having printers added and would need to be entirely replaced by 2008: GA, MD, VA, DE, TN, and KY - and so are prime candidates for immediately replacing their DREs by November 2008 with more economical, reliable, auditable, less vulnerable paper ballot optical scan systems.

If HR811 does not pass and elections are inaccurate in these states, then the office of the U.S. President and the control of the US Congress could be decided incorrectly in 2008; and the fate of the U.S. and the world put at risk.

HR811's election audits would result in roughly an average 98% probability that the smallest amount of vote miscount that could wrongly alter an election outcome is detected in all US Senate and House races. See

So enemies of HR811 are:

- stepping up their distortions about the bill now, or

- trying to add poison pills to the bill which would be likely to make the bill fail to pass; or cause its 2008 implementation to be gutted.

It is critically important therefore, if you have not already done so, for you to call or fax your US Representative now and ask

"Vote "YES" on HR811 and vote "NO" on the unfunded mandate amendment.

Find your Rep's contact info at or call (202) 224-3121 (the House of Representatives' general number) directly.

NOTE: YOU MUST CALL OR FAX. No other communication will reach your Representative in time.


We only received about $100 total in response to our request for donations. While that is very appreciated, it is not enough. There is a huge amount of work to be done yet to finish deriving and explaining the mathematics and procedures for conducting valid election audits. NEDA did not get funded by PEW to finish its work in this area, so we need your help. Please donate to the National Election Data Archive. We urgently need to raise sufficient funds to hire an additional staff person to keep up with the growing work-load. NEDA could accomplish a lot more if there were sufficient donations to pay just one person's salary. (Our financials are available here for your review: Please donate whatever amount you can by credit card, PayPal, or by mailing a check. Even $5 or $10/month would be a big help. Please donate. We need your on-going help. Thank you. See

Thank you.


Kathy Dopp Executive Director, National Election Data Archive
P.O. Box 682556 Park City, UT 84068
phone 435-658-4657

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph" Haile Selassie

Please forward this widely. Thank you. MORE INFO

Electronic Frontier Foundation "Crunch Time for E-Voting Reform"

Verified Voting's "How Long Does it Take to Change Voting Systems"

NEDA's easy-to-read, accurate analysis of HR811

The most recent text of HR811

See how much money your state has left of HAVA funding on pp. 8 and 9 in the US Election Assistance report

GAO "Doubts" Pentagon's Claim Iraq Violence Declining

Agence France-Presse reports that David Walker, the head of the Government Accountability Office, has called into question the accuracy of a Pentagon report that states "US military statistics ... show a huge dip in sectarian violence in Iraq under the current troop surge strategy."

Next-up News n°302

Eisschmelze in der Arktis dramatisch beschleunigt

Dänische Forscher: Eisschmelze in der Arktis dramatisch beschleunigt

Das Eis in der Arktis schmilzt nach neuen dänischen Messungen noch erheblich schneller als befürchtet.

Die Alpen sind in akuter Gefahr

Klimawandel schon heute sichtbar. Der globale Klimawandel wirkt sich in den Alpen besonders drastisch aus.

Die Wüstenbildung bedroht Milliarden Menschen und den Weltfrieden

UNO-Generalsekretär Ban Ki Moon befürchtet, dass in den nächsten Jahrzehnten ein Drittel der Weltbevölkerung von der Wüstenbildung bedroht sei, über zwei Milliarden Menschen.

UN: Jeden Monat stirbt eine Nutztier-Rasse aus

Mehr als ein Fünftel der Nutztier-Rassen sind nach Angaben der Vereinten Nationen weltweit bedroht.

In Japan beginnt das größte Delfinmassaker der Welt

Tokio erneut mit weltweiten Protesten konfrontiert. PRO WILDLIFE hat eine erneute Protestaktion gestartet: „Die Delfine werden nach stundenlangen Treibjagden mit Handharpunen, Stöcken und Messern abgeschlachtet. Einige Arten, wie der Blau-weiße Delfin, sind inzwischen in Japan fast ausgerottet“, berichtet Dr. Sandra Altherr von PRO WILDLIFE.

Bush und Howard: Blinde können keine Blinden führen

In diesen Tagen hat Ministerpräsident Howard zusammen mit George W. Bush zu einer Klimakonferenz nach Sydney eingeladen.

It was a controlled demolition

How badly has housing hurt the economy?

Friday's report on the job market in August - showing the first monthly drop in four years - raised concerns that the recession afflicting the housing sector may be spilling over into the wider economy. The much weaker-than expected employment report puts added pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates at its next scheduled meeting Sept. 18.

Feds start bailing as housing takes on more water

We're seeing two major developments on the housing and mortgage fronts, and I want to make sure you know about them - and what they mean.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. preps NORTHCOM for domestic emergencies

Top official tells WND of changes, follows directive expanding presidential powers.

From Information Clearing House

Middle East Mind Lock: The Occupation Within

Why does the word "hypocrisy" seem inadequate to describe the pretzel logic of the neo-conservatives? Why do the people of the United States remain inert as the madness at the top claims the authority to hemorrhage its execution of Iraq into a nuclear war on Iran?

