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The Sickening Influence of Campaign Contributions

JOE CONASON - If Congress fails to enact health care reform this year -l or if it enacts a sham reform designed to bail out corporate medicine while excluding the "public option" - then the public will rightly blame Democrats, who have no excuse for failure except their own cowardice and corruption. The excuses sound different, but all of these lawmakers have something in common - namely, their abject dependence on campaign contributions from the insurance and pharmaceutical corporations fighting against real reform.

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- Leucémie "Un grand défi pour Valeria : La lutte pour la vie"

Nancy Pelosi: A Hawk in Donkey's Clothing

UN Rights Watchdog to Obama: Release Gitmo Inmates or Try Them

Bell Mobility Confirms It Will Cancel Cell Tower Lease

Dear Guildwood No Tower Supporters and Interested Parties,

Yesterday, the Guildwood Presbyterian Church informed me that the Church "received a letter from Bell Mobility releasing the church from its lease obligation effective August 1, 2009".

This means that Bell Mobility has agreed not to place a cell tower on the church’s property.

Thank you to everyone who has helped ensure that this cell tower was kept away from the centre of our village and well away from our children's schools and senior residences.

A special thank you to Councillor Paul Ainslie, John Harris, Past President of the GVCA and Nadia Bello, TDSB Trustee.

Karina Gelo

Canadian Farmers Are Highly Critical Of Genetically Modified Wheat

ISIS Press Release 25/06/09

New Study Indicates That Canadian Farmers Are Highly Critical Of Genetically Modified Wheat, As Controversy Over This Crop Reignites

A new study on Canadian farmer perceptions toward genetically modified (GM) wheat - specifically Roundup Ready wheat (RRW)- has just been published in the international peer reviewed journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research. This scientific paper is being released just as the controversy over growing GM wheat is re-igniting. Unlike a recent industry-sponsored study conducted in the US, it shows that Canadian farmers are categorically opposed to RRW.

"Although GM wheat was initially abandoned in 2004, industry groups and their partners are now seeking its reintroduction, and our study on Canadian farmer attitudes toward Roundup Ready wheat is once again very timely", says Dr. Ian Mauro, the lead author of the paper written with Drs. Stéphane McLachlan and Rene Van Acker. Mauro, McLachlan and Van Acker are internationally recognized experts on GM crops and their socio-economic and environmental impacts.

This research is the first of its kind to include farmer knowledge in the a priori risk analysis of GM crops and, arguably, is the largest scale, independent-farmer-focused study on GM crops ever conducted. The study, which was initiated in 2004, evaluates farmer attitudes towards the benefits and risks of RRW using both quantitative and qualitative methods. It included responses from 1566 farmers across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and includes organic, conventional, and no-till farmers.

"In total, 83% of Canadian farmers disagreed that Roundup Ready wheat should have unconfined release into the environment", says McLachlan, adding that "although many respondents themselves used GM canola, the great majority felt that risks associated with RRW far outweighed any benefits".

Overall, farmers ranked the risks of market loss, corporate control of the food supply, agronomic impact and contamination of non-GM crops much higher than any anticipated production benefits.

"The farmers surveyed were also very critical of government and industry attempts to commercialize RRW and felt that their important knowledge was missing from the debate", says Mauro. He concluded by saying, "Farmer experiences and concerns should play an important role in shaping any future decision-making regarding this controversial crop".

The study is one of few that is located in farmer experiences and that is independent and publicly funded. It should have a substantial impact on the ongoing controversy surrounding GM wheat, and will certainly be of interest to farm organizations, other researchers, industry, and policymakers around the world. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Manitoba Rural Adaptations Council (MRAC) supported this research.

If you require more information, a copy of the paper or an interview, please contact Ian Mauro directly: and 204-979-4958

The peer-reviewed study is available for download from the "online first" section of the journal's website

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at


GM Wheat rejected by 233 Consumer, Farmer Groups in 26 Countries

Informant: Dorothee Krien

A Thoroughly Un-American Institution

Louis Wolf, Council on Hemispheric Affairs: "Today, Thursday June 25th Congress will to vote on an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act which would require the School of the Americas/WHINSEC to release to the public the names, ranks, countries of origin, courses taken and dates of attendance of all the students and instructors at the institute. The School of the America's, renamed WHINSEC, is an organization founded with the explicit purpose of teaching its students the science of torture and interrogation techniques. Its records have been concealed, and for the most part its dealings shrouded in mystery."

