Obama Team Looking Hawkish


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Robert Gates: As bad as Rumsfeld?

by Ray McGovern


I suspect that those in Obama’s circle who are promoting Gates may be the same advisers responsible for Obama’s most naive comment of the recent presidential campaign: that the ’surge’ of US troops into Iraq in 2007-08 ’succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.’ Succeeded? You betcha — the surge was a great success in terms of the administration’s overriding objective. The aim was to stave off definitive defeat in Iraq until President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney could swagger from the West Wing into the western sunset on Jan. 20, 2009...


The audacity of … competence?

The American Prospect
by Ezra Klein


The clear theme of Obama’s transition team, White House staff decisions, and leaked cabinet appointments has been experience. Rahm Emanuel. Tom Daschle. Eric Holder. John Podesta. Hillary Clinton. Jim Messina. Pete Rouse. Phil Chiliro. And on, and on, and on. There’s not much ‘change’ here. Rather, the emphasis is on folks who know how Washington works, with the clear operating theory being that they’ll know how to get things done. That’s a different conception of ‘change’ than presidents who come in and bring a lot of new people, which is what Clinton did (though, to be sure, Clinton didn’t have a successful recent administration he could draw on for talent). But it’s very similar to what Obama did in the primary...


Change we can bank on

The Nation
by Robert Scheer


This is not change we can believe in. Not if Robert Rubin or his protege, Lawrence Summers, get to call the shots on the economy in President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming administration. Both Clinton-era treasury secretaries deserve a great deal of the blame for the radical deregulation of the financial industry that has derailed the world economy. They both should, along with former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan, perform rites of contrition and be kept at a safe distance from the leadership of our nation...


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Obama to Keep Gates as Defense Secretary

Mike Allen, The Politico: "Defense Secretary Robert Gates has agreed to stay on under President-elect Barack Obama, according to officials in both parties. Obama plans to announce a national security team early next week that includes Gates at the Pentagon and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York) as secretary of state, officials said. Retired Marine General James Jones, former Marine commandant and commander of US and NATO forces in Europe, will be named national security adviser, the officials said."


Custodians of Empire

Tom Engelhardt, The Nation: "The Obama national security 'team' - part of that much-hailed 'team of rivals' - does not yet exist, but it does seem to be heaving into view. And so far, its views seem anything but rivalrous. Mainstream reporters and pundits lovingly refer to them as 'centrist,' but, in a Democratic context, they are distinctly right of center. The next secretary of state looks to be Hillary Clinton, a hawk on the Middle East. During the campaign, she spoke of our ability to 'totally obliterate' Iran, should that country carry out a nuclear strike against Israel. She will evidently be allowed to bring her own (hawkish) subordinates into the State Department with her. Her prospective appointment is now being praised by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Henry Kissinger."




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