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Send evidence of torture to the DOJ

Wasted Crisis?

Jean-Marc Vittori, writing for France's premier business paper Les Echos, says, "Something like a strange scent of unreality floats over this month of June. While the whole world confronts a deep recession after receiving a colossal financial shock, everything is happening as though that page were already turned."

ANOTHER Emergency War Supplemental Funding Bill Already?

We need everyone to call their House member right now and demand they vote NO on H.R. 2346, for CONTINUED funding of all these disastrous and counterproductive wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon everywhere else.

Here are the latest tested good tollfree numbers for you:
800-828-0498, 866-338-1015 or 866-220-0044.

Wasn't that the Bush way of denying reality, one "Emergency" war funding bill after another? The wars need to STOP now. And all vague and shifting promises of future withdrawals aside, only stopping the FUNDING will ever make the wars stop.

And please also submit the action page below, after making your phone call, so there will be a written record of your protest

Stop War Funding Action Page:

A couple weeks ago 51 Democrats and 9 Republicans voted against H.R.
2346, the latest run around the end of the budget [text of bill]. Only now they have added in a giveaway to bail out MORE foreign banks with American taxpayer money, via blind and massive additional funding for the IMF. If ONLY those Democrats who voted "No" the first time do so again, we can end this utter insanity.

What are the so-called "liberals" in Congress really telling us, that they will only vote to end the war funding when their vote DOESN'T really matter. Now that the Republicans are all hopped up about the IMF con job, just those same 51 liberals can take a stand that really means something.

So where are they? Is a huge giveaway to foreign banks such a drop dead policy priority that they will compromise their opposition to all these illegal wars?? Are the Republicans so petrified of being seen as not "supporting the troops" even slightly even one time that they will vote for the bill anyway? Of course not, that is just for worthless political cowards who call themselves [fill in party name]

It's time to call these people in Congress out who are masquerading as our representatives. And AFTER we defeat this particular pro war vote, we need to keep making it stick.

Stop War Funding Action Page:

And yes, you can also respond to this action through the new Twitter gateway. Just send the following Twitter reply, and add any personal comment you like.

@cxs #p992

And if you want a step by step explanation of how to set up the Twitter thing here is the link for that.

Twitter Activism Step-By-Step:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


ACLU Files Lawsuit Seeking Disclosure Of Still-Secret Torture Documents

White House Announcement on Mountaintop Removal Does Little to Stop Destruction

Starving Afghan Family Displaced by US Airstrike


Airstrikes miss target, kill 10 civilians



U.S. airstrikes in western Afghanistan missed their target of a militant commander and instead killed 12 other militants and 10 civilians, provincial officials said Thursday. The U.S. military originally said the strike killed a warlord named Mullah Mustafa but now say he apparently survived. In a statement issued Thursday, the U.S. said ‘credible reports surfaced that Mustafa survived the attack’ in Ghor province...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Does This Look Like Victory?

Starving Afghan Family Displaced by US Airstrike


Exclusive footage from the recent US airstrikes in Afghanistan provides a sobering look at the dire situation on the ground.

Cell phone tower sites stir a fuss

By Mike Deehan

Jun. 11, 2009

City Councillor Charles Yancey offered a strong condemnation of the lack of public process involved in the placement of cell phone antennas around the neighborhoods on Tuesday. At a City Council hearing exploring the approval process two companies took before the installation of the antennas, representatives from the city’s Public Improvement Commission testified that while all legal standards were met for the devices’ placement, only one neighborhood organization in Back Bay was consulted prior to installation.

“I think city government failed in general on a number of levels. PIC is part of it,” Yancey told the Reporter after the hearing.

“You heard from the head of neighborhood services. They were totally out of the process and it would have been natural for them to have worked with the PIC to identify at least some key organizations,” with knowledge and interest in the neighborhoods,” Yancey said.


Families celebrate phone mast victory


11 June 2009 17:00

Families are today celebrating after a controversial mobile phone mast was turned down for the second time - and campaigners vowed to fight it again if another application is submitted.

Mobile phone giant Orange's plans for a 20m phone mast on the Guardian Road Industrial Estate in Norwich were refused by Norwich City Council under delegated powers.

As reported, families in the Wensum ward had been gearing up to fight the plans after successfully defeating a similar planning application by Orange last year.

On that occasion, more than 600 signatures were collected on a petition against the mast and Norwich City Council planning officials refused the proposals on visual grounds, but the firm came back with a new application.

