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Gardasil Follow up



Don't let Denmark and Switzerland fail whales



War Resisters Held in Legal Limbo

Sarah Lazare, Truthout: "At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, AWOL soldiers find themselves detained for months under difficult conditions in an extended legal limbo they cannot escape. Dustin Stevens is one of about 50 soldiers being held at Fort Bragg awaiting likely AWOL and desertion charges that seem like they will never arrive, he says. A former soldier who refused to continue military service seven years ago because he did not want to fight a war, Stevens says that he and his colleagues are being held in legal limbo - a no man's land of poor living standards and arbitrary punishments - while awaiting charges and possible court-martial."



Congress to Transfer Hundreds of Billions in Tax Dollars to the Insurance Industry

Kevin Zeese, Truthout: "Yesterday, as Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) left the health-care hearing room, he leaned over to me and said: 'I used to sell insurance. The basic rule is the larger the pool the less expensive the health care. Today we have 1,300 separate pools - separate health care plans - and that is why health care is so expensive; 700 pools would be more efficient and less expensive and one pool would be the least expensive. That's why single payer is the answer.' Nothing like common sense."



Why haven't you heard of this car?


Unofficial Bilderberg List 2008



From APFN daily update


The worst emerging disease of all

TCS Daily
by Henry I. Miller


From the beginning of the H1N1 swine flu outbreak, WHO’s decisions and pronouncements have been far from reassuring. Most flu and public health experts consider WHO to have been overly alarmist, and that their decision during the week of April 27 to raise the pandemic flu threat to the penultimate level, Phase 5, ‘Pandemic Imminent,’ far outpaced the data that had accumulated and was unwarranted. Even worse was their official declaration of a pandemic, which illustrates that WHO’s fundamental paradigm is flawed: A warning system based solely on how widely a virus has spread but that does not consider the nature of the illness it causes is prone to false positives; it would classify as ‘pandemics’ not only seasonal flu but also the frequent but largely inconsequential outbreaks of virus-caused colds and gastroenteritis, for example. It makes the term almost meaningless...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The big power grab

New York Daily News
by Michael Goodwin


Big government is on a big roll. As Washington moves from bailing out banks to setting pay levels, from bailing out automakers to deciding which local dealerships will be closed, each day brings fresh evidence of its growing role in what used to be the private economy. It is happening at a breathtaking pace, driven not just by the economic crisis but also by deliberate policies of the Obama White House and Democrats in Congress. And they’re not done yet, with a push to expand government’s role in health care and energy policy next on tap...


More government waste, corruption, and corporate welfare

Open Market
by Hans Bader


Rapidly-rising Medicare spending already threatens ‘to crush the federal budget,’ and much Medicare spending is wasteful, yet the Obama Administration claims it can somehow save money by creating Medicare-like programs to cover all Americans. In the New York Times, economics professor Tyler Cowan calls it ‘the new voodoo economics.’ Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson concludes that Obama’s health-care plan ‘is naive, hypocritical or simply dishonest. Probably all three’...


The real crisis is Obamacare

Intellectual Conservative
by Alan Caruba


As this healthcare horror awaits its run through Congress, think of it as a massive Medicare, the government program for seniors that cost 3.2 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2008 and which will become insolvent this year! … This isn’t healthcare reform. It is the destruction of the best healthcare system in the world. It is the destruction of the nation’s economy...


Paying for Obamacare

Cato Institute
by Michael D. Tanner


Much of the discussion to date about health care reform has understandably focused on the contents of the reform plan itself. But with the plan expected to cost $1-1.5 trillion over the first ten years, an equally important question is how the president and congressional Democrats plan to pay for it. While we won’t know for certain until we see the final bill, it looks like the answer is going to be higher — much higher — taxes. And many if not most of those taxes will fall squarely on the middle class...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama must prosecute Bush-era torture enablers

Christian Science Monitor

by Larry Cox


With Dick Cheney and the infamous torture memos making headlines, President Obama and our nation face a choice. Should they prosecute or protect those responsible for the torture of detainees in secret CIA detention centers? If our leaders wish to steer our country back to the right side of the law, they must act immediately and unequivocally to prosecute. The problem is that leading senators want the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to complete its investigation into the treatment and interrogation of detainees (which could take between four and six months), before any prosecution is launched. Yet such a delay would potentially risk running out the clock on certain types of prosecution...


