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The big banks are back

Out of Control

DAVID MOBERG - The big banks are back, larger than ever, with profits and stock prices soaring and huge bonuses expected-thanks to taxpayers and the federal government. That might seem like unabashed good news, but it's not. And the rosy impression that the financial system has recovered strengthens the industry's hand in blocking efforts to prevent another, possibly worse crisis from hitting in the near future.


The Worthiness of Banker Charity

Jim Hightower, Truthout: "'Repent,' the preacher cried out, startling those who heard him. This was no street evangelist ranting at the passing crowd, but the archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Church of England. His sharp admonition was pointed directly at a particular set of sinners, who undoubtedly had never given any thought to the morality of their actions: the barons of global banking."


'Vampire Banks': Turn The Lights On and They'll Turn to Dust

impf-report Newsletter Nr. 22/2009

UK Doctors Report Widespread Resistance To Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bribes

US military operations in all major regions of the world


The Criminalization of War

America's "Long War" From the Truman Doctrine to the NeoConservatives

Video - By Michel Chossudovsky

The Implications of the US Military Agenda.

Federal Reserve or Super Regulatory Agency?

Next-up News Nr 1105

- "Chez Orange c'est la facture qui est illimitée"
- AFP : "Surfacturation" de clé 3G Orange: un troisième cas de 159.212 euros

Our chief industry: War

by Justin Raimondo


While our factories have long since moved abroad, where wages are lower and regulation is lax, and our crippled industries are in Dr. Obama’s economic intensive care unit, on life support and awaiting last rites, America’s number-one export — representing, by far, our single largest capital investment — is our overseas military presence. What Chalmers Johnson referred to as our ‘empire of bases’ is the framework of an international economic system in which the division of labor is roughly as follows: while Asia is the factory of the world, South America the farmland, and Europe increasingly a theme park/museum, the U.S. role is that of world gendarme...

Banken müssen die US-Einlagensicherung retten

Die große Zahl der Bankenpleiten in den USA hat Einlagensicherungsbehörde an den Rand einer Pleite gebracht.

Zahnamalgam in Dänemark, Schweden und Norwegen verboten

Why Did Obama Win?

Stephen Sackur Interviews Noam Chomsky

When he published his first political critique 40 years ago, he was fired up by the war in Vietnam. Today he is still raging against America's malign influence and calls the war in Afghanistan 'immoral'.

Hawkish Hillary Pro-Surge And Anti-Savvy Majority, Again

By Robert S. Becker

For years, common wisdom, expert and amateur, was sure the U.S. would elect a woman before any dark-skinned, or demonstrably ethnic minority, took the White House.

Obama's China Junket

"We're Opening Doors for Wall Street and Nothing More"

By Mike Whitney

Geithner and Co. see the US economy languishing in a low-grade Depression for the foreseeable future, therefore, Wall Street must progressively move its base-of-operations eastward.


When hope meets reality

The American Prospect
by Paul Waldman


‘We campaign in poetry. But when we’re elected we’re forced to govern in prose,’ said Mario Cuomo, then-governor of New York, in a 1985 speech. ‘And when we govern — as distinguished from when we campaign — we come to understand the difference between a speech and a statute.’ … The man then hailed as the Democratic Party’s greatest orator knew what he was talking about. And there is no doubt that the party’s current lead orator, Barack Obama, has understood this truth all along. But those swept up in the oratory still seem to need occasional reminding of this reality. As health-care reform teeters between success and failure, the economy limps along, and more and more Americans wonder what we’re doing in Afghanistan, the prose of governing is more than a little unsettling for some...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Welcome Home Soldier, Now Shut Up

Challenging Our Thinking About Military Service And War

By Paul Rockwell

Moral courage - "requires the bearer to walk away from the warm embrace of comradeship and denounce the myth of war as a fraud, to name it as an enterprise of death and immorality, to condemn himself, and those around him, as killers. It requires the bearer to become an outcast."

God, the Army, and PTSD

Is religion an obstacle to treatment?

