Montag, 17. November 2008

America's Wars of Self-Destruction

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: "War is a poison. It is a poison that nations and groups must at times ingest to ensure their survival. But, like any poison, it can kill you just as surely as the disease it is meant to eradicate. The poison of war courses unchecked through the body politic of the United States. We believe that because we have the capacity to wage war we have the right to wage war. We embrace the dangerous self-delusion that we are on a providential mission to save the rest of the world from itself, to implant our virtues-which we see as superior to all other virtues-on others, and that we have a right to do this by force. This belief has corrupted Republicans and Democrats alike. And if Barack Obama drinks, as it appears he will, the dark elixir of war and imperial power offered to him by the national security state, he will accelerate the downward spiral of the American empire."

GM Must Remake the Mass Transit System It Murdered

Harvey Wasserman, Common Dreams: "Bail out General Motors? The people who murdered our mass transit system? First let them remake what they destroyed."

Stopping Foreclosures: The Right to Rent

Dean Baker, Truthout: "Politicians often prefer complex solutions to simple problems. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the long list of complicated and convoluted proposals to address the country's foreclosure crisis ... For those not offended by simplicity, there is an easy solution. Congress can temporarily modify the rules on foreclosure to give families facing foreclosure the right to rent their homes at the market rate for a substantial period of time."

SPD-Widerstand gegen Schäubles BKA-Gesetz wächst

Der Widerstand in der SPD gegen das BKA-Gesetz der Bundesregierung wächst. Auf Drängen von Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) soll das Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) künftig unter anderem die Befugnis zu heimlichen Online-Durchsuchungen von Computern erhalten. Nach dem sächsischen SPD-Landesverband verlangte am Montag (17. November) auch Schleswig-Holsteins Innenminister Lothar Hay (SPD) Korrekturen an dem Vorhaben. Damit werden die Pläne der großen Koalition für zusätzliche Befugnisse des Bundeskriminalamts im Anti-Terror-Kampf voraussichtlich keine Mehrheit im Bundesrat finden. CDU und CSU reagierten mit heftiger Kritik am Koalitionspartner.


Das BKA als Hüter der Pressefreiheit?

Wenn der Bock zum Gärtner wird.äuble

Obama: Don't Worry About The Deficit


Bernie Horn is right that the most immediate fight we face is to prioritize massive public investment to get the economy back on track and de-prioritize short-term deficit reduction. One thing now is crystal clear: which side the President-Elect is on.

As Washington Panics, the Economy Burns

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON — So, $290 billion into his bailout plan, Hank Paulson is calling for a do-over. Now there is a confidence booster.

Operation Enduring Disaster: Breaking With Afghan Policy

Tariq Ali, "Afghanistan has been almost continuously at war for 30 years, longer than both World Wars and the American war in Vietnam combined. Each occupation of the country has mimicked its predecessor. A tiny interval between wars saw the imposition of a malignant social order, the Taliban, with the help of the Pakistani military and the late Benazir Bhutto, the prime minister who approved the Taliban takeover in Kabul. Over the last two years, the US/NATO occupation of that country has run into serious military problems."

Rather's Lawsuit Shows Role of GOP in Inquiry

Jacques Steinberg, The New York Times: "When Dan Rather filed suit against CBS 14 months ago - claiming, among other things, that his former employer had commissioned a politically biased investigation into his work on a '60 Minutes' segment about President Bush's National Guard service - the network predicted the quick and favorable dismissal of the case, which it derided as 'old news.' So far, Mr. Rather has spent more than $2 million of his own money on the suit. And according to documents filed recently in court, he may be getting something for his money."

US Confirms It Held 12 Juveniles at Guantanamo

The Associated Press: "The US has revised its count of juveniles ever held at Guantanamo Bay to 12, up from the eight it reported in May to the United Nations, a Pentagon spokesman said Sunday. The government has provided a corrected report to the UN committee on child rights, according to Navy Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon."

When they say to you that 'mistakes were made,' never believe that

Never Forget

Marc Ash, Truthout: "When they say to you that 'mistakes were made,' never believe that. Mistakes are always made, but mistakes did not lead us on the road to Baghdad. We were taken to Iraq by those who knew exactly, precisely what they were doing. Or believed so anyway. Do not be persuaded to believe that 'bad intelligence' was the problem and war was the unfortunate result. No one who made this war believed themselves what they told the nation. They knew quite well and they went anyway. And they took us with them."

