Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

An Open Letter to America: All Power to the People

Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

Bush Appointee Campaigns for Evangelicals

Twenty-Two Things We Now Know Six Years After 9/11

Experts Doubt Drop in Violence in Iraq

Karen DeYoung reports for The Washington Post, "The US military's claim that violence has decreased sharply in Iraq in recent months has come under scrutiny from many experts within and outside the government, who contend that some of the underlying statistics are questionable and selectively ignore negative trends."

US Deports Parents of Dead Soldiers

Domenico Maceri reports for New America Media, "Three years after US Army Private Armando Soriano, 20, died fighting in Haditha, Iraq, his father is facing deportation."

Judge Scolds US on Wiretapping Records

The Associated Press reports, "A federal judge scolded the Bush administration Wednesday for responding with sometimes blanket secrecy to a request for documents on its warrantless wiretapping program."

Neue Sicherheitsdebatte nach Terrorschock

Sicherheitspolitiker der Union fordern nach dem angeblich "vereitelten Terroranschlag" schärfere Gesetze und mehr Befugnisse für die Polizei. Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) erneuerte am 6. September seinen Vorstoß für heimliche Durchsuchungen von Computern. Bayerns Innenminister Günther Beckstein (CSU) verlangte, den Besuch von Terrorlagern unter Strafe zu stellen. Politiker der SPD und der Opposition wiesen die Forderungen weitgehend zurück. Die Gewerkschaft der Polizei (GdP) warf der Politik vor, den jüngsten Fahndungserfolg instrumentalisieren zu wollen.äuble

Call on Iceland's Government to give up whaling


Iceland Stops Commercial Whaling

Call on the Japanese government to save the dugong

Taser Guns


An observation on the FOX News Republican candidate debate

Winner Take All

Now Is Time for Non-Violent Earth Revolution

That begins by stopping ancient forest logging, ending burning of coal and restraining growth in aviation

Earth Meanders, Dr. Glen Barry
September 6, 2007

There are times in human history where obligations to truth, humanity and being take precedent over personal safety, consumption and comfort. Now is one such moment. The time has come for non-violent, direct societal and personal revolutionary action to save the Earth.

For the Earth, humanity and our sister species to survive and flourish; awareness raising and reformist greenwashing must give way to wide scale civil disobedience adequate to peacefully bring about sufficient social change to save the Earth and all being. This meander calls for all bright green environmentalists to emphasize aggressive ecological truth telling, non-violent direct action and a life of rich voluntary simplicity.

These are not new ideas. The world is rife with small groups strategically placing their minds and bodies between faltering ecosystems and predatory Earth destroyers -- sitting in trees, occupying and shutting down coal plants, aggressively and truthfully petitioning and confronting governments, and taking other meaningful and effective direct actions. These must be built upon and intensified to actually end Earth destroying activities with long and damaging histories.

I propose that an initial revolutionary strategy to save the Earth, and maintain ecological patterns and processes required for all life, should focus upon protecting and restoring ancient natural ecosystems, ending the use of coal, and stopping the growth in aviation. These actions are needed as a minimum urgent response to avoid cataclysmic global ecological collapse.

Tactics at this point should be based upon non-violent direct mass action. More specifically, the Earth revolution must initially seek with all haste to stop all ancient forest logging, prevent the construction of new coal plants that emit into the atmosphere, and close down the private jet business. This is not to suggest that there are not other shifts in policy required to live sustainably within the biosphere’s constraints, or that these alone are sufficient. However, use of coal and loss of forests are the two greatest historical causes of climate change and ecological decline, and aviation the fastest growing.

As you peacefully battle for the Earth, prepare yourselves and loved ones for the difficult times of ecological collapse and desired regeneration ahead. Even as you commit your being physically to defending Gaia, buy a remote piece of land to love and be one with. Educate yourself and begin to practice homesteading, permaculture, animal husbandry, composting, organic gardening, ecological restoration, agrarian democracy and more.

Oh Goracle, lead us into action. Oh Titanic play actor, demonstrate sacrifice. I am speaking truthfully to you in a manner that these well informed leaders ensconced in climate changing luxury will not: to the streets in disciplined direct action, as you live well and simply, sacrificing for the Earth!

