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White House Already Spinning GAO Iraq Report

Japan EMF problem

Help plan the future of the Lake Umbagog Refuge!

Justice Delayed: Budget Crunch Hits US Attorneys' Offices

Scot J. Paltrow reports for The Wall Street Journal: "Whoever succeeds Alberto Gonzales as attorney general will face a long list of challenges at the Justice Department, from unfilled senior positions to sagging morale. One of the most pressing, according to dozens of current and former federal prosecutors, is a budget squeeze at U.S. attorneys' offices that has led to declines in crime prosecutions and delays in major investigations."

More Realism, Less Spin

The editors of The New York Times write, "A new report from Congress’s investigative arm provides a powerful fresh dose of nonpartisan realism about Iraq as President Bush tries to spin people into thinking that significant - or at least sufficient - progress is being made."

Bush Admin Cites "State Secrets" Privilege for Bank Group

Eric Lichtblau reports for The New York Times: "The 'state secrets' privilege, allowing the government to shut down litigation on national security grounds, was once rarely used. The Bush administration has turned to it more than 30 times in terrorism-related cases, seeking to end public discussion of cases like the claims of an FBI whistle-blower and the abduction of a German terrorism suspect."


US Cites 'Secrets' Privilege as It Tries to Stop Suit on Banking Records

US Says Company Bribed Officers for Work in Iraq

Eric Schmitt and James Glanz report for The New York Times, "An American-owned company operating from Kuwait paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to American contracting officers in efforts to win more than $11 million in contracts, the government says in court documents."

A September 2007 Strike?

Informant: Millennium Twain

Next-up News n°295

Death at a Distance: The US Air War

Informant: Kev Hall

It's Time to Stop Messing Around

Informant: John Stroebel

Analysts Dismiss Suspicious "New 9/11" Trades

Katrina All the Time

Paul Krugman writes for The New York Times: "Future historians will, without doubt, see Katrina as a turning point. The question is whether it will be seen as the moment when America remembered the importance of good government, or the moment when neglect and obliviousness to the needs of others became the new American way."

Marine in Haditha Ordered to Execute Women, Children

Rob Woollard reports for Agence France-Presse, "A US Marine was ordered to execute a room full of Iraqi women and children during an alleged massacre in Haditha that left 24 people dead, a military court heard Thursday."

Waxman Wants White House Email Report

The Associated Press reports that Representative Henry Waxman, a Democratic House leader, has asked presidential counsel Fred Fielding to turn over a report first requested three months ago about the White House's "lost" email.

Land challenge to mast scheme

By Jack Davidson

A PHONE mast has been granted planning permission despite a pensioner's claim that the land it will be built on belongs to her.

Hilda Forsyth, 76, says she has deeds proving the verge of grass outside her home on Picker-sleigh Road, Malvern, is legally hers.


Is it ethical to own a mobile phone?

Dear Ethan,

My son is now starting his senior school and he wants to get a mobile phone. I wasn’t sure he really needed one, but then it got me thinking whether I really needed one, too. I must admit I sometimes find it very convenient but is it ethical to own a mobile phone?

Tony Eriksson

Dear Tony,

Your child needs a mobile phone like he needs a hole in the head, which is exactly what he’ll have if he keeps frying his brains with one of those things. There is nothing natural about holding something to your head that transmits the same stuff they use for cooking food in microwave ovens. Dreadful though microwave ovens are (another column, I fear), at least they try to keep all the radiation in a box. With mobile phones, it’s next to your head. In fact, it’s all around us with those huge transmitters that are a threat to life and a blot on the landscape.


The two-party system, a catastrophic failure

Intellectual Conservative
by Justin Soutar


For a number of years now, respected pundits have lauded the American two-party political system as an excellent balance between the dictatorship of a one-party system and the instability of a multi-party system. Yet the two-party system has caused our country great harm. The Republican and Democratic parties have divided the American people over fundamental moral values, they have failed to rectify longstanding national problems, and their existence chiefly benefits special interest groups, politicians, and mega-corporate executives. Most unfortunately of all, however, the two-party setup does not represent the people of the United States...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Sorry, Mr. President, you’re all out of troops

