Samstag, 7. November 2009

NATO Air Strike Kills at Least 8 Allied Afghans

BBC: "At least eight Afghans working with US forces have been killed in a NATO air strike in north-western Afghanistan, the defense ministry in Kabul says."

What Option for Afghan Women

Ellen Goodman, Truthout: "After 9/11, when we went after al-Qaeda and the Taliban who had hosted these terrorists, many saw collateral virtue in the liberation of Afghan women. Indeed, President Bush played this moral card in his 2002 State of the Union speech when he declared to thunderous applause: 'Today women are free, and are part of Afghanistan's new government.' Mission accomplished. Many women shed their burqas, opened schools, entered parliament. Equal rights were written into the constitution. But slowly, as America turned to the disastrous misadventure in Iraq, Afghan women's freedoms were casually traded in like chits for power."


Afghanistan: NATO rocket strike allegedly kills nine civilians

Los Angele Times


North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces said today they were investigating reports that nine civilians were killed in a rocket strike aimed at insurgents in the volatile southern Afghan province of Helmand. The incident came despite new efforts by international forces to avoid civilian casualties and make the Afghan population feel safe. Dozens of angry villagers carried the bodies today through the streets of the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, before they were dispersed by police firing guns in the air, witnesses said...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Blackout: Military Personnel Banned From Swine Flu Vaccine Sites

Arzt „Ich misstraue dem Impfstoff“

Next-up News Nr 1089

- Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam and Dr. Christine Aschermann and Dr. Markus Kern.

- OPEN LETTER to President OBAMA: DTTV "Adverse Health Effects from the Operation of Digital Broadcast Television Stations (DVB T)"

Will Anyone in Their Right Mind Actually Buy Into These Three New Vaccines?

Schwarz-Gelb plant die Jobcenter wieder zu entflechtenür+Arbeit

Darras Hall residents celebrate after phone mast victory

Journal Live - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

VILLAGERS on one of the region's most upmarket housing estates have welcomed the news that plans for a mobile phone mast were thrown out. ...

Do you want a chip with that?

Bewerbungstraining ist wirkungslos

Die Forschungseinrichtung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit bestätigt nach Jahren der Geldverbrennung eine gefühlte Realität.ür+Arbeit

IWF und Weltbank warnen vor neuen Spekulationsblasen in Asien

Während internationale Anleger an die asiatischen Börsen drängen, erinnern IWF und Weltbank daran, dass die erstaunliche Belebung der Finanzmärkte und von Teilen der Weltwirtschaft vor allem monetären und fiskalischen Stimulierungsmaßnahmen zu verdanken ist.

Skeptische Ex-IWF-Ökonomen

Die anstehenden G20-Beratungen zu den globalen Ungleichgewichten werden mangels Sanktionsmöglichkeiten nur leere Versprechungen produzieren, meinen drei ehemalige Chefökonomen des IWF.

IAEA: We found 'nothing to worry about' at secret Iran nuke site

Mohammed ElBaradei also told the New York Times that he was examining possible compromises to unblock a draft nuclear cooperation deal between Iran and three major powers that has floundered over Iranian objections.

From Information Clearing House

Hannover: 500 Überwachungskameras auf 300 Meter

Heise Newsticker

Zugenommen haben in seiner Behörde auch die Nachfragen besorgter Bürger zum Thema Handy-Ortung. Immer mehr Firmen bieten an, damit Kinder oder den Liebsten ...


Ringen um heikle Handy-Daten


Sie will, dass die Polizei leichter auf Handy- und Internetdaten zugreifen kann. Die EU schreibt Österreich vor, die Telefon- und Internetdaten aller Bürger ...

Death to No One

Bitta Mostofi, Truthout: "Wednesday, November 4, marked the 30th year since the 444-day Iran hostage crisis began in 1979. On this day, the media traditionally offer us images of Iranians burning American flags and effigies of Uncle Sam. We are reminded of the great chasm of mistrust and misunderstanding that has marked the last three decades of US-Iranian relations. But in the past year, both Americans and Iranians have asked for something new. Americans have elected a president who promises to pursue diplomacy and Iranians have given birth to a popular democratic movement. So, we should not use this 30th anniversary of the hostage crisis to simply relive tragedy and tension. Rather, Americans have an opportunity to honestly reflect on our relationship with Iran and think about how to move forward. For the past 30 years, our government has dealt with Iran through policies of isolation and sanctions."