As the pendulum naturally swings and the climate and forest destruction apologists temporarily regain the upper hand, now is the time to re-intensify our efforts. Tremendous inroads have been made by Mr. Gore, Greenpeace and other establishment reformists; yet the momentum has stalled because they are unwilling to fully speak and personally act upon inconvenient truths. There are too many of us, consuming too much, that will need to sacrifice and dramatically change our ways of living if there is to be a future Earth for our children.

This personal essayist has previously considered and rejected revolutionary violence at this time in the struggle for Earth being. Upon reflection, I do not believe that such an approach would now be effective and indeed may be counter-productive. Mass non-violent action must first be given a real chance. Should this fail, other options may later be necessary.

Our era lacks meaning beyond oneself, close family and friends, and our immediate experiences and consumption. I believe this is why we see such high levels of personal and Earth destructive activities. How much stuff is enough? Virtuous global citizens that truly understand and incorporate into their life the urgency of the global ecological crisis are called upon to make sacrifices including living more simply and risking their physical selves to resist ecocide.

Let the media remain impartial in the face of planetary death. Let the politicians putz and whine as they feed themselves from the fossil fuel industry’s trough. Given the failure of existing institutions and leaders to sufficiently respond to the ginormous global ecological crisis, let’s you and I and our brothers and sisters join together to do what must be done to stop the Earth destroying growth machine and return to oneness with the Earth’s land, air, water and sea. I implore you to be the change required for planetary survival.

End Animal Suffering Worldwide - Sign the Petition for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare!

Next-up News n°299

Disputed phone mast goes up

ENGINEERS have moved in to put up a phone mast on top of a barn at Nightingale Farm, Bishampton.

The mast had been opposed by a group of villagers. At a meeting on Tuesday night, the action group against it resolved not to give up.

Spokesman Paul Littlehales, who lives near the site, said: "Everybody is upset, even my eight-year-old daughter was crying when she saw the men working on it."


Feindstrafrecht: über die gefährlichen Tendenzen des Rechtsstaatsumbaus

Ein Gespräch mit Professor Roland Hefendehl über die gefährlichen Tendenzen des Rechtsstaatsumbaus.

Scientists Find Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World & More

ISIS Press Release 06/09/07

Comprehensive study gives the lie to claims that organic agriculture cannot feed the world because it gives low yields and there is insufficient organic fertilizer.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Scientists refute common misconceptions about organic agriculture

Two usual objections are levelled against the proposal that organic agriculture can feed the world. Organic agriculture, opponents claim, gives low yields, and there isn’t enough organic fertilizer to boost yields substantially.

A team of scientists led by Catherine Badgley at the University of Michgan Ann Arbor in the United States has now refuted those common misconceptions about organic agriculture. Organic agriculture gives yields roughly comparable to conventional agriculture in developed countries and much higher yields in developing countries; and more than enough nitrogen can be fixed in the soil by using green manure alone [1].

The research team compared yields of organic and conventional agriculture (including low-intensive food production) in 293 examples, and estimated the average yield ratio (organic versus non-organic) of different food categories for the developed and the developing world. With the average yield ratios, they modelled the global food supply that could be grown organically in the current agricultural land base. The results indicate that organic methods could produce enough food to sustain the current human population, and potentially an even larger population, without increasing the agricultural land base.

Read the rest of this article here

or read other articles on sustainable and organic agriculture here

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at

The files that came in from the cold

Edwards Calls on Congress to Force Bush to Change Course on Iraq

Foon Rhee reports for The Boston Globe: "John Edwards said today that Congress, instead of arguing with the White House over whether benchmarks have been met for progress in Iraq, should force President Bush to change policy by setting the start of troop withdrawals in war funding bills. 'It's time for the Congress to stand its ground,' he said on a conference call with reporters. 'If there's no timetable, there should be no funding.'"

US Vows Not to Torture Worth Little, HRW Says

Jonathan Bell reports for Inter Press Service, "Repatriated Guantanamo Bay detainment camp prisoners have once again been mistreated at the hands of their home countries despite 'diplomatic assurances' of humane treatment made to the US government, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Wednesday."

National Security Archive Files Suit for White House Emails

The Associated Press reports: "The White House abandoned an automatic archiving system for its e-mail in 2002 and did not replace it, says a lawsuit filed Wednesday against the Executive Office of the President. The suit by the National Security Archive, a private group, is the latest effort to find out whether the Bush administration lost millions of electronic messages."

