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Swine Flu Caused By Laboratory Escape

Why GMOs Are Bad

ISIS Lecture 26/11/09

Science of the Organism & Sustainable Systems

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Invited lecture, The Alternative View, 13-15 November, Grand Thistle Hotel, Bristol, UK


Monsanto has surreptitiously withdrawn its high lysine GM maize LY038 for safety reasons under a shroud of secrecy. There are serious health hazards inherent to the technology, which apply to every GMO. In addition each GMO carries unique hazards. None of these has been addressed adequately so far, and there is now a stack of evidence indicating that GM food and feed are unsafe.

GM crops have had adverse impacts on farmers especially those in developing countries. The high costs of GM seeds and poor harvests led to spiralling debts and deaths. Between 1997 and 2007, the Indian government recorded nearly
200 000 farmer suicides, more than half due to Bt cotton introduced since 2002. GMOs are bad for health and the environment; they will severely compromise global food security and exacerbate global warming. Those foisting GM crops on farmers in developing countries are committing a crime against humanity.

Genetic engineering is the epitome of mechanistic biology, part and parcel of the dominant model of the world as machine that was becoming obsolete since the turn of the last century when the new science of the organism emerged with quantum theory.

The dominant neo-liberal economy of infinite unsustainable growth has brought the earth to the brink of irreversible climate catastrophe. It is driven by competition, profligate dissipation and waste. In contrast, nature’s circular economy (thermodynamics) of balanced sustainable growth is based on reciprocity and cooperation, which enables energy and material resources to be recycles while minimizing waste and dissipation. Nature’s economy applies most clearly to the highly productive agro-ecology systems innovated by farmers, or perfected over millennia.

We have all the appropriate science and technologies, abundant human creativity, and local initiatives that will enable us to exit the multiple crises of food, fuel and finance. The major stumbling block is our political leaders’ overwhelming adherence to the obsolete mechanistic model.

The complete text of this lecture with references and richly illustrated power point presentation are available for download.

Other lecture downloads are available here


Mealy Bug Plagues Bt Cotton in India and Pakistan

Lessons from Bt Cotton

GM Crops Increase Herbicide Use in the United States

Datenschützer Schaar: "Totale Kontrolle wäre die Hölle"

Bankdaten dürfen nicht wie geplant aus Europa in die USA fließen, fordert Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter Peter Schaar auf Das geplante Abkommen sei ein "massiver Grundrechtseingriff". Außerdem: die Macht von Google und das Recht auf Selbstbestimmung. Interview von Matthias Thieme in der FR vom 26.11.2009

Datenschutz > indiskrete Datenautobahn zur CIA

US-Terrorfahnder: EU-Front gegen Datenweitergabe bröckelt

„In der Europäischen Union wächst der Druck auf Deutschland und Österreich, dem umstrittenen Abkommen zur Weitergabe von Bankdaten an US-Terrorfahnder zuzustimmen. Frankreich und Finnland hätten ihre Datenschutzbedenken bereits "weitgehend aufgegeben", sagten EU-Diplomaten der FTD…“ Artikel von Reinhard Hönighaus , Monika Dunkel und Sabine Muscat in der fdt online vom 23.11.09

Aus: LabourNet, 26. November 2009

How Trillions of Dollars Were Stolen From U.S. Taxpayers


Unhappy Thanksgiving

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Ten months after the inauguration of Barack Obama, those 'Yes We Can' and "Hope" slogans have begun to ring more than a little hollow. Of course, the man inherited a vast array of ongoing catastrophes from his predecessor, and it is a dead-bang certainty that ten months under a McCain administration would have left us in far worse shape than we find ourselves in today, but the realization that matters are only slightly better than they would have been under the worst-case scenario doesn't go very far anymore. Some things are better, but the fact of the matter is that some things are worse, and most things are exactly the same."

NY Times Blows The Whistle On Drug Industry's Dirty Tricks

Modekonzern näht Schnüffel-Chips in Kleidung,1518,663650,00.html


Funkende Etiketten bei Gerry Weber


Ab 2010 ein RFID-Chip in jedem Kleidungsstück


Es wurde viel gesprochen, doch konkrete RFID-Projekte waren in den letzten Jahren ausgesprochen selten. Nun will das Modehaus Gerry Weber mit der ...

Wenn das Meer an den Küsten von Eismeer und Pampa nagt

Blackwater mit geheimen Tötungsauftrag in Pakistan für Obama?

Obgleich die US-Regierung die Kooperation mit dem berüchtigten Söldnerunternehmen einstellen wollte, sollen Pentagon und CIA dieses weiter für geheime Operationen beauftragen.