by Fred Kaplan


President George W. Bush’s behavior gets more baffling every day. Most leaders in his predicament would be recalibrating their rhetoric, seeking to alter expectations, so that the inevitable drawdown of U.S. troops from Iraq won’t appear to be a defeat. Instead, Bush is doing the opposite. Twice this past week, he has appeared before his most bedrock base (the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars), promised to give his commanders whatever they need for victory, and lambasted Congress for so much as contemplating withdrawal, a step, he warned, that would imperil civilization and free peoples everywhere. He is willfully ignoring two facts. First, almost nobody in a position of power or much influence is advocating a complete withdrawal from Iraq. Second, a partial withdrawal is certain to take place in the next nine months, and this has nothing to do with Congress. This has been noted time and time again, but apparently it bears repeating: The U.S. Army and Marines are simply running out of combat troops...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Showdown With Iran

Showdown over Iran

by Justin Raimondo


The propaganda campaign is already picking up, but this time the battle is going to be less one-sided. In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the War Party had the field practically to themselves. Not a single major politician or political figure rose to question the ‘patriotic’ lies that flooded the airwaves and inundated readers of newspapers and blogs — not a one. This time, however, it is going to be different: the War Party may win, in the end, but they won’t triumph without a fight...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Showdown With Iran

"You will not find a single instance in which a country has inflicted harm on us and we have left it without a response. So if the United States makes such a mistake, they should know that we will definitely respond. And we don't make idle threats,"

From Information Clearing House

When our leaders follow along with what the White House wants and behave like sheep, their constituents need to know it

Thanks to overwhelming support from our activists, our ads demanding that Congress stop acting like sheep and start standing up for our rights ran in hometown newspapers of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid this week. We also have online ads running in numerous outlets.

Over the coming months, the ACLU will be ramping up our campaign to demand that Congress act immediately to restore the Constitution, creating a groundswell that will force a timid Congress to clean up the mess it made when it gave Bush sweeping new powers to spy on Americans and demanding that Members of Congress act now to disavow torture, restore habeas corpus, and shut down Guantánamo prison.

Our Don’t Fail Freedom petition — to be delivered on Constitution Day — will really bring the message home. Already, more than 40,000 people have added their voice to our message but to really have an impact we need 100,000 signers by September 17th.

Check out the ad and sign a petition to Reid and Pelosi .

Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps

Informant: Valerie Fine

Schäuble stellt Rechtsstaat auf den Kopf

31. August 2007

Wie jetzt bekannt wurde, sind die Pläne von Bundesinnenminister Schäuble zum online Ausspähen privater Computer weitreichender als bisher geahnt. Dazu erklärt die stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende Katina Schubert:

Schäuble scheint in seinem Überwachungswahn keine Grenzen mehr zu kennen. Unabhängig von der Frage, ob es technisch möglich ist, was sich der Bundesinnenminister wünscht, ist eines offenkundig: Er will offensichtlich sämtliche staatlichen Behörden in die Pflicht nehmen, bei der elektronischen Kommunikation die Bürgerinnen und Bürger zu überwachen und ihnen Trojaner in den Computer zu pflanzen. Das stellt den Rechtsstaat auf den Kopf, führt das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung ad absurdum und wird das ohnehin nicht besonders ausgeprägte Vertrauen der Bürgerinnen und Bürger in staatliche Institutionen weiter beschädigen. Die Versicherungen des BKA-Chefs, es werde sich um rund zehn Fälle pro Jahr handeln, erscheinen schon fast lächerlich. Deutschland ist Weltmeister in der Telefonüberwachung, es wird auch Weltmeister in der online-Überwachung, wenn diese Pläne nicht vorher gestoppt werden. Wir bleiben bei unserer Forderung: keine online-Überwachung. Wir fordern die Abgeordneten des Bundestages auf, Schäuble auf seinem Weg in den totalen Schnüffelstaat zu stoppen.


Chaos Computer Club veröffentlicht Entwurf des BKA-Gesetzes

Wie kürzlich bekannt wurde, ist die Online-Durchsuchung nur die Spitze des Eisbergs innerhalb des Planungen von Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble zur Ausweitung der Überwachung der Bevölkerung. Dem Chaos Computer Club liegt ein anonym zugespielter Entwurf des neuen BKA-Gesetzes vor. Darin ist u. a. vorgesehen, dass der Einsatz des Bundestrojaners auch ohne die Genehmigung eines Richters erfolgen soll, der normalerweise bei einem Grundrechtseingriff dieser Art obligatorisch ist. Durch die weitgehenden Befugnisse für die Ermittler entsteht der Eindruck, der Bundesinnenminister ignoriere die Vorgaben des Grundgesetzes vollständig.

