Dienstag, 4. November 2008

World Hopes for "Less Arrogant America"

William J. Kole and Matt Moore, The Associated Press: "The world was riveted by the election drama unfolding Tuesday in the United States, inspired by the hope embodied by Barack Obama or simply relieved that - whoever wins - an administration that spawned Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay was coming to an end."



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Iraqi Ministry of Defense ready to replace US occupation force

Deputy Head of the parliamentary committee of security and defense on Monday said that Iraqi Ministry of Defense's military commanders announced that they are ready to replace Multi National Forces (MNF) throughout Iraq, in case a security pact is not agreed upon with the U.S.


From Information Clearing House


Hacking Democracy


"On Tuesday, 40 percent of voters will cast ballots on electronic touch-screens. If you're not worried already about the dangers of paperless voting, this HBO documentary will blow your mind."


Protecting Democracy

Video Report

In 2006, Sarasota County's election suffered 18,412 lost votes, votes that were apparently cast, but never recorded by voting machines.


Counting on Democracy


A must see for those concerned by Fair Elections.


Silence on War Crimes

By Andy Worthington

I can only note that it's a sad indictment of a country's state of mind when the ruling administration has been devoted to dictatorial powers and war crimes, but an election campaign comes and goes as though it had never happened.



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Two More U.S. Military Units Assigned For Homeland Security

Northcom to train 4,700 service members for "specialized domestic operations"

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Northcom has announced that two more U.S. military units will be assigned for domestic homeland security missions, bringing the total number of combat ready service members operating inside the U.S. to around 4,700, as fears grow about the increasing militarization of law enforcement.



Two more US military units assigned to Homeland Security

Ignorance is Futile


Northcom has announced that two more U.S. military units will be assigned for domestic homeland security missions, bringing the total number of combat ready service members operating inside the U.S. to around 4,700, as fears grow about the increasing militarization of law enforcement. The announcement follows the controversy surrounding a September 8 Army Times report (revised on September 30), which revealed that the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, fresh from combat duties in Iraq, would be operating inside America for tasks including “civil unrest and crowd control,” a detail that was later denied by Northcom despite the concession that forces would be armed with both non-lethal and lethal weapons as well as having access to tanks….. The ACLU has filed a Freedom Of Information Request demanding more information on the purpose and scope of military assets under Northcom control being deployed domestically...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


What Is NorthCom Up To?


ES&S Voting Machines in Michigan Flunk Tests, Don't Tally Votes Consistently

Kim Zetter, Wired.com: "Optical-scan machines made by Election Systems & Software failed recent pre-election tests in a Michigan county, producing different tallies for the same ballots every time, the top election official in Oakland County revealed in a letter made public Monday. The problems occurred during logic and accuracy tests in the run-up to this year's general election, Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson disclosed in a letter submitted October 24 to the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) .... Johnson worried that such problems -- linked tentatively to paper dust build-up in the machines -- could affect the integrity of the general election this week."



Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops

The GM genocide

Informant: Dorothee Krien


Allsehende Augen für Militär und Polizei


Terror-Abwehr: Nackter Unsinn


Die kommende Generation von Körperscannern arbeitet mit elektromagnetischen Wellen – einer Wärmestrahlung zwischen Infrarot und Mikrowellen. ...



Wieviel Daten bitte noch?

Schutz vor Verbrechen durch Nacktscanner?


"Körperscanner an Flughäfen verletzen Persönlichkeitsrecht"


Nach wie vor unklar ist auch die gesundheitliche Belastung durch die Bestrahlung mit Mikrowellen im Tetrahertz- oder Millimeterbereich. ...



Greenpeace Reaffirms Support for Ancient Forest Logging


- Cursory review of FSC's controversial certifications completely fails to question false premise that primary and old-growth forest logging is ever "well-managed", instead calling for better training manuals for ancient forest destruction

November 3, 2008 By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of Ecological Internet //www.ecoearth.info/newsdesk/
CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry, glenbarry@ecologicalinternet.org

(Seattle, WA) -- Today Greenpeace International released a report entitled "Holding the Line with FSC"[1] which reaffirms Greenpeace's unflinching support for the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) past and on-ongoing industrial first-time logging of hundreds of millions of hectares of primary and old-growth forests. Greenpeace and other "forest protection" groups like the Rainforest Action Network and WWF continue to provide crucial greenwash for the false premise that ancient forest logging is desirable and can ever be considered "well- managed".

Greenpeace was the target of a series of protests in 2007 led by Ecological Internet, as Greenpeace held FSC's international chairmanship, regarding their continued support for ancient forest logging given widespread irregularities. At that time they agreed to review problematic FSC certifications, and to respond to criticism regarding FSC's dependence upon ancient forest logging. Their new report fails miserably on both counts.