By Tara McKelvey

The trauma of war seems to be especially acute for men and women whose faith in a benevolent God is challenged by the carnage they have witnessed.

The Degradation of America's Military is Taking a Toll

By Digital Journal

Because America's military is morally bankrupt, soldiers and their families have become expendable.

U.S. Army Underreporting Suicides, Says GI Advocacy Group

By Dahr Jamail

"I see the ugly," Luther told IPS. "I see soldiers beating their wives and trying to kill themselves all the time, and most folks don't want to look at this, including the military."

The Real Story Of The Terrorist "Mad Doctor Hasan"

By Jeff Gates

When Army Major Nidal Hasan killed U.S. troops on the nation's largest military base, was this evidence of "militant Islam"? Or did this military psychiatrist snap under pressure while treating returning vets on a base averaging ten suicides a month? Is there an undisclosed agenda behind those seeking to portray this act as the work of "Islamo fascists"?


Welcome home, hold your tongue

by Bruce Patterson


2,600 years ago the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote, ‘Victory in war is a funeral procession.’ As a young boy in Vietnam, I won my victory and I shuffled in the procession. Beginning in the spring of 1968 I spent three months in various military hospitals and during that time I saw a ghoul’s gallery of the hide­ously wounded. I saw the psychological impacts of physical mutilation and how phony the distinction is between the two. If you wish to experience not just ‘trauma’ but real pain and suffering, whack your thumb with a roofer’s hammer. Smash you[r] thumb and see how that affects your psychological well-being. Now imagine taking three machine gun rounds through the belly and surviving. Imagine getting your jaw and nose blown off and surviving. When you’re young and looking forward to a lifetime of pain, disability and poverty, wearing your battlefield Badges of Honor doesn’t feel like such a privilege. Almost inevitably, PTSD is the result...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama Has Failed the World on Climate Change

Mr. President: Time to Quit Fibbing and Spinning

Apocalypse Fatigue: Losing the Public on Climate Change

For Obama It's One (Term) if by War, Two if by Peace

The Pledge of Allegiance is un-Americanägerl

Biotech Crops Cause Big Jump in Pesticide Use


Obama Nominates Pesticide Executive to Be Chief Agricultural Negotiator in the Office of the US Trade Representative.

Geithner Singled Out in TARP Watchdog Neil Barofsky's Scathing Report on AIG Bailout

Paying Off the Warlords: Anatomy of an Afghan Culture of Corruption

Pratap Chatterjee, "Every morning, dozens of trucks laden with diesel from Turkmenistan lumber out of the northern Afghan border town of Hairaton on a two-day trek across the Hindu Kush down to Afghanistan's capital, Kabul. Among the dozens of businesses dispatching these trucks are two extremely well-connected companies -- Ghazanfar and Zahid Walid -- that helped to swell the election coffers of President Hamid Karzai as well as the family business of his running mate, the country's new vice president, warlord Mohammed Qasim Fahim."

Sarah Palin Makes Another Fraudulent Claim About Alaska

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "As former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin launches her national book tour, a former consultant questions more specifics from her record as governor. Palin, the former running mate to Sen. John McCain during the 2008 presidential elections, continues to claim that she effectively protected Alaska's environment, but a National Academies peer review panel has blasted her oil and gas risk assessment plan, calling her environmental credentials into question."


Not So Funny After All!

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "I've been writing roughly once a week for months now about the insane circus that is today's Republican Party, mostly to make fun of them. It's difficult to do otherwise; how does one write seriously about people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and GOP Chairman Michael Steele? Try it sometime: failure is all but guaranteed ... The problem, however, is that people like Palin stopped being funny a while ago."

Lowering the Bar: Kindergarten Recruitment

Jon Letman, Truthout: "How old is old enough for students to be approached by military recruiters? High school? Junior high? Fourth grade? How about ten weeks into kindergarten? Last week at the dinner table, my five-year-old son announced blithely, 'Soldiers came to school today.' He then added, 'They only kill bad people. They don't kill good people.'"