Some Little Known Facts About The USA

Did you know that one in five US children still live in poverty, a rate exceeded only in Poland, Mexico, and Turkey.

Warren Buffett to CNBC: U.S. Economy In "Shambles" .. No Signs of Recovery Yet

In a live interview on CNBC today, Warren Buffett said there has been little progress over the past few months in the "economic war" being fought by the country. "We haven't got the economy moving yet."

From Information Clearing House

Obama warns of worse economy to come

President Barack Obama painted a bleak picture Tuesday of the economy, warning unemployment will get worse.

From Information Clearing House

CIA and Assassinations

Obama Won't Apologize For CIA Role In Chile

"I'm interesting in going forward, not looking backward," the president said. "I think that the United States has been an enormous force for good in the world."

CIA and Assassinations: The Guatemala 1954 Documents

These documents, including an instructional guide on assassination found among the training files of the CIA's covert "Operation PBSUCCESS," were among several hundred records released by the Agency on May 23, 1997 on its involvement in the infamous 1954 coup in Guatemala.

From Information Clearing House

Gegen das Volk gerüstet

Womblog - Germany

Mittels Mikrowellen können sie problemlos Mauern durchdringen und Innenräume sowie die darin befindlichen Personen scannen und abhören. ...


Drei Viertel aller Abhörmaßnahmen entsprechen nicht den gesetzlichen Anforderungen

Interview mit Dirk Schatz - Polizeibeamter und Kandidat der Piratenpartei für den nordrhein-westfälischen Landtag.ör

Opfer für die Banken oder Opfer der Banken?

Was uns an der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise wirklich interessieren sollte und was not tut

Artikel von Mag Wompel in Lunapark 21 – Zeitschrift zur Kritik der globalen Ökonomie - Heft 4 Winter 2008/2009 (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Juni 2009

Yate phone mast application approved

11:30am Thursday 25th June 2009

By Ali Dent

PLANS for a fourth phone mast on a Yate street which were thrown out by South Gloucestershire Council have been approved on appeal.

Paul Dignan, from the Planning Inspectorate, has given mobile phone firm Vodafone the go ahead to erect a 12-metre high mast on Shire Way.

Following a visit to the road, where there is already an O2 mast and two others are planned by company 3, Mr Dignan found that another mast would be in-keeping with the local area.


Brutplatz mit Hindernissen

Lindower Fischadler hat wieder Nachwuchs / Neuer Mobilfunkmast stört Flugbahn zum Gudelacksee

Helmut Langenbach
Hammerweg 44
57258 Freudenberg
Tel. 02734 / 434 500

The Endless War Continues: Taking Stock of US Strategy under Obama

Torture Eats Away at the Soul of This Nation


Who Are We?

By Bob Herbert

Proof of guilt? In 21st-century America, there is no longer any need for such annoyances. Human rights? Ha-ha. That's a good one.


America closing her door to freedom

Strike the Root
by Douglas Young

We so feared a Stalin or Hitler that we ignored endless assaults on our liberty by idealistic home-grown statists and the seductive narcotic of ever more government goodies buying our acquiescence. What makes Americans’ surrender to statism so shameful is that we freely chose this course in direct contravention of our founding principles...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Free Speech vs. Surveillance in the Digital Age

Federal Reserve: Same Old Sheriff on Wall Street

Moment of Truth for Obama and the Democrats

Ex-Detainees 'Allege Abuse at US Afghan Base'

Amnesty International USA: Abuses at Bagram Must Be Part of Wider Inquiry


Detainees Were Also Murdered at Bagram in Afghanistan

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "A new report documenting the torture of more than two dozen former prisoners held at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2008 comes several months after a bipartisan Congressional committee linked the murder of two detainees held at the same prison facility to policies enacted by George W. Bush and ex-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld."

