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Main 9/11 plotter will be convicted, executed: Obama

US President Barack Obama, defending plans to try accused September 11 author Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court, predicted Wednesday that he would be convicted and executed.

The Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Show Trial

By J.R. Dunn

AG Eric Holder's statement that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will remain in custody no matter the verdict in his upcoming Manhattan trial coupled with Obama's instructions to the jury that KSM be "convicted and executed" reveals the entire exercise as a show trial.

From Information Clearing House


The U.S. Post-9/11 Tribunal System


Military Tribunals - Justice Lite?

William Fisher, Truthout: "While Sarah Palin and other right-wing opportunists create a cottage industry in drumming up public hysteria about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terror suspects from Guantanamo coming to New York for trial, many legal experts and human rights groups are being equally outspoken in their criticism of the 'new and improved' Military Commissions designated to try five other detainees."

Obama's Failure to Close Guantanamo by January Deadline Is Disastrous

Andy Worthington, Truthout: "President Obama's admission in China that he will miss his self-imposed deadline for the closure of Guantanamo is disastrous for the majority of the 215 men still held in the detention facility, and for those who hoped, ten months ago, that the president would move swiftly to close this bitter icon of the Bush administration's lawless detention and interrogation policies in the 'war on terror.'"

Murder at Guantanamo?

Jeffrey Kaye, Truthout: "With recent news reports centering on Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement that some Guantanamo detainees would be prosecuted in federal court and revamped, albeit flawed military commissions, important stories from previous months related to the prison facility continue to sink ever deeper into the swamp of our collective amnesia."


The Administration Guts Its Own Argument for 9/11 Trials


It’s show trial time

by Alexander Cockburn


The scenario envisaged by Obama, his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Holder is presumably that somehow a jury of unprejudiced citizens will be convened, and ultimately — hopefully sometime before the election of 2012, at least — Khaled Sjhaikh Mohammed will step into the execution chamber, thus vindicating Obama’s oft-advertised commitment to track down the perps of 9/11 and kill them. So eager is Obama to underline this point that last Friday he declared in Japan that those offended by the trial will not find it ‘offensive at all when he’s convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him.’ This remark came right after his assertion that the trial would be ’subject to the most exacting demands of justice.’ Realising that the latter remark might be construed by some pettifogging civil libertarians as prejudicial to a fair trial, Obama then added that he was ‘not going to be in that courtroom. That’s the job of the prosecutors, the judge and the jury.’ So, in this prospectus, even if the Great War on Terror does not prosper in Afghanistan it will proceed satisfactorily in execution chambers here in the Homeland...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Geithner, under fire, defends AIG bailout

$4.8 trillion - Interest on U.S. debt

Unless lawmakers make big changes, the interest Americans will have to pay to keep the country running over the next decade will reach unheard of levels.

1 million jobless face benefits loss in January

Extended benefits will expire unless Congress acts. Recent extension only covers workers through Dec. 31.

Your congressman's padded retirement plan

Opinion polls show that Americans today have a special contempt for Congress. They might be even more upset if they knew what kind of retirement deal congressmen have given themselves at the taxpayers' expense.

Bank Bonuses Surge

While many Americans will count themselves lucky to be drawing any kind of income at all this year, bonus payments will rise by 40 percent for most bankers, according to a recent survey conducted by New York-based Options Group.

Restore law and split up banks

Ten years ago, the Republican-controlled Congress - egged on by that champion deregulator, former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm - passed legislation that arguably did more to plunge the United States into our crippling great recession than anything else: It repealed the Great Depression era's Glass-Steagall Act.

Geithner, under fire, defends AIG bailout

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner defended on Thursday the costly bailout of AIG and urged swift regulatory reform to safeguard the economy from the failure of big financial firms.

From Information Clearing House

Obama renews threats against Iran

US President Barack Obama says the door is still open for Iran to accept the IAEA-backed proposal on a nuclear fuel deal but warned of "consequences" if Tehran does not change its mind.

The Folly of Attacking Iran: Lessons from History


"We had a democracy here, until America came over and crushed it".

US government wouldn't lie to start a war with Iran, would they?

A look at the conservative history.