Washington will Todesstrafe für Folteropfer

US-Regierung plant 9/11-Schauprozesse vor Zivilgericht in New York.

UK Judges Compare Binyam Mohamed's Torture to That of Abu Zubaydah

Andy Worthington, Truthout: "Binyam Mohamed is a British resident, seized in Pakistan in April 2002, who was held in Pakistani custody, supervised by US agents, until July 2002, when he was sent by the CIA to be tortured for 18 months in Morocco, and was tied in with a 'dirty bomb plot' that never even existed. After his ordeal in Morocco, he spent four months in the CIA's 'Dark Prison' in Kabul, and was then flown to Guantanamo in September 2004."


UK: Miliband attacks judges over torture ruling

Independent [UK]


The Government has launched a damaging attack on the judiciary in its increasingly desperate legal battle to stop the public from seeing evidence of Britain’s involvement in torture. Lawyers acting for the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, yesterday accused two High Court judges of acting ‘irresponsibly’ when they delivered a ruling in favour of disclosure of sensitive material relating to the alleged torture of Binyam Mohamed, a British resident, by US agents...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Taxpayers Are "Involuntary Investors" in "Shaky" Banks

Art Levine, Truthout: "As financial reforms face new delays in Congress, the chair of the Congressional oversight panel on the TARP program, Elizabeth Warren, told Truthout Tuesday that the nation's financial institutions still pose major risks for taxpayers - and the economy."

Schweigen im Palais des Nations: X hört mit

NZZ Online - Zurich, Switzerland

Letzterer ist ein Sende-Empfangs-Gerät, der Halbleiter mittels Mikrowellen eruiert und auch «schlafende» Apparate aufdecken kann. ...

Ron Paul: Operation Health Freedom

Obama's Plans to Increase Afghanistan Troop Levels Would Leave US With No Reserve

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "President Barack Obama intends to announce next week that he will deploy tens of thousands of additional US troops to Afghanistan, according to numerous published reports citing unnamed administration officials, to fight an eight-year-old war that a majority of Americans do not support and numerous Democratic lawmakers say is no longer worth waging."


Senator questions US troop buildup

Charleston Daily Mail


The leading Senate Democrat on military matters said Sunday that President Barack Obama’s anticipated plan for significantly expanding U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan must show how those reinforcements will help increase the size of the Afghan security forces. Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that more Afghan army and police are central to succeeding in the 8-year-old war and more U.S. trainers and equipment can help meet that goal...

Object lessons from the Afghan quagmire

Boston Globe
by James Carroll


So tomorrow night, we hear from the president at last. Reports have it that he will lay out his plan for Afghanistan — how to ‘finish the job,’ as he put it last week. The judiciousness with which he has gathered information is impressive, and the slow pace of his decision-making suggests a welcome level of prudence. … Some of us wish to hear tomorrow that American forces in Afghanistan will join those in Iraq in a phased, but steady journey home; that soon our nation’s servicemen and women will be out of harm’s way; and that the United States will protect its interests in the Middle East and South Asia more through diplomacy and development than through military power. Reports also have it, however, that President Obama will more likely lay out a different plan, arguing that the best way out of the war is through it...

Protest against troop surge in Afghanistan

Throwing more troops at Afghanistan won’t work

Fox News Forum
by KT McFarland


So far, President Obama has failed to answer some basic questions on Afghanistan. Until he does, weighing how many troops to add is like putting the cart before the horse. President Obama must first clarify the mission: what does he want to accomplish in Afghanistan …? Is Our Goal to Destroy Al Qaeda? Well, Al Qaeda isn’t in Afghanistan anymore; we drove its ragtag remnant out in December 2001 when it decamped across the Tora Bora Mountains into the tribal regions of Pakistan. Is Our Goal to Prevent Al Qaeda from returning to Afghanistan? Yes, but can that be accomplished short of remaking Afghanistan? Do we really need 100,000 American troops and over $100 billion a year to keep a few thousand Al Qaeda from walking across the border?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Hollow Politics of Escalation

Thoughts on the Eve of the Nobel Peace Prize Winner's Second Escalation Address

Next-up News Nr 1117

- Fibre optics and investment returns: case presentation

Contrary to the idea put about by certain representatives of the wireless industries, quite apart from the advantages of security and the exceptional quality of the service provided, the widespread installation of the fibre optic network, even in difficult conditions, produces a substantial short term profit for both public and private investors, and does so without causing any environmental pollution. Thus fibre optics are without any possible contradiction the alternative to WiMax, WiFi and other sources of artificial electromagnetic HF microwave radiation, the primary cause of environmental pollution in the 21st century.

Why we're broke

End Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines


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