'Courageous' Women Front Iran's Resistance


Iran's Women Protest: Shoulder to Shoulder With Men

The Associated Press: "For years, women's defiance in Iran came in carefully planned flashes of hair under their head scarves, brightly painted fingernails and trendy clothing that could be glimpsed under bulky coats and cloaks. But these small acts of rebellion against the theocratic government have been quickly eclipsed in the wake of the disputed June 12 presidential elections. In their place came images of Iranian women marching alongside men, of their scuffles with burly militiamen, of the sobering footage of a young woman named Neda, blood pouring from her mouth and nose minutes after her fatal shooting."

Thirty Years Later ...

Mahbod Seraji, Truthout: "As the 40th day of Neda's death was commemorated in Iran a few days ago, and as I read in an article on Truthout on August 11 that a staggering number of 4,000 people were detained in protests that followed June's disputed presidential election, I was reminded of my years there as a high school student just before the Islamic Revolution subdued the country and cast it into a nightmare from which it is still trying to awaken 30 years later."


Neda Soltan's family 'forced out of home' by Iranian authorities

Parents of young woman shot dead near protests are banned from mourning and funeral is cancelled, neighbours say.

From Information Clearing House

Keep Canada Sands Oil Out of US


Hillary's choice: clean energy economy or dirtiest oil on earth

Richtungsentscheidung in der Stromversorgung

Hamburg - internationale Drehscheibe im Atomgeschäft

Die Atomindustrie handelt weltweit mit radioaktiven Stoffen, die größtenteils durch und über die Hansestadt transportiert werden.

Richtungsentscheidung in der Stromversorgung

Die Energie- und Klimawochenschau: Neue Warnung der Klimawissenschaftler, alte Hüte der Energiewirtschaft und einige unendliche Geschichten aus der Welt der vermeintlich sauberen Atomkraft.


Sagen auch Sie Nein zum Ausstieg aus dem Atomausstieg!

In Afghanistan führt die Bundeswehr nach Verteidigungsminister Jung noch immer keinen Krieg

Friedensbewegung: Krieg beenden!

„Zur jüngsten Eskalation im Afghanistankrieg, dem gestern weitere drei Bundeswehrsoldaten zum Opfer gefallen sind, erklärten die Sprecher des Bundesausschusses Friedensratschlag in Kassel…“ Pressemitteilung des Bundesausschusses Friedensratschlag vom 24. Juni 2009

In Afghanistan führt die Bundeswehr nach Verteidigungsminister Jung noch immer keinen Krieg

„Nicht nur die vermehrten Kämpfe und die toten und verletzten Soldaten, sondern allein schon die Ausgaben für militärische und zivile Aufgaben zeigen ein anderes Bild..“ Artikel von Florian Rötzer in telepolis vom 24.06.2009

Stell dir vor, es ist Krieg und keiner sagt es

„Nicht erst seit dem jüngsten tödlichen Zwischenfall befindet sich die Bundeswehr in Afghanistan im Kampfeinsatz. Dass die Regierung das weiter leugnet, wird sich für sie nicht auszahlen. Eine große Debatte über den Sinn des Engagements lässt sich auf Dauer nicht unterdrücken - noch nicht einmal bis zur Wahl…“ Leitartikel von Thomas Steinmann in der FTD vom 24.06.2009

Dem Frieden eine Chance geben! Soldaten lehnen deutschen AWACS-Einsatz in Afghanistan ab

„Die im Arbeitskreis DARMSTÄDTER SIGNAL – dem kritischen Forum für Staatsbürger in Uniform (Ak DS) – zusammengeschlossenen Angehörigen der Bundeswehr verurteilen die Absicht der Bundesregierung, das militärische Engagement in Afghanistan durch die offizielle Beteiligung deutscher Besatzungen auf dem Luftraumüberwachungssystem AWACS auszuweiten…“ Artikel von Helmuth Prieß und Jörg Wiebach in NRhZ-Online - Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Online-Flyer vom 24.06.2009

Aus: LabourNet, 25. Juni 2009

RFID-Enabled Phones Could Let Credit Card Companies Track Users

Repression in Iran continues as state propaganda campaign ramps up

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Next-up News Nr 1007

- AFP "Antennes-relais: des parents d'élèves assignent Bouygues Telecom en justice"

