Who will protest Obama’s war?

by Justin Raimondo


All in all, we face a depressing prospect: the Left brain-dead with Obama idolatry, the Right neoconized beyond redemption — and no one left to oppose a futile, draining, and horrifically destructive conflict, a war we cannot afford and which directly contravenes our real interests as a nation. No one, that is, except a clear majority of the American people, who, according to polls, think the battle for Afghanistan is not worth it. Here is a clear instance in which ordinary, everyday Americans are radically out of sync with partisan activists of both the Right and the Left - thus creating a huge opening for libertarians, particularly the campus arm of the movement...


Limits of US power in Afghanistan

Hawaii Reporter
by Doug Bandow


U.S. President Barack Obama continues to consider a major military escalation in Afghanistan. Instead, the president should rethink Washington’s objective. The goal should be to minimize international terrorism, not build an Afghan state. Conflict in Afghanistan has raged for eight years, yet ‘victory’ looks ever more distant. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel declared that the goal is ‘a credible government and a legitimate process.’ Alas, neither exists...


It’s Obama’s war now

by Gary Leupp


There are now at present some 68,000 U.S. troops and 42,000 allied forces occupying Afghanistan, in league with the Northern Alliance warlords and the corrupt and feeble Karzai regime in Kabul. President Obama clearly wishes to increase the figure and will announce before an audience of West Point cadets Tuesday that he will add over 30,000 more while pushing the Europeans to add 10,000. This will bring the total number of occupation forces to around the level of the Soviet deployment at its peak in the 1980s. The Soviets were trying to protect the secular government in Afghanistan and to discourage Islamic fundamentalism, a potential threat to the neighboring Soviet Central Asian republics such as Uzbekistan. What is Obama trying to do? Because make no mistake about it, this is Barack Obama’s war now...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Afghan Escalation 'Utter Insanity' and 'Morally Reprehensible'

Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance

Obama's Afghanistan Decision

A Call for the U.S. to End Its Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan


Afghanistan Is A "War Of National Resistance": Former CIA Agent

By Robert Baer

"The people that want their country liberated from the West have nothing to do with Al Qaeda," Baer says. "They simply want us gone because we're foreigners, and they're rallying behind the Taliban because the Taliban are experienced, effective fighters."


Are Some Democrats Getting a Spine?

Editors Pick

Some Democrats are proposing, in the same way that we have to find the money for social programs, that if we want to continue and or escalate the war, we should find the money to pay for war.




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