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Madagascar: Daewoo's Rainforest Land Grab in Nature's Paradise



By Ecological Internet's Rainforest Portal with Rainforest Rescue & June 19, 2009


The island of Madagascar is a veritable Noah's Ark of biodiversity, and this natural wealth is the country's primary treasure and opportunity for future ecologically sustainable development. The Korean company Daewoo Logistics intends to lease half the agricultural land in Madagascar for 99 years, industrially producing maize and palm oil on 1.3 million hectares that are now biodiversity rich rainforests and gardens. There already exists a severe food crisis nationally and local peoples, who are soon to be dispossessed from their land, are protesting, causing a major government crisis. Tell Daewoo the people of Madagascar have spoken -- and to shove off and leave Madagascar's rainforests, peoples and land alone.



Judge to Review Cheney Interview in CIA Leak Case

Nedra Pickler, The Associated Press: "A federal judge said Thursday that he wants to look at notes from the FBI's interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney during the investigation into who leaked the identity of a CIA operative. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan's decision to review the documents followed arguments by Obama administration lawyers that sounded much like the reasons the Bush administration provided for keeping Cheney's interview from the public."

Senate Votes to Block Detainee Photos

Jason Leopold, Truthout: "The Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure on Wednesday evening to block the release of photos depicting US soldiers abusing detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan. The legislation will now be sent to the House, but it's unclear whether Democratic lawmakers will support it."

Proposed mine will throttle Montana wilderness

Phone mast planning mix-up sparks anger

Published Date: 19 June 2009

Tara Dundon

Ailsworth residents and parish councillors are up in arms after a controversial 15m high phone mast in their village was given the go-ahead because of a planning department mix up.

When Orange Personal Communications Services submitted an application in 2005 to build a mobile phone mast off Helpston Road in Ailsworth, near Peterborough, it was immediately met with considerable local opposition.



City council gives mast safety verdict

South Wales Argus - Newport, Wales, UK

We are forcing mobile phone masts away from suitable council premises and on to unsuitable private premises.” Council leader, Matthew Evans, said: “If you ...


Broadcast company to investigate radiation levels

by Floyd Tower

Utica Observer Dispatch - Utica, NY, USA

The complaints about alleged radiofrequency radiation causing health problems have been passed onto the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology in ...

Church of England schism fear over mobile phone masts

Register - London, England, UK

Guildford cathedral, famously, falls into the former camp - having had its angel re-gilded to avoid interfering with the telephone mast on which it now sits ...

Ron Paul Slams Federal Reserve's New Dictatorial Powers

Congressman tells MSNBC that the very entity responsible for the economic crisis is now more powerful than Congress

Paul Joseph Watson

Friday, June 19, 2009

Responding to the Obama administration’s new regulatory reform plan, which will officially hand the Federal Reserve complete dictatorial control over the U.S. economy, Congressman Ron Paul told MSNBC that the Fed was now more powerful than Congress.

Phone mast gaffe angers parents


Last updated 09:38, Friday, 19 June 2009

COUNTY planners have been left with egg on their faces after a blunder allowed the erection of a mobile phone mast right outside a school.

They dragged their feet for so long over a proposal to erect the mast outside Darras Hall First School that their decision to say “no” came too late.

And now angry parents and school governors are demanding an explanation as to what went wrong.

Parents have also raised a petition to persuade applicants Telefonica to seek a less contentious site for the mast.


These are Obama’s wars now

by Joshua Frank


It’s time to toss those Obama t-shirts in the trash. On Monday the Democrat controlled House voted 226-202 to approve a rushed $106 billion dollar war spending bill, guaranteeing more carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan (and lately Pakistan) until September 30, 2009, which marks the end of the budget year. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill’s first draft last month, with the final vote on a compromised version to occur in the Senate sometime in the next couple of weeks. … No longer can the blame for the turmoil in Iraq and Afghanistan rest at the feet of George W. Bush alone. This is now Obama’s War on Terror, fully funded and operated by the Democratic Party...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

On unjustified killing in war

You Took My Freedom But Where’s My Security?