Beginning With the Children: To Teach Peace

Eleanor J. Bader, On the Issues Magazine: "It is the third week of classes at P.S. 130, The Parkside School in Brooklyn, New York. A group of fourth graders sits on the floor, watching five others - a mix of nine- and 10-year-olds from other classes in the school - take seats in front of the room."

Going Hungry In The USA

"All the Conditions Are Assembled for a New Food Crisis"

Herve Kempf and Clement Lacombe, Le Monde (Translation: Leslie Thatcher): "Hunger, still and always. And at levels never touched before: Under the impact of the economic crisis, the threshold of a billion people suffering from malnutrition was crossed in 2009. A situation to which the Global Summit on Food Security, taking place in Rome from Monday, November 16, to Wednesday, November 18, under the aegis of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), will - once again - attempt to bring elements of a response. United Nations Rapporteur for Food Rights since 2008, Belgian Olivier de Schutter, is alarmed by the situation."

Nearly One in Six Citizens Went Hungry in 2008

Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service: "As the World Food Security Summit got under way in Rome Monday, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) disclosed that nearly one in six US households went hungry at some time during 2008, the highest level since it began monitoring food security levels in 1995."


US Hunger Reaches A 14-Year High

By Joan Firstenberg

More Americans are going hungrier than they have in the past 14 years. The actual figure of those living in households without ...


Over 1.2 billion people suffering from hunger

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has declared that over 1.2 billion people across the globe are starving.

Sixteen Deaths Per Day

Sixteen workers are killed a day in the United States because of reckless negligence on the part of their employers. Under existing laws, these employers get a slap on the wrist, or walk away scot-free. Meanwhile, workers who blow the whistle face threats and retaliation at the workplace.

Protest targets Goldman's billions

A crowd of protesters have gathered outside the Washington DC headquarters of banking giant Goldman Sachs. The protesters were angry at the more than $20bn in bonuses paid to Goldman Sachs executives.

Going Hungry In The USA

America's Economic Pain Brings Hunger Pangs

By Amy Goldstein

The nation's economic crisis has catapulted the number of Americans who lack enough food to the highest level since the government has been keeping track, according to a new federal report, which shows that nearly 50 million people -- including almost one child in four -- struggled last year to get enough to eat.

Hungry America: food insecurity, state by state

A new report from the US Department of Agriculture highlights the millions of Americans suffering from food insecurity. Find out how they compare from state to state.

From Information Clearing House


Hungering for a True Thanksgiving

Legislation to Limit Use of State Secrets Privilege an Uphill Battle

William Fisher, Truthout: "A court case accusing the government of indiscriminately wiretapping ordinary American citizens - coupled with legislation now making its way through Congress - could produce another major headache for President Obama."

The Logic of the 9/11 Trials, the Madness of the Military Commissions

Andy Worthington, Truthout: "With just over two months to go until President Obama's deadline for the closure of Guantanamo, the administration has finally woken up to the necessity of actually doing something to facilitate the prison's closure by announcing on Friday that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other prisoners accused of involvement in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, will be brought to New York to face federal court trials."

Zombie Politics and Other Late Modern Monstrosities in the Age of Disposability

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: "At present, Americans are fascinated by a particular kind of monstrosity, by vampires and zombies condemned to live an eternity by feeding off the souls of the living. The preoccupation with such parasitic relations speaks uncannily to the threat most Americans perceive from the shameless blood lust of contemporary captains of industry, which Matt Taibbi, a writer for Rolling Stone, has aptly described as 'a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.'"

Using A (Swine Flu) Vaccine To Inject Microchip Implants

US Army Suicides Expected to Hit a New High This Year

By Joan Firstenberg

Suicides among US soldiers this year topped last year's record-breaking numbers. The majority are killing themselves while still on ...


Army Suicide Rates Hit Record and May Continue to Rise

Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "Suicides among veterans and soldiers have reached a record high this year and are set to continue rising, a Pentagon press conference confirmed Tuesday. The announcement, coming on the day that the suicide rate for 2009 reached the record number of 2008, leaves advocates worrying about the troop escalation of the Obama administration and the measures the Army has in place to deal with the combat scars which leave no physical trace."


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