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Cheney Could Not Recall Key Events About His Role in CIA Leak

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "A month before Valerie Plame Wilson's covert status as a CIA operative was revealed, Vice President Dick Cheney told his then-chief of staff, I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, and his press secretary, Cathie Martin, that Plame Wilson worked at the CIA. But according to a 28-page summary of Cheney’s May 8, 2004 interview with the special prosecutor probing the leak, Cheney did not recall having that conversation."


Cheney Told FBI He Had No Idea Who Leaked Plame ID

Cheney and the Plame-Gate Cover-up


22 things Dick Cheney can’t recall about the Plame case

Mother Jones
by Nick Baumann


Notes from former Vice President Dick Cheney’s interview with the FBI about the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson’s covert CIA identity were finally released on Friday afternoon after a lengthy legal battle. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sued the Justice Department last year to obtain the interview notes; a judge finally ordered their release on October 1. In the interview, Cheney demonstrated a behavior common among Bush administration officials under investigation: he couldn’t remember much of anything. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of 22 things Dick Cheney claimed he couldn’t recall about the Plame case, in the order they appear in the FBI’s notes …

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Cheney's interview on the CIA Leak


Cheney equivocated to the FBI

On 72 occasions, according to the 28-page FBI summary, Cheney equivocated to the FBI during his lengthy May 2004 interview, saying he could not be certain in his answers to questions about matters large and small in the Plame controversy.

Cheney Failed to Answer 72 FBI Questions

One has to wonder why Cheney wasn't subjected to "enhanced interrogation," including waterboarding, which he says is "very effective".

From Information Clearing House

Biokraftstoffe sind klimaschädlich

Die neue Produktlinie „Terra Activ“ des Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelherstellers Henkel will sich als besonders umweltfreundlich positionieren. Dazu setzt Henkel ausgerechnet auf Palmkernöl! Die Schauspielerin Esther Schweins verkündet als Werbefrontfrau mit Blick auf den hohen Anteil nachwachsender Rohstoffe: „So wäscht man heute“. Was sie wohl zu den Regenwäldern sagt, die gerodet werden mussten, um den Palmöl-Plantagen Platz zu machen? Unterstützen Sie unseren Protest gegen diesen Etikettenschwindel.

Klaus Schenck
Rettet den Regenwald

Hinweis Neue Studie: Biokraftstoffe sind klimaschädlich,1518,656942,00.htmlöl

Next-up News Nr 1077

Cancers : "la Knesset irradiée par les micro-ondes ?"

Switzerland Refuses GSK's Pandemrix Swine Flu Vaccine For Pregnant Women, Children And Elderly

Drug companies: The Hot Stuff

Wurden die Hartz IV Regelsätze mit fehlerhaften Daten berechnet?

Common Links in Swine Flu Deaths

Fed verschenkte Milliarden an Banken

Hintergründe zur Rettung von AIG und Goldman Sachs.

Was Banken und Banker aus der Krise gelernt haben

Noch schlimmer als zuvor

I'm One of America's New Homeless

McChrystal Doesn't Get It, Does Obama?


Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War

Ray McGovern, Truthout: "The White Man's Burden, a phrase immortalized by English poet Rudyard Kipling as an excuse for European-American imperialism, was front and center Thursday morning (October 29) at a RAND-sponsored discussion of Afghanistan in the Russell Senate Office Building. The agenda was top-heavy with RAND speakers, and the thinking was decidedly 'inside the box' - so much so, that I found myself repeating a verse from Kipling, who recognized the dangers of imperialism, to remind me of the real world."


Should Obama Fire Gen. McChrystal?

By Ray McGovern

It is not too late for President Barack Obama to follow the example of Harry Truman, who fired Gen. Douglas McArthur in 1951 for insubordination. Then, as now, the stakes were high. Then it was Korea; now it is Afghanistan. No more slaps on the wrist for Gen. Stanley McChrystal. In my view, Commander-in-Chief Obama should fire him for cause.

On Afghanistan, State Secrets, Healthcare and the Media

Mountaintop Removal Ming Protests Go National

Coal River Mountain Emergency: Sit-Ins-Funeral March Erupt at EPA/JP Morgan Chase Offices Across Nation

Rainforest Action Network (RAN): More Than 40 Rallied at EPA Today; Asking Agency to End Mountaintop Removal

Secret Bailouts for Giant Failing Banks of the Future?

Clinton Faces Pakistani Anger At Predator Drone Attacks


Pakistanis to Clinton: War on Terror Is Not Our War

Saeed Shah, McClatchy Newspapers: "After three days of encounters with America-bashing Pakistanis - who rejected her contention that the US and Pakistan face a common enemy - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday that 'we're not getting through.'"


Pakistan's growing anti-US anger

Recently, while Pakistan's government may have been saying the things that the White House wants to hear, the country's media and public have often been openly hostile towards the United States.

From Information Clearing House


Hillary’s ill will tour

by Justin Raimondo

It is often said that the election of Barack Obama boosted our image in the world: suddenly, after eight years of unmitigated hatred directed against George W. Bush’s America, we’re popular again. Yet it looks like Hillary is trying as hard as she can to undo all that with her ill-will tour. The woman is John Bolton in a dress. Just as I predicted upon her appointment to State, Clinton is conducting her own foreign policy while Obama, preoccupied with domestic matters, dithers and lets his ‘team of rivals’ carry the ball. The problem is that the Clintonian policy is a blunt instrument with which our remaining allies are being hit over the head, and the results aren’t pretty...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Military recruiters are allowed to collect info on millions of unsuspecting teens

Making War on Others

We must break the Fed's stranglehold

Enjoy the Bubbly

Preparing for Uncertain Times

Don't Be a Vaccine Victim


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