Democratic House Officials Recruited Wealthy Conservatives

Matt Renner writes for Truthout, "According to Democratic candidates who ran for House of Representative seats in 2006, Rahm Emanuel, then head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, took sides during the Democratic primary elections, favoring conservative candidates, including former Republicans, and sidelining candidates who were running in favor of withdrawal from Iraq."

Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq

Carl Hulse reports for The New York Times that, with varying opinions about progress in Iraq, Senate Democratic leaders are beginning to think about compromising as they try to attract Republican support for forcing modest troop withdrawals in the coming months.


The Promised Land?

Families gear up to fight new mast bid


04 September 2007 10:00

Campaigners are braced for another fight to stop a mobile phone mast being put up near homes, months after councillors rejected the application.

In February, members of South Norfolk's planning committee went against the recommendation of officers to reject plans for an 11.7m T-Mobile mast opposite the Crown pub in Norwich Road, Costessey. More than 80 people wrote to South Norfolk to object to the plans because of the visual impact and fears about possible effects on health.


Pristine Nootka Island devastated by loggers

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Health alert over mobiles

By Rob Devey

PHONE masts opponents have accused council bosses of double standards after town hall staff were advised to cut down on using work mobiles.

Bolton Council's new mobile phone policy advises staff to minimise use of their phone and keep calls as short as possible because the possible health risks are not fully known.

About 4,000 of the council's 13,500 employees have work mobiles, but the policy urges them to use a landline or email where possible and keep their fingers away from the phone's antenna.


Bsirske verlangt deutliche Anhebung des Hartz-IV-Regelsatzes

Die Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di fordert eine Anhebung des Hartz-IV-Regelsatzes auf mindestens 420 Euro. So eine ver.di-Meldung ohne Datum

Öffentliche Petition „Arbeitslosengeld II: Erhöhung des Regelsatzes“

„Mit der Petition wird die Erhöhung des Regelsatzes auf mindestens 420 Euro für Erwachsene und die Erhöhung des Regelsatzes für Kinder und Jugendliche von 60 % auf 80 % gefordert.“ Petition eingereicht durch Florian Paul am Montag, 6. August 2007, Abschlusstermin für die Mitzeichnung: Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2007

Zitat des Tages


„Hamburg: Die CDU hat Forderungen abgelehnt, angesichts der angekündigten Milchpreiserhöhungen die Hartz IV-Sozialleistungen zu erhöhen. Wie CDUGeneralsekretär Pofalla betonte, handele es sich bei Milch und Milch-Produkten ohnehin um Luxusgegenstände. Und ALG-Empfänger haben bekanntlich keinen Anspruch auf Luxus. Im übrigen werde der Warenkorb für den betroffenen Personenkreis alle zwei Jahre überprüft. Unklar ist gegenwärtig allerdings, ob zur Zeit wesentlich mehr als die Henkel des Warenkorbes vorhanden seien.“

Aus: Deutscher Einhei(t)Z-Textdienst von Werner Lutz - Ausgabe 9/07

Hartz IV und die Klagen

Immer mehr Ämter klagen gegen Hartz-IV-Empfänger wegen ungerechtfertigtem Leistungsbezug. Die Entgeltbezieher fühlen sich kriminalisiert. Manuskript des Beitrages von Anett Wundrak und Birgit Mittwoch in der MDR-Verbrauchersendung “exakt“ vom 04.09.2007

Aus: LabourNet, 6. September 2007

Wer und was steckt hinter der Milchpreiserhöhung?

Freihandel mit Nahrungsmitteln ist ein Verbrechen. Der Lebensmittelindustrie auf den Zahn gefühlt. Artikel von Angela Klein in der SoZ - Sozialistische Zeitung, vom September 2007

Aus: LabourNet, 6. September 2007

Bush knew Saddam had no WMD

by Sidney Blumenthal


On Sept. 18, 2002, CIA director George Tenet briefed President Bush in the Oval Office on top-secret intelligence that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction, according to two former senior CIA officers. Bush dismissed as worthless this information from the Iraqi foreign minister, a member of Saddam’s inner circle, although it turned out to be accurate in every detail. Tenet never brought it up again. Nor was the intelligence included in the National Intelligence Estimate of October 2002, which stated categorically that Iraq possessed WMD. No one in Congress was aware of the secret intelligence that Saddam had no WMD as the House of Representatives and the Senate voted, a week after the submission of the NIE, on the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Another big mistake