The Obama officials blocking accountability for Bush crimes

by Glenn Greenwald


The argument Brennan made against release of the CIA torture memos is the same argument made to justify suppression of the torture photos: namely, ‘that exposing such details could spark an anti-American backlash.’ Precisely because Obama has retained so many people involved with or otherwise linked to Bush abuses, he is surrounded by people actively working to block any investigation into or accountability for those crimes. The most egregious example Mayer describes is the CIA official responsible for the abduction and rendition-for-torture of German citizen Khaled el-Masri, who turned out to be completely innocent …


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Die Menschen haben das zivile, soziale Leben verlernt

Afghanistan: Warum alle Fraktionen des Widerstandes sich jetzt Taliban nennen, wie die einfachen Leute überleben und die schleichende Islamisierung des Widerstands.



Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Empire



Gefährliche Energiesparlampe

von Kathrin Handschuh

Die Öko-Leuchte, die bald Pflicht ist, enthält giftiges Quecksilber. Deshalb muss sie im Sondermüll entsorgt werden.

Weiter unter...


RFID-Chip: Spione im Alltag

RFID-Chips (Radio Frequenz Identifikation) sind kleine Funkchips, die sich an Kleidungsetiketten, Lebensmittelverpackungen, Kosmetikartikeln oder Ausweisen befinden. Die RFID-Technologie kann Lebens- und Persönlichkeitsdaten von Verbrauchern sammeln.



Hofer: Anbringung von RFID-Chips in Bekleidung bestätigt

PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria

(PR-inside.com 25.06.2009 12:48:04) - "Die Beantwortung einer parlamentarischen Anfrage brachte jetzt - vielleicht ungewollt - zutage, dass sehr wohl RFID ...



On the thieving nature of government



Honeyed Words, Hostile Actions: On Obama and the Muslims



Report Blasts Terror Financing Laws and Investigations

Muslim charities in the United States are subject to unfair treatment by the government under terrorism financing laws, according to a new report which says the effect has been a chill on charitable giving that violates Muslims' right to freely practice an important requirement of their religion.


From Information Clearing House


Dead Banks Walking



George Herbert Walker Bush Comes Clean



Life Is Destroying the Planet



Humanitarians must adopt a new mindset and respond to the global economic crisis by fostering a cost-effective culture of prevention

“The rising dangers of climate change require a response from governments equivalent to the one made to address the global financial crisis,” according to the chief executive of the world’s Red Cross and Red Crescent body.



China Tells U.S.: You Broke the Dollar, Now Fix It

Beijing is diversifying its overseas investments and pressing U.S. officials for an "exit strategy" from the ultra-loose fiscal and monetary policies that China fears will eventually inflate away the value of its U.S. bond holdings and fell the dollar.


From Information Clearing House


Ex-Bush attorney Yoo ordered to testify in Padllia case

Former Bush administration attorney John Yoo was ordered on Friday by a federal judge in San Francisco to testify in an appeal brought by Jose Padilla, an American citizen who was held for more than three years and allegedly tortured while in U.S. military custody.


From Information Clearing House


Fury as Brown reveals Iraq war inquiry will be held in secret

Gordon Brown provoked fury today by revealing the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war will be heard in secret and will not report until after the next election.


Another Whitehall whitewash

Given what we know already from leaks, the secrecy surrounding the Chilcot Iraq inquiry is as absurd as it is scandalous.


Brown forced into climbdown over 'secret' Iraq War inquiry

Gordon Brown has been forced into a humiliating climbdown over the Iraq War inquiry after it was revealed some parts may be held in public.


From Information Clearing House


13 killed in bomb blast, US drone attack in Pakistan

A suspected US missile strike killed at least five people on Sunday in a tribal region where Pakistan's top Taliban commander is based, intelligence officials said, breaking a lull in such attacks and posing a test for growing anti-Taliban sentiment.


From Information Clearing House


Former Gitmo Detainee Describes Prison Ordeal


Former Guantanamo inmate Lakdhar Boumediene told FRANCE 24 in an exclusive interview about his seven-year ordeal in the US prison camp, where his protestations of innocence were met with escalating brutality from interrogators.




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