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Swine flu vaccine unsuitable for patients suffering from environmental diseases and other chronic multi-system illnesses

Informant: Dorothee Krien

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Concern expressed after permission granted for mast

Northside People - Dublin, Ireland

A NORTHSIDE man has expressed serious concern at the location of a new mobile phone mast at his local shopping centre. Con Colbert, from Raheny, ...

Protests tied to the phone mast

National - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A mobile phone mast is seen in the grounds of a private residence in Manama. Bahrainis are increasingly letting section of their residential properties to ...

Obama one year later: A legacy of lies and broken promises
by Hans Bader


It’s been a year since the president was elected, and he’s already piled up an impressive list of lies and broken promises. The broken promises include his pledge to enact a ‘net spending cut,’ his promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year, and his promise not to sign bills without first giving the public five days of notice. The Congressional Budget Office says that Obama’s proposed budgets will explode the national debt through massive spending increases, increasing the already large deficits left behind by the Bush administration from $4.4 trillion to $9.3 trillion...

Government statistics and lies

Campaign For Liberty
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


There has been a lot of talk in Washington recently about senior citizens, mostly about how various healthcare reform models would help or hurt them. But there is another critical issue that has quietly devastated seniors financially over the last few decades. It concerns how the cost of living is calculated. How does the administration justify not giving a cost of living increase to Social Security recipients this year? According to the official Consumer Price Index calculation, life has gotten cheaper for the first time in decades...

Mortgage crisis shows that government regulation doesn’t work

Campaign For Liberty
by Glenn Jacobs


Headlines like this drive me nuts: Mortgage Crisis Shows Why Financial Regulation is Needed. Yes, regulation is needed. Market regulation, that is. At every turn, the government and its accomplices in the financial industry — the politically-connected players — have undermined the free market’s ability to self-regulate. But, of course, this is not the sort of regulation to which the author is referring. No, the market is to blame and our benevolent protectors in government must come to our aid through enlightened regulation...

The secret message of stimulus spending

by Veronique de Rugy


The idea behind the $787 billion stimulus bill is that government can create jobs by spending money. For now, let’s ignore fact, history, and economic theory and assume that government spending can actually create jobs. In that case, we should expect the government to invest relatively more money in the states that have the highest ´ment rates and less money in the states with lower unemployment rates. So let’s check the data...

Obama’s hidden fees

by Jacob Sullum


President Obama’s promise to raise taxes only on the wealthy was easy to make and easy to break. He broke it barely two weeks after taking office, and he will break it again if Congress passes the health care legislation he wants. But Obama has come up with a strategy to avoid the fate of George H.W. Bush: Although he will raise your taxes, he will never admit he is raising your taxes...

Beware the government’s handiwork

The Daily Reckoning
by Bill Bonner


In fact, there is no evidence that government can fix anything other than the problems it has caused itself. And then only in rare, accidental moments of lucidity.But that doesn’t stop people from hallucinating. They think Obama can fix the auto industry, by paying people to buy a new car. And they think he can fix the housing industry too — by extending the new buyer tax credit. It doesn’t occur to them that the problems in the housing industry are almost exclusively the fault of the federal government in the first place. The feds subsidized mortgages, encouraged mortgage lending to people who should have been renting, and lowered interest rates. These fixes created a bubble in the housing sector. No bubble expands forever. Eventually, they all blow up … which is what happened...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp$787

Could America go broke?

Washington Post
by Robert J. Samuelson


The idea that the government of a major advanced country would default on its debt — that is, tell lenders that it won’t repay them all they’re owed — was, until recently, a preposterous proposition. Argentina and Russia have stiffed their creditors, but surely the likes of the United States, Japan or Britain wouldn’t. Well, it’s still a very, very long shot, but it’s no longer entirely unimaginable. Governments of rich countries are borrowing so much that it’s conceivable that one day the twin assumptions underlying their burgeoning debt (that lenders will continue to lend and that governments will continue to pay) might collapse. What happens then?

Make them afraid Of Wall Street’s money

Our Future Blog
by Isaiah J. Poole


Economist Robert Johnson says progressive activists are going to have to fight more aggressively against the forces on Capitol Hill and the White House who are working on behalf of the financial services industry to block financial reform, given the kinds of deals now being cut by the Obama White House and some Democrats in Congress. Johnson, in the video interview above, says that while there is some good news in the recent moves toward creating a financial consumer protection agency, legislative proposals to curb the behavior of so-called ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks remain seriously flawed. The bottom-line problem, Johnson says, is that the campaign and lobbying dollars from the financial service industry is speaking louder than the general public. ‘I’d like to see voters mobilized to make people afraid to take Wall Street money,’ Johnson says...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wikiwoods initiiert Waldpflanzaktionen

CO2-Speicher selbstgepflanzt

Nach Ansicht der Europäer ist die Armut größer geworden

Im Jahr 2000 hatte die EU angekündigt, bis 2010 die Armut zu beenden.