Water Electric

ISIS Report 25/06/09

Water charges up with electricity when exposed to sunlight, offering the potential for an inexhaustible supply of squeaking clean energy and challenging conventional understanding of bioenergetics Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Put some water next to any hydrophilic (water-loving) surface and expose it to sunlight, or even light from an ordinary light bulb, and the water will charge up with electricity all by itself. This is the latest in a series of extraordinary discoveries about water from the laboratory of US bioengineer Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Water forms massive exclusion zones of ordered molecules next to gel surfaces It began when Pollack and his student Zheng Jian-ming discovered that suspensions of colloids and dissolved substances are excluded from a region extending some hundreds of micrometres from the surfaces of hydrophilic gels [1] (Water Forms Massive Exclusion Zones, SiS 23). An ‘exclusion zone’ (EZ) of this magnitude is in direct contradiction to the generally held assumption that interfacial water forming at liquid-solid, or liquid-air interfaces can be no more than a few layers of molecules thick. Instead, what’s observed is a million layers or more.

Similar exclusion zones were found next to any hydrophilic surface including surfaces coated with a monolayer of hydrophilic molecules, and around ion exchange resin beads [2] (see Fig. 1). Electric charge appears to be important, as EZ failed to form around charge-exhausted resin beads. Although EZ can form in pure water, it is enhanced and stabilized by low concentrations of buffer (2 to 10 mM at pH 7).

Figure 1. Exclusion zones millions of layers of water molecules deep clear of suspended microspheres form around charged resin beads

The EZ was characterized by several spectroscopic methods, all of which showed that it had features very different from the bulk water, suggesting an unusually ordered crystalline phase where the molecules are less free to move [3, 4] (Liquid Crystalline Water at the Interface, SiS 38). The UV and visible absorption spectrum gave a single absorption peak at ~270 nm in the UV region, which is completely absent in the bulk phase. The infrared emission record showed that the EZ radiates very little compared with bulk water, as would be expected on account of the reduced mobility of water molecules. The magnetic resonance imaging mapping similarly gave a transverse relaxation time (T2) of 25.4 + 1 ms, which is shorter than the 27.1 + 0.4 ms recorded for the bulk water phase, again indicative of restricted motion.

Such coexistence of distinctly different phases has been demonstrated in 1999 in by Japanese water researcher Norio Ise and colleagues in Kyoto University [5] (Water and Colloid Crystals, SiS 32) using a dispersion of colloid latex particles in water and digital video recording. They captured a random phase, in which thermal motion of the particles is of the anticipated magnitude, right next to a crystal-like phase where the particles had separated regularly from one another by several micrometres and the deviations from their average positions are lower by an order of magnitude

Read the rest of this article here

Surrendering to the State, Even While Fighting It

Ron Paul: The Future of the Federal Reserve

Obama's Fix-It Plans

Torture a war crime requiring accountability

On behalf of parents everywhere: thank you, Internet!


McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Published: Tuesday, Jun. 23, 2009 - 7:17 am

Today's communication technology has rendered an entire generation of teenagers incapable of holding real conversations in real time. Meanwhile, newspapers are struggling to stay afloat. Highway accidents and brain tumors are on the rise.

Now, the Digital Age has its clutches on the family, bringing new norms in bad parenting.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

U-turn on mast by school

Howick and Pakuranga Times

Thursday, 25 June 2009


CANNED: The site for 2degrees' antenna and cabinet by Cockle Bay Primary School has been scrapped.

A SCHOOL under threat of sharing its boundary with a telecommunications antenna and service box is breathing a sigh of relief after a new site was confirmed.

Cockle Bay Primary School launched a full-scale petition last week after being told new telco 2degrees was planning to install a cellphone mast just metres away from classrooms.

Due to the negative reaction to the proposal, Manukau City Council and 2degrees decided to relocate the site across the road at the entrance to Paparoa Park, opposite the Litten Road shops.

Councillor Jami-Lee Ross has worked with 2degrees in assigning the most appropriate locations in the area and says within a week of hearing negative feedback from the school, he took action to have the site revised.


Informant: Martin Weatherall


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