From Information Clearing House

Canadian diplomats ordered to hold back information on Afghan prison torture

There was a fear that graphic reports, even in censored form, could be uncovered by opposition parties and the media through access-to-information laws, leading to revelations that would further erode already-tenuous public support.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. attack kills 4 people in Pakistan

At least four suspected militants were killed and five others wounded in a suspected United States drone missile strike in North Waziristan tribal agency, local TV channel reported Thursday.

From Information Clearing House

Killing is the ultimate traumatic experience

Obedience to God or Obedience to Orders?

By Jacob G. Hornberger

What if the U.S. government is the aggressor, not the defender, in a particular war? What if the president orders soldiers to kill people who have done nothing against the United States? What if the U.S. government itself starts a war against a much weaker nation?

Hell Comes Home

Killing is the ultimate traumatic experience

By Robert C. Koehler

There's no armor, it turns out, for conscience. So our men and women are coming home from the killing fields wounded in their heads, used up, greeted only by the military's own meat grinder of inadequate health care and intolerance for "weakness."

Secret CIA 'Torture' Prison Discovered

ABC News Finds the Location of a "Black Site" for Alleged Terrorists in Lithuania


The CIA built one of its secret European prisons inside an exclusive riding academy outside Vilnius, Lithuania, a current Lithuanian government official and a former U.S. intelligence official told ABC News this week.

Abschied von der »Macho-Ökonomie«

Kapital ohne Kundschaft. Coop 2.0: digitale Wiederbelebung der Solidarwirtschaft mit Reproduktionsgenossenschaften

„Eine Rezension zu seinem ersten Buch „Solidarische Ökonomie auf der Basis von Reproduktionsgenossenschaften“ war überschrieben mit „Kapitalismuskritik endlich fundiert“. Sein zweites Buch „Kapital ohne Kundschaft – Coop 2.0: digitale Wiederbelebung der Solidarwirtschaft mit Reproduktionsgenossenschaften“ soll zeigen, wie wir die auch von uns selbst verschuldete Krise möglichst unbeschadet überstehen können und wie es mit unserer Wirtschaft wieder aufwärts gehen kann. Neben einem Abriss der gegenwärtigen Krise und ihren Ursachen behandelt das Buch die Geschichte der auch Solidarwirtschaft oder 3. Säule der Arbeiterbewegung genannten wirtschaftlichen Selbsthilfe, die heute auch als Solidarische Ökonomie bezeichnet wird….“ Darstellung des Buchprojektes von Wolfgang Fabricius (pdf)

und die online-Vorveröffentlichung des Buches (pdf)

Her mit dem ganzen Leben

Vortrag von Georg Fülberth, dokumentiert beim Linksnet am 04.11.2009

Gut leben. Abschied von der »Macho-Ökonomie«

“Heute ist alles in »Krise«: die Finanzkrise, die Wirtschaftskrise, die Kreditkrise, die Ernährungskrise, die Klimakrise oder schlicht die alles umfassende globale Krise. In den ersten drei Monaten des Jahres 2009 hat die Financial Times das Wort 6 465 Mal verwendet. Wie »Terror« die Bush-Ära, bestimmt das Wort »Krise« die heutige Zeit. Und genau wie »Terror« wird »Krise« derart aus dem Kontext gerissen und aus einer ausschließlich westlichen Perspektive verwendet, dass die tieferen Ursachen der Krisen und die Verbindungen zwischen ihnen verdeckt werden. Vor allem wird die bittere Tatsache verschleiert, dass die meisten Menschen auf der Erde jeden Tag im Zustand der Krise leben…“ Artikel von Nicola Bullard, erschienen in Luxemburg 1/2009, dokumentiert beim Linksnet

Bundesweite Aktionskonferenz des Bündnisses “Wir zahlen nicht für eure Krise” 13. bis 15. November 2009 in Stuttgart

Wir zahlen nicht für eure Krise

Bericht von der Aktionskonferenz von Angela Klein

Zahltag. Zwang und Widerstand: Erwerbslose in Hartz IV.