City councillor for Wensum ward, Ruth Makoff said: “I'm absolutely thrilled that it's been refused. It's a local triumph as people in the area fought a very hard campaign to get it turned down.


Next-up news Nr 991

- HLN-Be: "Un Juez prohíbe un mástil de antenas GSM a causa de riesgos para la salud"

Obama's progressive promises failing because Wall Street owns Congress

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The debt doesn't go away

Will Senate torture probe target Cheney?

Mother Jones
by David Corn


In recent weeks, Cheney has insisted that the use of waterboarding and other extreme interrogation procedures produced essential intelligence and that classified documents prove that — while President Barack Obama and Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), the chair of the armed services committee, have taken issue with him on this point. So did Cheney make an honest presentation during the behind-closed-doors meetings with congressional leaders when he was veep? Feinstein can find out — if she wants to...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government motors: Why it will fail

Foundation for Economic Education
by William Anderson


If you like Amtrak and the Postal Service, then you surely will love ‘Government Motors,’ as the entity most responsible for the carmaker’s demise takes control. When Ludwig von Mises wrote Bureaucracy in 1944, he understood then what we are seeing now with GM. Mises understood that the bureaucratic model could not effectively be applied to business. Furthermore, he also stated that if businesses become bureaucratic, they do so precisely because of the presence of government pressure on their day-to-day activities...


Cato Institute
by Daniel J. Ikenson


The Obama administration’s pre-packaged bankruptcy plan for General Motors is a recipe for disaster. Even if President Obama were sincere in his claim that he doesn’t want to run a car company, it will be impossible for him to eschew policies that distinctly benefit GM. With taxpayers on the hook for $50 billion (just for starters), the administration will do whatever it takes to demonstrate the wisdom of its intervention. That will require, at a minimum, a positive return on the coerced investment. But to merely break even on taxpayers’ 60% stake, GM will have to be worth $83 billion (60% of $83 billion is $50 billion). How and when will that ever happen?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The latest torture cover-up scam

Future of Freedom Foundation
by James Bovard


The Obama administration appears increasingly devoted to covering up the worst crimes of the Bush era. On Monday, CIA chief Leon Panetta formally objected to federal judge Alvin Hellerstein, who was considering releasing detailed information on 92 videotaped CIA torture sessions of detainees. Panetta asserted that releasing the written information ‘could be expected to result in exceptionally grave damage to the national security by informing our enemies of what we knew about them, and when, and in some instances, how we obtained the intelligence we possessed’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Murder by bureaucracy

The American Spectator
by Peter Ferrara


Listen to Obama, and you will hear him say almost every day that his health reforms are going to save America and its economy by reducing health costs. The CEA report explains exactly how and why he is going to do that. They don’t use the word, of course, but nevertheless it is all overwhelming, government, health-care rationing, meaning you and your doctor lose control and choice over your health care, and centralized, government bureaucrats in Washington decide what health care you get and when. Think about it, and you will realize that in the government-run system Obama envisions, there is no other way to achieve the cost reductions he is talking about than through extensive government health-care rationing, meaning denying you the health care you want...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The trouble with Obama’s Cairo speech

In These Times
by Noam Chomsky


A CNN headline, reporting Obama’s plans for his June 4 Cairo address, read ‘Obama looks to reach the soul of the Muslim world.’ Perhaps that captures his intent, but more significant is the content hidden in the rhetorical stance, or more accurately, omitted. Keeping just to Israel-Palestine — there was nothing substantive about anything else — Obama called on Arabs and Israelis not to ‘point fingers’ at each other or to ’see this conflict only from one side or the other.’ There is, however, a third side, that of the United States, which has played a decisive role in sustaining the current conflict. Obama gave no indication that its role should change or even be considered. Those familiar with the history will rationally conclude, then, that Obama will continue in the path of unilateral U.S. rejectionism...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

To ways to deleverage an economy

by Bill Bonner


The dumb money is fairly easy to spot. It’s the money that always shows up late to the party, wearing yesterday’s fashions. It watches TV and thinks the reality shows show reality … it thinks Ben Bernanke is a great economist … that the SEC protects investors from fraud and misrepresentation … and that Tim Geithner makes sure the economy keeps running smoothly. It’s the dumb money that thinks you can correct a generation-long period of credit growth in 24 months … with less than 10% unemployment … Stocks have now been in a rally for three months. The longer this goes on, of course, the dumber money gets. People come to think the bounce is a permanent bull market...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cheney’s revenge: Coming to a police station near you

