Obama: Honoring the dead and disrupting the living

Law and order
The Partial Observer
by Discordian Pope Iacobus Rex


The preemptive, forceful imposition of ‘order’ only creates disorder. Instead, as individuals and as a people we would do well to change our mindset about how to treat each other. Instead of focusing on ‘order’ and the prosperity it’s supposed to create, our focus should be on justice...


Obama: Honoring the dead and disrupting the living

Rebirth of Reason
by Alexandra York


Now then: while our possibly duly-elected President, Barack Obama, attempts to shackle the rest of us to his locomotive speeding Left very fast, we might at least shout ‘Halt!’ on the family outings that disrupt the world and pick more of our tax-payers’ pockets for personal entertainment. On the other hand, perhaps we should encourage this Imperial, ‘Get-out-of-my-way-I’m-having-fun’ behavior, because the more time Mr. Obama and brood are out ‘on the town,’ he’ll be away from Washington town, which might — dream on! — distract him from his arrogant, self-centered, it’s-all-about-Me-and-what-I-want absorptions and his all-too-obvious desire to move beyond being a mere Rock-star President and usurp the power of a King, with the total ability to dictate his subjective will to the rest of us, then, obedient ‘Subjects’...


What’s the purpose of a correction?

The Daily Reckoning
by Bill Bonner


The whole world economy is underwater and the same economists who failed the critical test are manning the pumps. What makes anyone think they know what they are doing? On the surface of it their plan is absurd. Commerce, industry and households drown in a sea of debt; these fellows throw them a bucket of water. Asked to explain themselves, they resort to voodoo economics. ‘If we give Wall Street a lot of taxpayer money they will feel more like lending to households. That will bring a recovery,’ they say. ‘And oh yes, we’ll give money to automakers who couldn’t make it on their own, too.’ The feds are spending trillions — buying up trillions worth of Wall Street’s mistakes … bailing out failed banks, insurance firms and even automobile companies … subsidizing borrowers … and realizing their own boondoggle projects. If Ben Bernanke were a teenaged girl, his name would be written on every public bathroom wall in town...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



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