Auch die Pflicht der Behörde, nach dem Ende von Überwachungsmaßnahmen die betroffenen Bürger zu benachrichtigen, wird durch den Gesetzentwurf weiter eingeschränkt. Wie es heute schon bei Telefon- und Internetüberwachung gängige Praxis ist, wird der Ausspionierte also in Zukunft von der Online-Durchsuchung nur in seltenen Ausnahmefällen Kenntnis erlangen. Dies widerspricht den rechtsstaatlichen Vorgaben des Bundesverfassungsgerichts. [2]

Das BKA soll zudem personenbezogene Daten auch aus den Datenbeständen von Unternehmen erheben, speichern und verstärkt auf die erkennungsdienstliche Behandlung zurückgreifen dürfen. Für Ermittlungen ist der praktisch unregulierte Einsatz von Observationen auch mit Hilfe technischer Mittel vorgesehen. Dies beinhaltet die akustische und optische Überwachung der Betroffenen sowie den Einsatz von V-Leuten und verdeckten Ermittlern auch innerhalb von Wohnungen. Zu diesem Zwecke sollen Mitarbeiter des BKA auch Urkunden (wie z. B. E-Mails anderer Behörden zur Übertragung von Trojanern) verändern und fälschen dürfen. Ebenso wird das Recht eingeräumt, die Anfertigung von Lichtbildern und Tonaufnahmen in Wohnungen Unbeteiligter vorzunehmen, sofern sich ein Betroffener dort aufhält. Diese Maßnahmen werden auch den absolut geschützten Kernbereich privater Lebensgestaltung betreffen. Eine Unterbrechung von Aufnahmen, die intime Details eines Menschen offenbaren würden, kann in Einzelfällen sogar unterbleiben.

Wenn das BKA-Gesetz in der vorliegenden Fassung verabschiedet wird, entsteht de facto eine Geheimpolizei, wie sie in Deutschland zuletzt in der DDR existierte. Angesichts der sich häufenden Berichte über privaten und behördlichen Mißbrauch von Überwachungsbefugnissen warnt der Chaos Computer Club davor, dem Gesetz auch nur teilweise zuzustimmen. Das Trennungsgebot von Polizei und Geheimdiensten darf nicht weiter ausgehölt werden.

Passend hierzu vermeldet die Berliner Zeitung vom Freitag eines der zahlreichen Probleme behördlicher Überwachungsbefugnisse in der Praxis. Durch die Ausweitung der technischen Möglichkeiten und die weitgehende Automatisierung, die auf eine menschliche Überprüfung verzichtet, steigt das Missbrauchspotential drastisch an. [3]

Der CCC übergibt der Öffentlichkeit das Dokument gerne zur Ansicht. [1]

Der Entwurf des BKA-Gesetzes in der Version vom 11.07.2007 (6,5 MB, PDF)

[2] BVerfGE 109, 279 (363 ff.)

[3] Beamter unter Verdacht


Online-Pläne weitergehend als bekannt


Phishing für die Sicherheit?

Das Bundesinnenministerium will nicht von seiner Idee lassen, online auf Rechnern zu schnüffeln - die Reaktionen sind entsprechend.äubleÜberwachung

The Mangrove Man

Matthew Shaer for The Christian Science Monitor reports on "Mangrove Man" Abdoulaye Diame, who is on a crusade in his native Senegal to save the plant that is crucial to curbing floods.

Justice Examining Gonzales's Honesty

The Associated Press reports that "the Justice Department said Thursday it is investigating whether resigning Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied or otherwise misled Congress last month in sworn testimony about the Bush administration's domestic terrorist spying program."

Janis Karpinski: "They Knew What They Were Doing"

In June 2003, during the US-led occupation of Iraq, Gen. Janis Karpinski was given command of the 800th Military Police Brigade, putting her in charge of the fifteen detention facilities in southern and central Iraq run by Coalition forces, including Abu Ghraib. Truthout's Geoffrey Millard recently sat down with Karpinski to get her side of the story of how the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib was allowed to happen.

