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Soldier Refusing Deployment to Afghanistan

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

Should the US also Suppress Evidence of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan?

Gitmo Scare Tactics

CIA Secrecy on Drone Attacks Data Hides Abuses and Casualties

Mobile mast could be taken down


12 June 2009 17:04

A giant mobile phone mast could be torn down because it is a blot on the landscape.

The 30-metre mast was erected on land off Taverham Lane, Costessey, in April last year by telecoms firm T Mobile to replace a nearby mast which was taken down to make way for new homes.

Under a Town and Country Planning Order, the structure was initially allowed without planning permission for a six-month period while a new mast site was found, but after more than a year T Mobile chiefs are now seeking permission to retain the mast for a further year while a permanent replacement is built.

But the proposal, set to go before South Norfolk Council's North West Area Planning Committee on Monday, is being recommended for refusal on grounds that it would detract from the character of the area and would require new road access which could pose a hazard.


Cancer victim's fury at wind farm tower

Published Date: 12 June 2009

By Andrew Malkin and Daisy Wallage

BRAVE cancer-battler Lynne Springford has taken on another fight, despite currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Furious Lynne is helping lead Docking's objections to a 260-foot wind-testing tower which could lead to the establishment of a wind farm of up to seven turbines within two years.

And she is incensed at the thought that the village will have the tower imposed upon it in the same way that, without consideration of local views, mobile phone masts have been added to Docking water tower.


Next-up news Nr 993

- Fotos del día : 11 de Junio de 2009 - "En contra la Electropolución Imparable en Mataró y mundo"

- Frente a las operadoras Liechtenstein reafirma su voluntad de adoptar el estandar Bioinitiative de 0,6 V/m.

Fifteen Months After Bloodbath in Iraq, Young Veteran Takes His Life

Cynthia Hubert, The Sacramento Bee: "On March 7, 2007, Army Spc. Trevor Hogue was inside his barracks in Baghdad, describing his morning on the battlefield. 'I saw things today that I think will mess me up for life,' Hogue typed to his mother, Donna, as she sat at her computer thousands of miles away from Iraq, in Granite Bay. That day the young soldier, whose assignment included driving a Humvee through perhaps the most dangerous ZIP code on the globe, saw his sergeant blown to pieces. He saw the bodies of half of the men in his platoon torn apart. Heads were cut off and limbs severed. It happened 30 yards in front of him, and he had never been so afraid, he told his mom. 'My arms are around you,' Donna Hogue wrote. 'You'll be alright.' But Hogue never really recovered. Last week, he committed suicide by hanging himself in the backyard of his childhood home. He was 24 years old."

Third World USA: How the "Democracy" Really Operates

The case for disbarment of the torture lawyers

by Kevin Zeese


Since filing complaints against 12 Bush-Cheney lawyers the case for disbarment has gotten stronger. More information is leaking out. And, more and more Americans from citizens to generals to a former president are speaking out. On June 10th, a coalition of hundreds of organizations filled an addendum to the complaints against these lawyers to highlight the new information...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Economic hell

Asia Times

by Richard Daughty [The Mogambo Guru ]


Unemployment in the United States is already close to the 20% mark, company earnings are tumbling, yet share prices are buzzing along blissfully as if all is right in heaven — even as plastic card companies are going to cut US $2.7 trillion of credit. All right in heaven? This is economic hell!!!

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hunderte Millionen Klimaflüchtlinge bis 2050?

In einem Bericht wird gewarnt, dass Migration und Vertreibung als Folgen der Klimaerwärmung bislang unterschätzt würden.ärmungüchtling

Confronting the CIA's Mind Maze

Ron Paul Support Surges For His Audit the Fed Bill

The Poison of Racist Collectivism

Fascialism: The New American System

The Frame of Mind of American Economic Policymakers

US Towns Challenge Feds on Military Recruiting

The Associated Press: "Two towns nestled in the rugged coastline and the liberal politics of Northern California have fought the federal government by banning the US military from recruiting minors within their city limits. Now the federal government is fighting back."

Climate Change Worsens Disaster Risks for Poor

Alister Doyle, Reuters: "Climate change will aggravate natural disasters and people in developing nations such as Dominica, Vanuatu, Myanmar and Guatemala are most at risk, a UN-backed study showed on Thursday."

Goodbye to Cheap Oil

Michael T. Klare, "Every summer, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the US Department of Energy issues its International Energy Outlook (IEO) - a jam-packed compendium of data and analysis on the evolving world energy equation. For those with the background to interpret its key statistical findings, the release of the IEO can provide a unique opportunity to gauge important shifts in global energy trends, much as reports of routine Communist Party functions in the party journal Pravda once provided America's Kremlin watchers with insights into changes in the Soviet Union's top leadership circle."

Forty-two-year NCI study links aspartame to lymphoma, leukemia

Informant: Dorothee Krien


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