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

An other reason to say NO to vaccine !

Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA

Citigroup, Bank Of America Among Companies Hoarding Cash

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that, in response to the financial crisis, U.S. companies are hoarding more cash than they have in the last 40 years.

From Information Clearing House

Outcry against 'colonial' takeover by BP of Rumaila oilfield in Iraq

The British oil giant BP will today take control of Iraq's biggest oilfield in the first important energy deal since the 2003 invasion. The move has created uproar among local politicians invoking resentful memories of their nation's colonial past.

From Information Clearing House

US Used "False Pretext" to Invade Iraq in 2003, ElBaradei Says


Outgoing UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei criticized the United States on Monday for using a 'false pretext' to invade Iraq, costing 'the lives of possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.'

A War That Can't Be Won

Afghans Will Pay The Price

By Peter Galbraith

The declaration of victory caps weeks of farce and failure, especially for the UN.

A War That Can't Be Won

Starts with candy, ends in napalm

By Serge Halimi

The French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner still hopes to "win hearts and minds with a bullet-proof vest" (2) and McChrystal assures the world that "the American goal in Afghanistan must not be primarily to hunt down and kill Taliban insurgents but to protect the population".

When Is It Legitimate For The Oppressed To Take Up Arms?

By Arundhati Roy

Roy is against the development of nuclear weapons without regard to the lives of the poor, and the refusal to grant Kashmir independence. She has called the US-led war in Afghanistan "another act of terror against the people of the world" and considers US-style capitalism to be the cause of much of the world's instability.

"Blood price" paid to prop up Afghan government: Former UN Aide

"Among the greatest mistakes of the international community has been its laissez-faire approach to the corruption, cronyism and venality of the Afghan government," he added.

From Information Clearing House


A long-term disaster for Obama and the US

by Patrick Cockburn


The election in Afghanistan has turned into a disaster for all who promoted it. Hamid Karzai has been declared re-elected as president of the country for the next five years though his allies inside and outside Afghanistan know that he owes his success to open fraud. Instead of increasing his government’s legitimacy, the poll has further de-legitimized it. From Mr Karzai’s point of view he won through at the end and showed that nobody is strong enough to get rid of him. For President Obama the election has no silver lining. It has left him poised to send tens of thousands US troops to fight a war in defense of one of world’s most crooked and discredited governments...

The American way of abandonment

The American Conservative
by Patrick J. Buchanan


That there are warlords who are war criminals, allied with the Afghan regime and us, that drug-traffickers are abetted by high officials, that Karzai stole the election, no one denies. That the Pakistani intelligence services are shot through with elements loyal to a Taliban they helped bring to power in Kabul, that there are Pakistani army officers who believe they should be defending their country against India, not fighting America’s war in Waziristan, is also undeniable. But what does it avail us to insult these people who have cast their lot with us, many of whom will, with famines and friends, pay a far more terrible price than we if we lose these wars. And if we are going to abandon these people, as we have so many others in the past, let us at least tell them, and ourselves, the truth...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

US Workers Starved Into Service

Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food

On fractional reserves and other economic evils

Cancer in the Skies

Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the America

School of the Americas Watch: Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the America; November 20-22, 2009, Fort Benning, Georgia

No Change in US 'Mafia Principle'

Lobbying Cash Obscures US Climate Debate

We Only Have Months, Not Years, to Save Civilization from Climate Change

Climate Change Deniers Are Not Skeptics - They're Suckers

Afghan War Vets Patrol Halls of Congress to Stop Troop Escalation

Jeremy Scahill Takes on Max Boot over Afghan Fiasco

A Call for Clarity on the Afghanistan War


Film: "The Good Soldier"

Bill Moyers Journal: "As America prepares to observe Veterans Day and President Obama weighs sending more troops to fight in Afghanistan, 'Bill Moyers Journal' broadcasts a powerful documentary about the impact on soldiers of learning to kill - or be killed."

One in Five Mammals Threatened With Extinction

Koalas 'Could Face Extinction'

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- Dr Magda Havas: "Carta abierta a los padres/madres, profesores /as y juntas escolares sobre las redes de Wi-Fi en la escuela"


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