„Die Proteste gegen Hartz IV haben die Verhinderung der Gesetze nicht erreicht, waren aber keineswegs erfolglos. Seitdem steht das Thema Repression und Erniedrigung von Erwerblosen vermehrt auf der Tagesordnung. Der Schwerpunkt des Buches liegt auf dem fortdauernden Widerstand der Betroffenen. Die Palette reicht von den vermehrten Klagen vor den Sozialgerichten bis zu Widerstandsformen - wie den Aktion Zahltag – und die solidarische Begleitung von Erwerbslosen. Der Band wendet sich an Leser_innen, die angesichts der Bedrohung durch Hartz IV nach einer Orientierung suchen. Vermittelt wird ein erster guter Überblick über das Thema…“ Buch von Peter Nowak (ISBN: 978-3-89771-103-7, 7.80 Euro) im Unrast Verlag. Siehe dazu:

Bestellseite beim Verlag,2,324,7.html

Von den Montagsdemonstrationen zum Agenturschluss

Artikel von Peter Nowak (Kapitel 1) als Leseauszug aus "Zahltag" bei infopartisan

Kettenhunde des Jobcenters. Das Geschäft mit den Erwerbslosen am Beispiel der Berliner Beschäftigungsindustrie

Artikel von Holger Marcks als exklusive Leseprobe aus "Zahltag" im LabourNet Germany (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 19. November 2009


»Es ist ein rechtsfreier Raum entstanden«

Schikanen gegen Erwerbslose. Kölner Bündnis protestiert gegen ARGE und Hartz-IV-Gesetze. Ein Gespräch von Gitta Düperthal in junge Welt vom 30.11.2009 mit Nelli Kemper, Aktivistin der Initiative Zahltag/­Agenturschluß

Aus: LabourNet, 30. November 2009


Bonn: ZAHLTAG! – Schluss mit ARGE(m)-Terror in Bonn!

Aufruf von „(A)agenturschluss“ zur Aktion gegen Hartz IV und ARGEn-Schikanen am: 03. Mai 2010 an der ARGE Bonn, Rochusstr. 6, ab 09:00 Uhr

Köln: zahltag!-Besuch beim Maßnahmeträger RBZ

„Am 13. April 2010 erschien die Sonderausgabe des Kölner Erwerbslosen-Anzeigers mit dem Schwerpunkt der Maßnahme "Arbeitsdiagnostik" des Rheinischen Bildungszentrums (RBZ) - einem Träger, bei dem Erwerbslose von der Arge zu vierwöchigen, zwangsdiagnostischen Intensivmaßnahmen genötigt werden, an deren Ende ein etwa 20-seitiger, umfassender (persönlicher, medizinischer, psychologischer, sozialer etc.) "Bericht" über die Betroffenden verfasst und an die zuständige Arge weitergeleitet wird. Was lag da näher, dachten da Einige, als sie direkt unter den Betroffenen der Maßnahme vor Ort zu verteilen? Mehr als 20 Aktive der 'Zahltag!'-Kampagne okkupierten befristet das RBZ…“ Bericht vom 14.04.2010 bei indymedia

Warum noch Krisen-Proteste?

Am Wochenende tagte das Bündnis »Wir zahlen nicht für Eure Krise« / Christina Kaindl aus Berlin ist Mitbegründerin des bundesweiten Anti-Krisen-Bündnisses. Interview von Peter Nowak im ND vom 21.04.2010

Aus: LabourNet, 22. April 2010ür+Eure+Krise

Gentech-Lobbyisten texten für 42 US-Abgeordnete

In der US-Parlamentsdebatte zur Gesundheitsreform fand die NY Times Übereinstimmungen in 42 Stellungnahmen, die dafür eintraten, den Markenschutz für Genentech-Produkte gegenüber Generika zu stärken.

"30 bis 40jährige Männer sehen aus wie 70"

Ein Bericht der Hilfsorganisation Oxfam bemüht sich um Ansichten und Stimmen der "normalen Afghanen".

National Debt Now Tops $12 Trillion

Did Geithner & Co cave in to the banks?

The report accuses treasury secretary Tim Geithner - at the time head of the New York branch of the US Federal Reserve - and his colleagues in the federal government of failing to negotiate discounted settlements with the banks.

National Debt Now Tops $12 Trillion

It's another record-high for the U.S. National Debt which today topped the $12-trillion mark. Divided evenly among the U.S. population, it amounts to $38,974.34 for every man, woman and child.

More than $98 billion in improper gov't payments

More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted.

Mortgage delinquencies hit another record in 3Q

For the three months ended Sept. 30, 6.25 percent of U.S. mortgage loans were 60 or more days past due, according to credit reporting agency TransUnion. That's up 58 percent from 3.96 percent a year ago.