Nuclear agency calls Iranian cooperation of its investigation significant

The assessment is expected to make it more difficult for the United States to rally support for a new round of sanctions against Tehran.

US Downplays IAEA Report On Iran Nuclear Cooperation

The U.S. downplayed the importance of an International Atomic Energy Agency report Thursday that detailed significant progress from Iran with its nuclear probe.

A hidden menace in Bush's words on Iran

The George W Bush administration has seemingly taken advantage of the Congressional recess to escalate tensions with Iran.

From Information Clearing House

Cindy Sheehan's Political Ambitions

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan's plan to challenge Representative Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional seat in November 2008 has elicited cries of praise and dismay across the progressive political spectrum.

From Information Clearing House


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"I won't resign": Iraqi leader lashes out at critics

Prime minister rebuts U.S. senators, French official; says U.S. troop surge is not responsible for improved security.

Propaganda about the surge


MP3: Dahr Jamail, unembedded independent journalist, discusses the absolute humanitarian catastrophe that the U.S. has created in Iraq, the fact that all the propaganda about the surge is "working," is a bunch of lies, Dahr measures the fate of Nouri al-Malaki's government in the face of the proposed Allawi coup.

U.S. report finds Iraq failing on goals

The White House on Thursday played down a congressional report showing Iraq had achieved few of the political and security goals set by Washington, saying the standards were too high to meet.

From Information Clearing House

Army National Guard Spc. Eleonai "Eli" Israel: "I refused to continue to be a part of the occupation"

My Story

By Army National Guard Spc. Eleonai "Eli" Israel

Two months ago, I took a stand that changed my life forever. As a Soldier, a JVB Protective Service Agent, and a Sniper with the Army who had been in Iraq for a year (running over 250 combat missions), I refused to continue to be a part of the occupation. I regret nothing. This is my story.

Empire or Freedom?

By Jacob G. Hornberger

The 9/11 attacks brought to the surface a dilemma that everyone, especially libertarians, must now confront: whether to choose a pro-empire, pro-intervention foreign policy or a free society.

US-Allawi Coup May Be On Its Way

By Arianna Huffington

As we all await the Petraeus Report on the state of the surge, we may also need to be anticipating the Allawi Coup.

Behind Allawi's Bid for Power

By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball

Over time, CIA officials pushed Allawi as a more acceptable and reliable potential successor to Saddam than Ahmed Chalabi, a rival Iraqi exile (and Allawi relative) whose ambitions to succeed Saddam were heavily promoted by neoconservative intellectuals and civilian Pentagon aides to former Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Some see 'coup' as Iraq's best hope

In the lobbies of luxury hotels and the apartments of exiles, an assortment of Iraqi politicians has been spending the summer vacation plotting a new Iraqi coup.

From Information Clearing House

Ethnic Cleansing of Iraq

By Chris Floyd

It is now obvious that one impetus behind the "surge" was to accelerate the "ethnic cleansing" of Iraq. Given the manifest failure to establish a strong central government to serve as a client state, the conquerors now find it easier to deal with separate ethnic enclaves, which can police themselves, shake out their own internal conflicts (however bloodily) and thus establish some kind of solid leadership that can cut deals and guarantee investments.

Vodafone moves to clear up mast confusion

VODAFONE has this week moved to clear up confusion surrounding the erection of two large phone masts on Harmonstown Road.

A local resident contacted Northside People to voice his concerns over the erection of the two masts beside an existing mast on Brookwood House, which he initially believed might have been placed there without proper planning permission.


Will Lady Liberty Last Beyond 2010?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Thomas Jefferson and the other founders of this once-great country believed there was a controlling cabal that was crafting America's servitude. With the assistance of Heaven, they decided to fight those forces. Pastors fought with fiery sermons from the pulpit; newsmen fought with the power of the pen; statesmen fought in the halls of congress; and merchants fought with the sacrifice of their material gain. Together, they lifted Lady Liberty to her feet and defeated the powers of darkness. It took the global elite a long time to recover, but they have reemerged with a vengeance. They are now......

Hillary Clinton Threatens to Nuke Iran


Radiation effects are in the mind?

September Showdown or Sellout? The Choice is Ours!

Brainwashed One: Torture, Fiction, and Suppression

Informant: Cal


Political Mind Control?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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