"Greenpeace today released a one page report, with no mention by name of any specific failed FSC certification (of which there are many); and a 12 page, 80 item laundry list of bureaucratic measures to try, yet again, to make acceptable destroying millions of year old primeval forests for throw away consumer products," notes Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet's President.

"The review's only reference to primary forests is that better training manuals are needed for their destruction[2]. All primary forests are of high conservation value, and it is pathetic and tragic that Greenpeace continues to greenwash ancient forest logging."


In light of abrupt climate change and emerging science further highlighting the importance of primary and old-growth forests, the report continues Greenpeace's obstinate and undemocratic stonewalling of any meaningful self-reflection or discussion of embracing a campaign to end industrial ancient forest logging as a keystone response to the biodiversity and climate crises. RAN has also promised to review their FSC support, and is cautioned to avoid continued greenwash of the sort demonstrated by Greenpeace.

"As the world is faced with spiraling abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse, Greenpeace and friends have failed the biosphere. The mainstream environmental movement has shown themselves to be unfit and unable to pursue the full range of ecologically sufficient policies -- including working to end ancient forest logging -- to achieve global ecological sustainability. If you support Greenpeace, RAN or WWF -- you might as well be holding the chainsaw cutting down ancient forests to make your lawn furniture," concludes Dr. Glen Barry.

[1] //www.greenpeace.org.uk/files/pdfs/forests/HoldingtheLine_LR_ENG.pdf

[2] From the poor quality data FSC provides to the public, Ecological Internet estimates that 60% of FSC's timber comes from ancient forests. Yet the only mention of this issue in Greenpeace review is a cursory mention on page 7, is that "FSC should produce guidance materials and training in relation to auditing, managing and planning for... HCVF" (High Conservation Value Forests).


Dr. Glen Barry is a global spokesperson on behalf of environmental sustainability policy. Ecological Internet provides the world's leading climate and environment portals at //www.climateark.org/ and //www.ecoearth.info/ . Dr. Barry frequently conducts interviews on the latest climate, forest and water policy developments and can be reached at: glenbarry@ecologicalinternet.org.

Note Ecological Internet's NEW address:

Dr. Glen Barry
Ecological Internet, Inc. PO Box 9704 Seattle, WA 98109

DISCUSS RELEASE: //www.rainforestportal.org/issues/2008/11/greenpeace_reaffirms_support_f.asp


Der Geheimdienst und die Börse

Eine Studie nährt den Verdacht, dass CIA-Mitarbeiter, Politiker oder Manager sich im Vorfeld von "Aktionen" mittels Insider-Geschäften bereicherten.


Worry Builds Over Possible Confusion On Voting Day



Manufacturing activity at 26-year low

Eurozone edges towards recession

The worst financial crisis for generations has driven the European economy to the brink of recession and economic growth will come close to a standstill in 2009, the European commission has warned.


Manufacturing activity at 26-year low

Business research group says its index fell to recessionary level. - Employment in the manufacturing sector fell for the third month in a row.


Debt linked to huge buyouts is tightening the vise

"There's absolutely going to be a lot of pain to go around," said Josh Lerner, a professor of investment banking at Harvard Business School. "The big question is how apocalyptic it will be."


From Information Clearing House


US War Vets Going Blind

About 1.7 million American men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military studies show that up to 340,000 of them suffer from mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).



The brain trauma vets


No US bases in northern Iraq without Baghdad nod: Talabani

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has said that American troops can set up bases in northern Iraq's Kurdish region only if the Shiite-led government in Baghdad gives its approval.


From Information Clearing House


No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies

By John Cusack

No more money left to pay off the debt, the wreckage in the wake. The orgy of excess has drained every bottle, smashed the furniture and left the cupboards bare. All that's left is derivative debts -- bets between liars and lies. Trillions of dollars. It turned capitalism into a Ponzi scheme for trading worthless paper.



George W. Bush, the certain loser of this election

Bush has successfully linked the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan to his so-called "war on terror"

By Ron Jacobs

The Bush administration has successfully linked the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan to their so-called "war on terror." By doing so, they can do whatever they want.


Nowhere Man

A Farewell to Dubya, All-Time Loser in Presidential History

By Simon Schama

Where, O where are you, Dubya? Are you sweating it out on the treadmill, hurt and confused as to why the man everyone wanted to have a beer (or Coke) with, who swept to re-election four years ago, has been downgraded to all-time loser in presidential history, stuck there in the bush leagues along with the likes of James Buchanan and Warren Harding?