Unknown News
by Leon Fisher


If the Bush cabal believes it can win a war with Iran exclusively from the air without resort to a ground invasion, they are deluding themselves. Despite the awesome destructive capabilities of modern air power, it cannot by itself bring about victory over an enemy which is determined to fight on at all costs. … Do Bush and his inner circle of Neo Con lunatics truly believe that an encore of ‘Shock and Awe’ is going to cow a nation which sacrificed a million men to repel an Iraqi invasion during the 1980s?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Homeland Security falls short, GAO says



The Homeland Security Department has failed to meet even half of its performance expectations in the four years it has been in existence, congressional auditors concluded in a draft report obtained by The Associated Press...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Raps-Saatgut durch BAYER-Produkt verunreinigt

Je gläserner der Bürger, desto sicherer ist er auch?äserner+BürgerÜberwachung

Pending U.S. July Home Sales Fell More Than Forecast

The number of Americans signing contracts to buy previously owned homes fell in July by the most since records began in 2001, extending a U.S. housing slump that is weighing on credit markets and the economy.

From Information Clearing House

William Kristol: Terrorist Training Camps in Iran

'As Iran continues its proxy war against the people of Iraq, Coalition forces will continue to build on recent operations to disrupt the flow of illicit, lethal materials from Iran into Iraq,' said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokeman.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. holding 22,000 Iraqi prisoners

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said many of those languishing in U.S. jails are innocent and have been incarcerated for long periods without trial or charges.

From Information Clearing House

No Relief From Fear: Despite U.S. Buildup

Families Still Fleeing Baghdad Homes As Violence, Rivalries Loom Over Paralyzed Iraqi Government.

From Information Clearing House

Television Is Not The Truth!

A movie made many years ago, perfectly describes the situation today about television, news, and the main stream media. It resonates louder and sounds more truthful today that it did when the movie was first made.

Phase III of Bush's War

By Patrick Buchanan

Those who hoped that — with the victory of the antiwar party in 2006, the departure of Rumsfeld and the neocons from the Pentagon, the rise of Condi and the eclipse of Cheney — America was headed out of Iraq got a rude awakening. They are about to get another.

Surrender Should Not Be an Option

By Congressman Ron Paul

Defense of our homeland is one thing. Offensive tactics overseas are quite another. Worse yet, when our newly minted enemies find their way over here, where will our troops be to defend us?

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

The Eyes of Nye 110 Genetically Modified Foods


You and your milk

You and your milk

Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story


Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide


Milk The Deadly Poison

The Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

The Eyes of Nye 110 Genetically Modified Foods


Turn Off Cell Phones in Hospital Rooms

Hospital and Wireless

Informant: Painterscan

Turn Off Cell Phones in Hospital Rooms

Cell Phones May Interfere With Some Critical Care Medical Devices, Experts Say

By Miranda Hitti

WebMD Medical News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Sept. 5, 2007 -- Dutch doctors today reminded hospital visitors to turn off their cell phones -- for the sake of health, not etiquette.

The reason: Cell phones may interfere with critical care equipment such as ventilators and external pacemakers, report the University of Amsterdam's Erik Jan van Lieshout, MD, and colleagues.



Hospital mobile bans 'must stay'


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Hospital Rooms: No Cell Phone Zones?

This story describes how hospital medical devices can be affected by cell phone radiation emissions. It is interesting that hospital staff know about the harm that can be caused to patients by machines malfunctioning, yet very few medical staff are aware of the harm to health, that is caused directly to people, by the same radiation.

Martin Weatherall


Cell-phone use may pose danger in hospitals

Informant: Mark G.


Mobile phones put patients in peril

Cell phones and hospitals don't mix

Mobile phones pose hospital risk

Use of Mobile Phones Near Hospitals is Hazardous: says Study

Visiting Someone After Surgery? Better Put Your Cell Phone Away

Mobilfunk im Krankenhaus Handys können Geräte stören

Handys stören Geräte auf Intensivstation

Handys schalten Krankenhausgeräte ab


Informant: ranger116



Staging Nukes for Iran?

From Supreme Law Firm

Cheney Aide Threatened Terror To Silence DoJ Lawyer

"Dead Certain" the Presidency of George W. Bush

Book reveals Bush's bouts of crying, ghostly visions

Informant: ranger116

Helfen Sie PETA, das grausame Massaker an Hunden und Katzen zu stoppen!


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