Pro Libertate
by William Grigg


As a means of forcing non-violent citizens (’subjects’ is actually the proper word) to submit to police in which there is no legitimate suspicion of a criminal act, ‘pain compliance’ is nothing other than a species of torture: Submit, helot — instantaneously and without back-talk — or Officer Pavlov with get out the sizzle-stick and make you do the electron dance. With police regularly using Tasers to administer summary punishment to non-compliant civilians, it’s not surprising that their use has now been authorized as a means of extracting self-incriminating evidence from criminal suspects...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US troops out of Iraqi cities? Think again

by Kelley B. Vlahos


Just last week, within a 48-hour news period, readers were treated to two diametrically opposed headlines, one touting ‘U.S. Forces Out of Iraqi Cities by June 30,’ the other, the very next day, ‘U.S. Wants Sadr City Base Open After Deadline.’ Both quote U.S. military brass directly, albeit two different generals, but the whipsawing here suggests someone up top is taking it for granted that Americans — particularly that flighty media — aren’t paying much attention to Iraq at all. So, through the din, lazy heads fix upon the first, less controversial of the two contradictory headlines, which affirms what the president wants to the world to hear: that the U.S. is getting out of Iraqi cities by the end of the month. Except it isn’t entirely true...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pentagon won’t name 60 percent of detainees it says returned to terrorism

Raw Story


According to an analysis by a New Jersey law professor, the Pentagon’s recent survey alleging that one in seven Guantanamo Bay prisoners return to terrorism is deeply flawed. His analysis also reveals the Pentagon has refused to identify 60 percent of the men they claim have returned to terrorism, saying the information is classified. The latest Pentagon recidivism analysis documents 74 recidivists, but lacks 45 names, adding that of the 29 names given, only half are labeled ‘confirmed’ recidivists. Seton Hall University Professor Mark Denbeaux, who wrote the report, also alleges the analysis includes men who were never held at Guantanamo...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bring on Ron Paul's Audit of the Fed

Vatikan will Agrogentechnik weltweit salonfähig machen

Im Anhang beigefügt ist die Pressemitteilung des "Bund Naturschutz in Bayern e. V." zum Thema.

Ruth Gill

Vatikan will Agrogentechnik weltweit salonfähig machen Vatikan will Agrogentechnik weltweit salonfähig machen omeganews

Sarkozy schießt mit Kanonen auf Spatzen

Mit französischem Militärgeheimdienst gegen P2P

Sarkozy schießt mit Kanonen auf Spatzen, lässt großen BitTorrent-Tracker schließen und Server beschlagnahmen.

Film Aims to Expose Dangers in US Food Industry

Christine Kearney, Reuters: "Bigger-breasted chickens fattened artificially. New strains of deadly E. coli bacteria. A food supply controlled by a handful of corporations. The documentary 'Food, Inc.' opens in the United States on Friday and portrays these purported dangers and changes in the US food industry, asserting harmful effects on public health, the environment, and worker and animal rights."

Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan

Kathy Kelly, Truthout: "The most recent plane to attack the Pakistani village of Khaisor (according to a Waziristan resident who asked me to withhold his name) came 20 days ago, on May 20, 2009. A US drone airplane fired a missile at the village at 4:30 AM, killing 14 women and children and two elders, wounding 11."

Next-up News Nr 990

- HLN: "Rechter verbiedt gsm-mast wegens gezondheidsrisico"
"De rechtbank heeft nu duidelijk geoordeeld dat de overheid bij de toekenning
van een stedenbouwkundige vergunning rekening moet houden met het risico
voor de gezondheid en milieuverstoring, en niet alleen met visuele aspecten."

- Reportage VTM TV: GSM-Masten te Drongen.

- Beperk de Straling: "Rechtbank v 1ste aanleg van Gent verbiedt het plaatsen van gsm-masten te Drongen"

The next great crisis: America's debt

At this rate, your share of the load will be $155,000 in a decade. How chronic deficits are putting the country on a path to fiscal collapse.

Unemployment at 10% to Depress Consumer Spending, Survey Shows

Surging unemployment in the U.S. will delay a recovery in consumer spending and mute the rebound when it does materialize, according to a Bloomberg News survey.

Median home prices drop below 1989 levels

Properties in several areas are selling for less than they did 20 years ago, and that's not including inflation. Some first-time buyers are nabbing houses for less than what their parents paid.,0,7772530,full.story

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