NSA Secret Database Ensnared President Clinton's Private Email

Kim Zetter, Wired: "A secret NSA surveillance database containing millions of intercepted foreign and domestic e-mails includes the personal correspondence of former President Bill Clinton, according to the New York Times."

Obama and Anti-War Democrats

Norman Solomon, Truthout: "As a close vote neared on a supplemental funding bill for more war in Iraq and Afghanistan, The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 'the White House has threatened to pull support from Democratic freshmen who vote no.' In effect, it was so important to President Obama to get the war funds that he was willing to paint a political target on the backs of some of the gutsiest new progressives in Congress."

Politiker werden die laufenden US-Kriege nicht beenden

Der US-Soldat Victor Agosto über seine Kriegsdienstverweigerung, die Feldzüge in Afghanistan und im Irak sowie die Friedensbewegung in den Vereinigten Staaten.

Next-up News Nr 1003

- Physical protection against radiation from relay antennas: on the roof

Where Are They Now? Ex-Bush Loyalists Cash In

Nick Turse, "In May, the US economy lost 345,000 nonfarm jobs, pushing the unemployment rate from 8.9 percent to 9.4 percent. According to official statistics, 14.5 million Americans are now looking for work and, as a recent headline at put it, 'The jobs aren't coming back anytime soon.' In fact, a team of economists at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank recently reported that 'the level of labor market slack could be higher by the end of 2009 than at any other time in the post-World War Two period.'"


The Federal Reserve System's Party Line

Who Will Regulate the Regulators?

On Jack Welch and Ben Bernanke


A fake financial fix

Cato Institute
by Mark A. Calabria


The Obama administration yesterday presented a misguided, ill-informed remake of our financial regulatory system that will make crises more likely and more costly. Our financial system, particularly our mortgage system, is broken — but the Obama plan ignores the real flaws to focus on more convenient targets. Instead of putting an end to bank bailouts, the plan makes bailouts a permanent feature of our regulatory landscape. In fact, it extends the possibility of taxpayer-funded bailouts to any company choosing to become a financial-holding company. This will likely include every large insurer, as well as major consumer-finance companies like GMAC. Of course, the administration tells us that bailouts won’t be needed — because the same regulators who missed the signs of the current crisis will get added powers to prevent the next one...

Obamanomics: The good, the bad, the weak

Mother Jones
by Nomi Prins


The administration’s new 88-page white paper, titled ‘Financial Regulatory Reform: A New Foundation,” focuses more on alterations than true reform. Some of them are useful, like requiring lenders to keep a stake in the loans they make, and requiring banks to keep adequate capital on hand. The bill would also regulate a portion of the problematic financial instruments known as over-the-counter derivatives. But other aspects are ill advised, like giving the Federal Reserve more oversight, creating an uber-regulator, and allowing Wall Street’s biggest players to keep their hands in every pot imaginable...

Where are they now?

by Philip Giraldi


One of the most galling aspects of the failure to confront the war-crimes perpetrators is that not only have they not been vilified, they have, in most cases, been rewarded. George Tenet, the CIA director notorious for his ’slam-dunk’ comment, a man who cooked the intelligence to make the war possible to curry favor with the White House, is now professor in the practice of diplomacy at Georgetown University and has generously remunerated positions on the boards of Allen & Company merchant bank, QinetiQ, and L-1 Identity Solutions. He sold his memoir, At the Center of the Storm, which has been described as a ’self-justifying apologia,’ in 2007 for a reported advance of $4 million. His book, ironically, admits that the U.S. invaded Iraq for no good reason. James Pavitt, who was the point man responsible for the ‘enhanced interrogation’ program as Tenet’s deputy director for operations, is currently a principal with the Scowcroft Group. Cofer Black, who headed the Counter-Terrorism Center, which actually carried out ‘enhanced interrogations,’ is vice chairman of Blackwater Worldwide (now called Xe) and chairman of Total Intelligence Solutions, a Blackwater spinoff...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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