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US Violence Breeds a Language of the Grotesque

Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

Afghanistan: The Longest War in US History

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Asks: ‘Is the U.S. Paying for Attacks on U.S. Troops?'


Americans swell the toll, highest of year

From Information Clearing House

Montag, 7. Juni 2010

With U.S. Aid, Warlord Builds Afghan Empire


The most powerful man in this arid stretch of southern Afghanistan is not the provincial governor - It is Matiullah Khan, the head of a private army that earns millions of dollars guarding NATO supply convoys and fights Taliban insurgents alongside American Special Forces.

We Don't Feel Free

An Afghan Women Writes To The President

By Shogofa

We don't feel comfortable in our own country. It is like we are strangers in our own home.

Russia Says Afghan Drug Trade Threatens World Peace

In Russia, Ivanov has said that opium consumption is having a destabilizing effect and that 30,000 addicts die each year from narcotics like heroin.

From Information Clearing House


US enriches 'semiofficial warlord' probably playing double game

Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Armadillo: the Afghanistan war documentary that shocked Denmark

In Denmark, the press and public have been stunned by Armadillo, Janus Metz's documentary about a UK-Danish base in Afghanistan, and the actions of the soldiers based there.

From Information Clearing House

Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Doubling Down in Afghanistan: Why We Refuse to Fold a Losing Hand

William J. Astore, TomDispatch: "As Congress moves toward rubber-stamping yet another 'emergency' supplemental bill that includes more than $33 billion for military operations, mainly to fund the latest surge in Afghanistan, maybe we should take a page from the new British government. Facing debilitating deficits, the conservative Tories and their Liberal Democrat partners are proposing painful cuts to governmental budgets, including military operations in Afghanistan."

No Exit at Kandahar

Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Interpreting Afghanistan

Boston Globe
by H.D.S. Greenway


Reading carefully between the lines of President Obama’s speech at West Point last year, in which he laid out his war plans, I thought I heard an echo of Mikhail Gorbachev when he told his generals that they had a couple of years to turn things around in Afghanistan. If they couldn’t, Russia’s army would come home. One saw ambiguity in Obama’s thoughts when he ordered a troop surge, only to say he would begin withdrawing in the summer of 2011. Oh, the caveats were quickly made that he had meant only the beginning of a withdrawal, and that circumstances would dictate its pace. But the damage was done for those careful listeners in Kabul, Islamabad, New Delhi, and the countries in the region. The United States might be surging, but the country wasn’t in for a hundred-year effort to establish a protectorate as the British had done more than a century before...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Terror link alleged as Saudi millions flow into Afghanistan war zone:

Millions of dollars of Saudi Arabian money have flowed into Afghanistan over the past four years, the country's intelligence officials say, with the sponsorship of terrorism its most likely use.

From Information Clearing House

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Afghanistan: The case for negotiations

In These Times
by Gilles Dorronsoro


The coalition’s strategy in Afghanistan is at an impasse. The renewed efforts undertaken since the summer of 2009 have failed to temper the guerrilla war. A few tactical successes are possible, but this war cannot be won. The coalition cannot defeat the Taliban as long as Pakistan continues to offer them sanctuary. And increasing resources to wage the war is not an option. The costs of continuing the war — to use Ambassador Karl Eikenberry’s expression in the leaked telegram to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — are ‘astronomical’...

War in Afghanistan set to outlast Vietnam

USA Today


Three months after 9/11, every major Taliban city in Afghanistan had fallen — first Mazar-i-Sharif, then Kabul, finally Kandahar. Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar were on the run. It looked as if the war was over, and the Americans and their Afghan allies had won. Butch Ivie, then a school administrator in Winfield, Ala., remembers: ‘We thought we’d soon have it tied up in a neat little bag.’ But bin Laden and Omar eluded capture. The Taliban regrouped. Today, Kandahar again is up for grabs. And Afghanistan soon will pass Vietnam as America’s longest war...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

More US Troops in Afghanistan Than Iraq: Pentagon

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

British defence minister on Afghan visit calls for troop withdrawal

Senior British officials, including new Foreign Secretary William Hague arrived in Afghanistan Saturday with a warning that Britain wants to withdraw its troops as soon as possible.

From Information Clearing House


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