They've squandered lives, fortunes and our sacred honor

High tide arrived with the unlikeliest occupant of the Oval Office in our history, the beady-eyed, smirking, tongue-tied, counterfeit cowboy George W. Bush, and a Congress that after 9-11 was run by runaway Republicans who were too busy enriching themselves and their friends to care what their president was doing to the country, the Constitution and even their own party.


Bush's Last 100 Days the Ones to Watch

By Jesse Jackson

Bush and Vice President Cheney represent a failed conservative era -- and they know it. As the administration moves into its last 100 days, there seems to be a flurry of activity: regulations to forestall Obama's new era of accountability; a flood of contracts to reward friends and lock in commitments; a Wall Street bailout that is pumping money out the door.


From Information Clearing House


Bush Team Rushes Environment Policy Changes


The certain loser this election

by Steve Chapman


Regardless of what the polls say, it’s not clear who is going to win the presidential race. But it is clear who is going to lose: George W. Bush. If this contest proves anything, it’s that the electorate is sick of him and eager for someone very different. They might even prefer the candidate they elected in 2000. The one who promised to be ‘a uniter, not a divider.’ Who said he would ‘call for responsibility and try to live it as well.’ Who said the United States should be ‘a humble nation.’ Who faulted Al Gore for plotting to enlarge the government...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The End of a Subprime Administration

tomdispatch.com — Whatever his failures, Bush always walked away from disastrous dealings enriched, while others were left holding the bag. Now, he will leave a country functionally under the gun of foreclosure, a world far more aflame and dangerous than the one he faced on entering the Oval Office. But he won't suffer. This is how a legacy-student-turned-president fails upward. Every disaster leaves him better off. The same can't be said for the country or the world, saddled with his "legacy."



Neighbors fight cell antennas

By Rose Egge

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Neighbors from the west end of Admiral Way came together and spent over seven hours at Seattle municipal court in a hearing last week that will determine whether Verizon Wireless has the right to add eight new cell phone antennas to the existing three on the Sound Crest Apartment building.


Another Tour in Iraq, Another Tearful Goodbye for Marines

Tony Perry, The Los Angeles Times: "Marines and sailors are headed to Anbar province, but first, the pain of leaving family - again. The drill was new to some of the families attached to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369. But it was a familiar and heartbreaking scene for most who said goodbye yet again today to hundreds of Marines deploying to Iraq for repeat tours."



Is the Election About to Be Stolen in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Elsewhere?

Cynthia Boaz, Ange-Marie Hancock, David McCuan, Mark Crispin Miller and Michael Nagler, Truthout: "The general news media are doing a serious disservice to the cause of vigilance about honest elections by having, so far, neglected the case involving one of the McCain campaign's consultants on digital technology. It would be a travesty of historic proportions if Sen. Barack Obama won the national popular vote for president by a large margin, but lost the Electoral College narrowly because of electronic voting manipulation in two or three states."


Lawyers Across Georgia Plan to Keep Their Eyes on Voting Procedures

Heather Vogell, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "More lawyers will be watching Georgia's polls Tuesday than perhaps in any election in history, according to people involved in the effort. As a result, just about every poll worker in the state will be under legal teams' vigilant eye. For weeks, hundreds of attorneys in the metro area and around the state have filed into training sessions to learn what problems to look for on Election Day and what to do if they find them."



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Keine Weltbankkredite für Palmölindustrie

Regenwaldvernichtung durch Weltbankgeld

Im Oktober hat die zur Weltbank gehörende International Finance Corporation (IFC) einen Kredit an den indonesischen Palmölkonzern Wilmar bewilligt. Mit 45 Millionen US-Dollar finanziert die IFC den Bau einer Palmölraffinerie in der Ukraine. Verarbeitet wird Palmöl aus Asien. Deutschland ist drittgrößter Anteilseigner an Weltbank und IFC. Industrielle Palmölplantagen sind Hauptverursacher der Regenwaldrodung in Südostasien und der Ausrottung bedrohter Tier- und Pflanzenarten wie Orang-Utan-Menschenaffen. (Start: 03.11.2008)



Greens: No Cell Towers Near Schools/Preschools

4 November 2008 - The Green Party released its health policy on electro-magnetic radiation today, calling for a requirement that cell towers not be located near schools or childcare centres and for an independent review of the New Zealand standard on Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs).



Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Not the Warmakers



The Pentagon Is the President's Private Army



The Insanity of Mass Democracy



Fed Chairmen I've Known (and Fought)


The Moral Hazard of Regulation

Why Ron Paul Didn't Win But Can


Meet the McCain/Palin supporters




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