Home-Purchase Mortgage Filings Plummet -MBA

The volume of mortgage applications filed to purchase homes last week hit the lowest level in nearly nine years, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported Thursday.

U.S. Home Construction Dropped 10.6 Percent in October

Construction of new homes unexpectedly plunged last month, as builders waited to see whether lawmakers would extend a tax credit for homebuyers.

From Information Clearing House

Obama Promise To End The War, 2007

Least we forget

Quote: "I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war...

Pakistani women condemn U.S.

The women marched silently towards the city centre, holding banners saying "Go, America, go" and "America, the traitor.

From Information Clearing House

Britain 'to stage Afghanistan surge'

FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband has given the strongest indication yet that Britain's military presence in Afghanistan will significantly increase.

From Information Clearing House


The bogus success of the surge

by Ray McGovern


Last week, Defense Secretary Robert Gates summed up the administration’s dilemma on Afghanistan in a single question: ‘How do we signal resolve and at the same time signal to the Afghans and the American people that this is not open-ended?’ It is the same question that policymakers and generals were grappling with three years ago with respect to Iraq. Let’s hope they learned the right lessons from that experience, but it’s doubtful since the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) has been no help in shedding light on what actually happened...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Who Are You and What Have You Done With the Community Organizer We Elected President?

By Robert Scheer

What's up with Barack Obama? The candidate for change once promised to take on the powerful banking interests but is now doing their bidding. Finally, a leading Democrat, in this case Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, has a good idea for monitoring the Wall Street fat cats who all but destroyed the American economy, and the Obama administration condemns it.

"This is our surge"

Iraq's Lessons, On The Home Front

By Karl Vick

Combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have been advising Salinas police on counterinsurgency strategy, bringing lessons from the battlefield to the meanest streets in an American city.

Police State USA


Promoting democracy by the sword

by Wendy McElroy


A key concept behind the shift from civilized war to all-out version was the idea that it was the duty of some nations — mostly the United States — to police the world in order to impose certain social conditions, like democracy. (The irony of imposing democracy through munitions seems to miss most people.) This concept means that all local wars have the potential to become global convulsions; the selection of which local war should go global seems to be whichever one serves the self-interest of politicians in power. The new concept of war includes its role as a vehicle of social reform so that soldiers arrive with death in one hand and a CARE package in the other, all the while insisting they are there to protect women’s rights, promote democracy or provide some other social good...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Privileged Resolution to End War in Afghanistan

The Paul-Grayson Amendment


Grayson, Kucinich Lead Charge to Halt War Funding

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Early Bipartisan Support for Privileged Resolution to End War in Afghanistan

World Economy Setting Itself Up for a Bigger Bust

Military Doublespeak

America's Interests Not Priority for War Profiteers

Iraqis Say British Army Used Guantánamo Interrogation Methods

US 'to miss Guantanamo deadline'

Obama Admits Guantanamo Won't Close by Jan. Deadline


US 'to miss Guantanamo deadline'

Obama had vowed during his first week in office in January 2009 that he would close Guantanamo within a year of taking office, saying that the prison does not adhere to US standards on human and civil rights.

Obama popularity below 50 percent for first time: poll

President Barack Obama's job approval rating has dipped below 50 percent nationally for the first time, as Americans worry about the war in Afghanistan, a new poll released Wednesday found.

From Information Clearing House

'For Afghans, There Is No Refuge'

New Study

Rising CO2 Will Cause Catastrophic Sea Level Rise


Antarctic Ice Loss Vaster, Faster Than Thought: Study

Climate Change Sceptics and Lobbyists Put World at Risk, says Top Adviser

Global Climate Campaign: Global Day of Climate Protest, 12th December 2009


Drowning Nations

NOW: "The Maldives, a nation of roughly 1,200 low-lying islands in the Indian Ocean, could be underwater by the end of this century if climate change causes ocean levels to rise. On the eve of the big climate summit in Copenhagen, the country's president, Mohamed Nasheed, is warning of a massive exodus from the Maldives if drastic global action is not taken."


The Big Ask: Climate change - "ACT NOW!"

We need strong leadership on climate change. Too many politicians are happy to speak about the issue, but their promises have often turned out to be just a load more hot air. One exception is the United Kingdom, where a climate law has just been adopted, which will force the government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions every year.