From Information Clearing House

A Sept. rollout for Iran war

Marketers both in the White House and among their supporters outside are rolling out their newest product, a public relations blitz urging a U.S. military adventure in Iran.

From Information Clearing House

Amputations, torture, brutal cruelty: the bloody reality behind the statistics

For Western publics this is a sanitised war. Iraq is too dangerous for news teams to record properly the daily shootings, bombings and executions.

From Information Clearing House

The selling off of Canada

At what point does Canada become a toy country?

From Information Clearing House

Countrywide to cut up to 12,000 jobs

Countrywide Financial Corp, the largest U.S. mortgage lender, said on Friday it plans to cut 10,000 to 12,000 jobs to cope with weak housing demand, rising foreclosures and tightening credit markets.

From Information Clearing House

F.B.I. Data Mining Reached Beyond Initial Targets

The F.B.I. cast a much wider net in its terrorism investigations than it has previously acknowledged by relying on telecommunications companies to analyze phone-call patterns of the associates of Americans who had come under suspicion, according to newly obtained bureau records.

From Information Clearing House

Will the US Really Bomb Iran?

Whether in 24 hours or 24 days or at some point before the end of his term, we should predict Bush will send the bombers on their way to Teheran to destroy the usual targets--power stations and kindred civilian infrastructure, hospitals, maybe a few bomb shelters crammed with women and children.

From Information Clearing House

IAEA Chief ElBaradei Seeks Stop to Iran `War Drums'

United Nations atomic agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei called on Iran and the U.S. to give inspectors a chance to reduce tensions over the Islamic Republic's nuclear work.

From Information Clearing House

US bribe insurgents to fight Al-Qaeda

Marie Colvin and Sarah Baxter

AMERICAN forces are paying Sunni insurgents hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to switch sides and help them to defeat Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

US auditor queries military Iraq casualty figures

An independent US government auditor on Friday cast doubt on US military statistics expected to show a huge dip in sectarian violence in Iraq under the current troop surge strategy.

From Information Clearing House

Alledged "Militants" killed by US drone

The US military brought a new weapon into the fight in Iraq, announcing the Army's first-ever use of a drone aircraft to kill "enemy fighters" in Iraq.

From Information Clearing House

Are The Banks In Trouble?

By Mike Whitney

Greenspan's own words are the most powerful indictment against him. They show that he played a central role in our impending disaster.

The Fight for Civil Liberties in the Age of Terror

Democracy Now! Audio and Transcript

ACLU Head Anthony Romero on Civilian Killings in Iraq, Domestic Spying, Torture, John Walker Lindh and More.

The Pentagon pulled the plug on a plan to dispatch so-called "freedom packages" to U.S. troops in Iraq

Interview with Mikey Weinstein

Last month, the Pentagon pulled the plug on a plan to dispatch so-called "freedom packages" to U.S. troops in Iraq that included Bibles, proselytising materials in English and Arabic, and an apocalyptic computer game in which "soldiers for Christ" battle satanic "Global Community Peacekeepers".

Democratic Retreat In Iraq?

From NBC's Ken Strickland and Mike Viqueira

It's clear now that Democratic leaders on both sides of the Capitol are moving towards dropping their insistence on a end date deadline for completing troop withdrawal from Iraq.

We Are Moving Rapidly Towards an Abyss

Interview With Mohamed El Baradei

United Nations chief weapons inspector Mohamed ElBaradei spoke to SPIEGEL about Iran's last chance to convince the world of the peaceful nature of its nuclear program, his problems with the US government and his fear of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

An Urge To Smash History Into Tiny Pieces

By Robert Fisk

What is it about graven images? Why are we humanoids so prone to destroy our own faces, smash our own human history, erase the memory of language? I've covered the rape of Bosnian and Serb and Croatian culture in ex-Yugoslavia - the deliberate demolition of churches, libraries, graveyards, even the wonderful Ottoman Mostar Bridge - and I've heard the excuses.

There are 190 nations in the world and we have 130 military bases on this planet in other nations

By Jim Kirwan

Today there are 190 nations in the world and we have 130 military bases on this planet in other nations: If we do not have a WAR department, why do we need so many bases? We call the military-the Department of Defense-yet how can this be considered a Defensive department - when so many of our bases are still located in 130 other countries?

Waging Peace: The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement


Scott Ritter argues that the antiwar movement in the U.S. should look to military strategists like Sun Tzu and John Boyd to help it end the Iraq War.

Science in the Bush: When Politics Displaces Physics

By Dr. Crockett Grabbe and Lenny Charles

On September 11th the whole world watched as jetliners crashed into the World Trade Center. These heinous crimes were labeled as acts of war. However, scientific principles show much more happened that day than we were told.

It's become the government's mantra that it cannot protect us unless it breaks the law at will

By Angie Riedel

It's become the government's mantra that it cannot protect us unless it breaks the law at will, without oversight, and without our knowledge or consent. It's been openly stated that unless our basic rights are fully yielded to the government, further terrorist attacks will come, and because of our failure to yield what literally defines us, those attacks will be our own fault.


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