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Destroying Indigenous Populations

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "There is uranium all around the Black Hills, South and North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Mining companies came in and dug large holes through these lands to extract uranium in the 1950's and 1960's prior to any prohibitive regulations. Abandoned uranium mines in southwestern South Dakota number 142. In the Cave Hills area, another sacred place in South Dakota used for vision quests and burial sites, there are 89 abandoned uranium mines. In occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, the uranium that has caused genocide of sorts at home has proceeded to wreak new havoc."

Iraq, Afghanistan wars coordinated from afar

From Global Network

O2 get the ok for mast near school

Jun 19 2009 by Johnathon Menzies, Perthshire Advertiser Friday

A PERTH parent has accused Perth and Kinross Council’s planning wing of showing a “complete disregard” for safety after a controversial mobile phone mast was approved a stone’s throw from Perth Grammar School.

Communications giant O2 applied to the local authority to erect a 17.5-metre tall device within the grounds of the treatment works on the Fair City’s Gowans Terrace.

Ellen McKay, a member of the nearby school’s parent council, attended the council’s development control committee meeting this week and raised numerous objections.

Following the project’s approval, she said children may be exposed to “dangerous levels” of electromagnetic waves because the structure will be just 125 metres from the 1025-pupil institution.

She added: “The planning application was flawed in the first place due to the lack of consultation with the school and local residents – and despite evidence that suggests beams from the mast will land right within the school.

“I was also disappointed with the attitude of the planning officials, who clearly have no interest or concern for health issues.


Hartz IV-Regelsatz: Prüfung der Verfassungswidrigkeit noch 2009 vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht?

Hartz4-Plattform-Sprecherin Brigitte Vallenthin erwartet Regelsatz-Erhöhung und erinnert an rückwirkende Nachzahlungsaussichten durch Überprüfungsantrag

Die Hartz IV-Plattform kritisiert die neuerlichen Versuche der Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden als Hartz IV-Behörde, die Musterklage gegen den für ein soziokulturelles Existenzminimum zu geringen Regelsatz auszubremsen. "Es ist beschämend, mit welch untauglichen Mitteln die Behörde als Beklagte in dem Verfahren wie die Katze um den heißen Brei läuft, um mit keiner Silbe den tatsächlichen Antragsgegenstand zu erwähnen - nämlich die Prüfung der Verfassungswidrigkeit von Hartz IV vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht," resümiert die Vorsitzende der Hartz4-Plattform und Sprecherin der Wiesbadener Grundeinkommens-Initiative, Brigitte Vallenthin. Lesen Sie weiter:

Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen Versagung von Beratungshilfe erfolgreich

Eine Hartz IV Betroffene klagte erfolgreich vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht: Kostenlose anwaltschaftliche Beratung für ALG II Empfänger schon im Widerspuchsverfahren. Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen Versagung von Beratungshilfe erfolgreich

Eine Hartz IV Betroffene klagte erfolgreich für die staatliche Beratungshilfe vor dem Bundesverfassunggericht. In einem neuerlichen Urteil hat das Bundesverfassungsgericht die Rechte der Erwerbslosen bei Rechtsstreitigkeiten entscheidend gestärkt. Wenn Arbeitslosengeld II (ALG II) Empfänger gegen einen Beischeid der zuständigen Behörde klagen will, so dürfe man nicht an die selbige Behörde verwiesen werden. Lesen Sie wieiter:

The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods

Pushing drugs by distorting the data

Cell phone tower? What cell phone tower?

Santa Rosa Press Democrat - Santa Rosa, CA, USA

A cell phone operates on radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation along with microwaves, X-rays and visible light. The Federal Telecommunications ...

NO-Wi-Fi in schools or workplaces day

Could you please circulate the information below, thank you. has had a suggestion from a parent for an International NO-Wi-Fi in schools or workplaces day. The idea is to choose three days during the year (one for each school term) where parents of children in schools that use wireless technologies can choose keep their children at home and teachers or employees from other workplaces can choose not to go to work. The aim would be to draw attention to the involuntary exposure of so many people to man-made microwaves. This shouldn’t significantly affect children’s education, although may affect the school’s attendance statistics.

We are interested in feedback about this idea. Do you think this could work? Any comments, suggestions, ideas or concerns please send to Thank you for your help.

Hi WiFi in schools

I believe that the potential danger to children from microwave radiation is so great that the idea has real merit. For this idea to be successful you would have to ensure that the home environment of the children also has no wireless pollution i.e. DECT cordless telephones, Wi-Fi and other wireless devices. I am sure that the wise and more concerned parents would have already taken these precautions, but you may need to educate others.


FCC looking into concerns over Floyd radio tower

Informant: Martin Weatherall

Mass Deflation? Nope, Mass Inflation

Secession is the Path to Freedom

ACLU: CIA Delays Release of Inspector General Report on Torture

Iraq, Af-Pak, and Beyond: The Global Cost of War

Awaiting Bernanke, House Panel Subpoenas Fed

Don't Cede More Economic Authority to Unaccountable Fed

Priest Stands Up Against BigAg and Deforestation

UK Compulsory Vaccination Imminent

The United States is Committing Economic Suicide

Foreign entities will very soon own everything of value in the U.S. and they will become the major (or only) source of employment for U.S. citizens.

Treasury to Auction $104 Billion In Debt Next Week, a Record

The Treasury announced Thursday a record $104 billion worth of bond auctions for next week, part of its herculean efforts to finance a rescue of the world's largest economy.

From Information Clearing House

World Hunger Reaches the 1 Billion People Mark

More than a billion people - a sixth of the world's population - are now hungry, a historic high due largely to the global economic crisis and stubbornly high food prices, a U.N. agency said Friday.

From Information Clearing House

Helping Afghan Refugees as US Bombs Continue to Fall

Since 2001, the US Air Force has dropped nearly 31 million pounds (14,049 metric tons) of bombs on Afghanistan. The UN estimates that US airstrikes alone accounted for 64 percent of the 828 Afghan civilians killed last year.

From Information Clearing House

The Obama Financial Reforms

Road To Change Or Perdition?

By Danny Schechter

Stabilizing A Flawed System is Not The Same As Restructuring Or Remaking It.


Back in the U.S.S.A.

The Pentagon Spigot is Wide Open

How Obama Will Outspend Reagan on Defense

By Winslow T. Wheeler

If we add in the costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon budget for the current fiscal year - 2009 - exceeds any year since the end of World War II, including the spending peaks for the Korean and Vietnam wars.


Independent Media Source

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