TEEB report: Keeping ecosystems healthy makes economic sense and helps climate

Policy-makers who factor the planet's multi-trillion dollar ecosystem services into their national and international investment strategies are likely to see far higher rates of return and stronger economic growth in the 21st century, a new report issued says.

Why does Bahrain need so many mobile masts?

Gulf Daily News - Manama, Bahrain

Why does such a small island as Bahrain need SO MANY mobile phone masts? They seem to be going up everywhere! We have just had a very large mast erected ...

America's New Wounded Warriors

NOW: "The Pentagon estimates that as many as one in five American soldiers are coming home from war zones with traumatic brain injuries, many of which require round-the-clock attention. But lost in the reports of these returning soldiers are the stories of family members who often sacrifice everything to care for them."

History Promises Disaster in Afghanistan for Blind America

Our Corrupt Occupation of Afghanistan

Robert Naiman, Truthout: "Is it just me, or is the pontification of Western leaders about corruption in Afghanistan growing rather tiresome? There is something very Captain Renault about it. We're shocked, shocked that the Afghans have sullied our morally immaculate occupation of their country with their dirty corruption. How ungrateful can they be? But perhaps we should consider the possibility that our occupation of the country is not so morally immaculate - indeed, that the most corrupt racket going in Afghanistan today is the American occupation."



History Promises Disaster in Afghanistan for Blind America

Oxfam International: Poverty and Unemployment Fuel the Conflict According to 70% of Afghans, New Oxfam Research Shows


Good grief

In These Times
by Kristian Williams


Whose life is worth protecting? If the question shocks us, it is because we hesitate to declare, by implication, that there are people whose lives aren’t worth protecting. Yet, while it may not be put in these terms, this is exactly the sort of judgment that President Barack Obama has to make in deciding how many troops to leave in Iraq, whether to escalate the war in Afghanistan, and when to authorize drone attacks in Pakistan. The point of combat is to kill the enemy, after all, and in the right circumstances anyone may be expendable — our soldiers, our allies, civilians on all sides. Acceptable losses. Collateral damage...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Air Force Adds Kids to Pentagon's Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine Program

Allen McDuffee, Truthout: "About 25,000 children in on-base Air Force daycare centers will be forced to receive the H1N1 vaccine or face being barred from school, Truthout has learned following reports from concerned parents. When a number of Air Force parents opened the November Child Development Center newsletter, they were outraged to learn that their children must receive the H1N1 vaccine. The newsletter article indicates that the Air Force is considering the H1N1 vaccine as part of the required seasonal flu vaccination."


US Air Force Set To Inject Untested Swine Flu Vaccine Into 25,000 Children Without Consent

Russ Baker: Multiply Your Force

Truthout's Leslie Thatcher interviews investigative journalist and author of "Family of Secrets" Russ Baker: "So, 'Family of Secrets' is definitely part of a larger mission to convince the American public, journalists and potential funders that we need to get the larger picture here; we need journalism that takes into account those actual events that are shaping our destiny, but that we don't know anything about. If we don't confront institutional roadblocks we can't get anywhere. Many people are doing positive things, meaningful work, but we need to get someone to unclog the central drainpipe of American life."

Tausche Datenschutzkommission gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung


"Überall kommt es zu einer Daten-Zentralisierung". Peter Schaar, der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte, über die Aufgaben und Probleme des Datenschutzes

„Die von den Liberalen angekündigten "Gesetzesentschärfungen" sind mager ausgefallen. Dabei sind die Bürger- und Freiheitsrechte im vergangenen Jahrzehnt durch "Anti-Terror-Gesetze" und diverse Polizeireformen deutlich beschnitten worden, die verschiedenen Sicherheitsbehörden haben deutlich an Macht gewonnen. Eine Schlüsselrolle in dieser Entwicklung spielt die intensivere Zusammenarbeit von Polizei und Nachrichtendiensten. Peter Schaar, der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit, kritisiert, dass auf dem Wege des Informationsaustauschs demokratische Kontrollen ausgehebelt würden. Wir fragten Schaar auch, was der Datenschutz gegen diese Entwicklung überhaupt ausrichten kann…“ Interview von Matthias Becker in telepolis vom 18.11.2009

Aus: LabourNet, 19. November 2009


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