The Pentagon's Building Boom in Afghanistan Indicates a Long War Ahead

2014 or Bust

Nick Turse, "In recent weeks, President Obama has been contemplating the future of US military operations in Afghanistan. He has also been touting the effects of his policies at home, reporting that this year's Recovery Act not only saved jobs, but also was 'the largest investment in infrastructure since [President Dwight] Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway System in the 1950's.' At the same time, another much less publicized US-taxpayer-funded infrastructure boom has been underway. This one in Afghanistan. While Washington has put modest funding into civilian projects in Afghanistan this year - ranging from small-scale power plants to 'public latrines' to a meat market - the real construction boom is military in nature. The Pentagon has been funneling stimulus-sized sums of money to defense contractors to markedly boost its military infrastructure in that country."

Labor Antiwar Group Refocuses on Afghanistan

Jane Slaughter, Labor Notes: "According to US Labor Against the War, the money spent in Iraq and Afghanistan could have paid for a year's worth of health care for 140 million people - almost every working person in the U.S. The wars have cost each U.S. family $12,750 so far."


Hollow Victory

By John Mearsheimer

According to the Republicans, the United States is once again at the crossroads of losing another critical war because of feckless Democrats. Only this time it's Afghanistan.

Can You Hear Us Now?

By David Michael Green

Where we go from here could be very, very ugly. The GOP right now is in the process of alienating and crushing every last scrap of moderately sensible politics from within its ranks.

Australia: No more troops, Faulkner tells US

Australia has made it clear to the US it is not in a position to increase troop or training commitments in Afghanistan if the Obama Administration decides to add to its troop levels in response to General Stanley McChrystal's report, the Defence Minister, John Faulkner, said in Washington.

From Information Clearing House

Capt. Paul K. Chappell, US Army: How Patriotism Can Save America

Capt. Paul K. Chappell, Truthout: "As a soldier in the United States Army, I have often pondered what it means to be patriotic, what it means to serve our country and what it means to love America. In 'Will War Ever End?' I described a dangerous misconception of patriotism that I witnessed while deployed in Baghdad. When I was deployed in Iraq and had a chance to watch American news channels, I heard commentators say that if we question or criticize our government, we do not love America and are being unpatriotic. They believed that patriotism meant waving a flag and being blindly obedient, but this is not what it means to love our country."

Unemployment Hits 10.2 Percent, Economy Sheds 190,000 Jobs

Dean Baker, The Center for Economic and Policy Research: "The strong wage growth reported for October was probably an aberration. The unemployment rate crossed 10.0 percent for the first time since early 1983, hitting 10.2 percent in October. The establishment survey showed the economy losing another 190,000 jobs, with most of the job loss in construction and manufacturing. The October unemployment rate is still below the 10.8 percent peak reached in December of 1982, but the workforce is considerably older now and in age cohorts where workers are less likely to be unemployed. If the workforce had the same age distribution as in 1982 but current unemployment rates for each age cohort, then the unemployment rate would be more than a percentage point higher. The 10.7 percent unemployment rate for men is 0.6 percentage points higher than the 10.1 percent peak in 1982. This is consistent with the massive job loss in construction and manufacturing."

Market-Driven Hysteria and the Politics of Death

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: "If we listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and an increasing number of their ilk, free-market fundamentalism is not only sexy, it is an argument against the very notion of politics itself and the power of the government to intervene and protect its citizens from the ravages of nature, corrupt institutions and an unregulated market. In this discourse, largely buttressed through an appeal to fear and the use of outright lies, free-market capitalism assumes an almost biblical status as an argument against the power of government to protect its citizens from misfortune and the random blows of fate by providing the most basic rights and levels of collective security and protection."

Beck, Coulter and Limbaugh: Avatars of Julius Streicher

Davidson Loehr, Truthout: "Making fun of demagogues like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh has become a kind of parlor game, an escape valve to let out some of the frustration of impotent rage. This was brought home again when I read 'Defying Hitler' by Sebastian Haffner. Writing between 1933 and 1939, he came of age during Hitler's rise to power. His observations are so searing it's still hard to believe that someone could see this clearly while the spirit of his times was morphing into a broad and deep spirit of evil."

Obama Faces His Anzio

Why Is It We Have Finite Resources for Health Care but Unlimited Money for War?


Still unanswered questions about the Great Financial Crisis

Parents halt building of mast outside city school

WalesOnline - Cardiff, UK

FURIOUS parents spent yesterday camped outside a primary school in a desperate bid to stop the building of a 41ft phone mast. Workmen from mobile phone ...

Mums mobilise to stop work on phone mast


Workmen from mobile phone company O2 turned up at Christ the King Roman Catholic Primary ... O2 claims that a council error means it can now erect the mast, ...

Parents vow to fight on over mast plan


UK Mums held an impromptu sit-in on Friday when workmen from mobile phone company O2 ... Catholic Primary School in Llanishen, Cardiff, to erect the 41ft mast. ...

When the Dollar Rallies, the Market Will Crash

Arrogant, Dangerous Bonehead


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