Soyaanbau bedroht Wälder und Menschen in Paraguay

In Paraguay sind die gentechnisch veränderten Sojamonokulturen heutzutage die hauptsächliche Ursache für Abholzung, Zerstörung und Verschmutzung von Ökosystemen, von Gewalt und Vertreibung von Kleinbauern und Einheimischen. Paraguay verfügt über ungefähr 2,6 Millionen Hektar an Sojaplantagen, die für den Export von Tierfutter und seit kurzem auch für die Produktion von Agrartreibstoffen bestimmt sind. (Start: 16.11.2008)

Cellphones in Yellowstone?

A proposal to expand cellphone towers in the park and install wireless Internet service in its hotels -- where TVs are banned -- has environmentalists furious.

By Nicholas Riccardi

November 17, 2008

Reporting from Yellowstone National Park -- Natural forces over millennia created the geysers, peaks and canyons that fascinate visitors here. But a newer feature is emerging on this stunning landscape -- cellphone towers.

One juts out from a hill behind Old Faithful; another crowns one of the park's most prominent peaks. Hikers occasionally stumble across cellphone equipment on trails around Mammoth Hot Springs. Visitors chatting on their phones have become as common in some areas as wandering bison.

Read More...,0,7846176.story

Informant: Teresa Binstock

There is no end to the centuries of savagery in Afghanistan

Robert Fisk's World

Geneva Conventions were supposed to end the mass destruction of human life.

From Information Clearing House

Govt. approval on pact "meaningless", parliment to reject it - Sadrists

The government's approval on the security pact between Iraq and the United States is "meaningless", according to a spokesman for Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr's bloc said.

Iraqi cleric calls for peaceful mass protest against U.S. occupation

In a letter, al-Sadr called for a pan-Muslim Friday prayer sermon in central Baghdad's Firdous Square next week, instead of separate services in individual mosques.

Lawmakers meet with top cleric on U.S.-Iraq pact

Two senior Iraqi lawmakers have been meeting with the country's top Shiite cleric, hoping to win his support for a U.S.-Iraq security pact. - . An aide to al-Sistani has said he would "intervene" in the discussions if the agreement's final draft infringed on sovereignty.

Last month, Muqtada said, "If they tell you that the agreement ends the presence of the occupation, let me tell you that the occupier will retain its bases. And whoever tells you that it gives us sovereignty is a liar."

By Pepe Escobar

From Information Clearing House

"Family Values" Up Close under the Roof of Domestic Terror

The Architects of Fear: "Family Values" Up Close under the Roof of Domestic Terror

By Craig Chalquist, PhD

Are all conservatives abusers? No. But many who supported the prior administration's psychopathic war on human and environmental rights demonstrate the red warning signs of the Authoritarian Personality. This makes them extremely dangerous, the more so when their rhetoric of patriotic fervor and Christian decency goes unchallenged.

Bush Could Pardon Spies Involved in Torture

By Tim Shipman in Washington

A former CIA officer familiar with the backstage lobbying for pardons, said: "These are the people President Bush asked to fight the war on terror for him. He gave them the green light to fight tough. The view of many in the intelligence community is that he should not leave them vulnerable to legal censure when he leaves.

Torturing Demoracy

Full Video And Transcript

The documentary, "Torturing Democracy," and the first stage of a comprehensive Torture Archive that aims to serve as the online institutional memory of the essential documentary evidence.

A My Lai a Month

By Nick Turse

To this day, Vietnamese civilians in the Mekong Delta recall the horrors of Operation Speedy Express and the countless civilians killed to drive up body count. Army records indicate that no Ninth Infantry Division troops, let alone commanders, were ever court-martialed for killing civilians during the operation.

From Information Clearing House


Congress Must Debate The Implications Of A Bush Self-Pardon

Many people have been asking us, "Could Bush actually pardon himself?". Would it be despicable? Sure it would. Would it be shameless and cowardly? Yes, that and that too. But all those adjectives fit Bush like O.J.'s glove before it shrunk from being soaked completely in blood. Which means he is absolutely is planning on doing it.

And only impeachment could stop it. We need to talk about this. We need Congress to talk about this. And Congress is in session this week, so we need you to speak out this week while there is still time.

Impeach Now Action Page:

Tens of thousands of you submitted the action page on this last week. Do it again. Please speak out again while we still can. There is already a drum beat in the right wing media calling on Bush to pardon his whole administration. Only our voices can raise the price of such action so that there would be real consequences.

We have not given up, and will never give up hope on justice. We will be taking delivery of another huge shipment of the "Impeach Both!!!" caps that are still so popular. But this might be the last batch. So if you want to demonstrate your support for impeachment, please request yours now from the return page of the action page submission.

Impeach Now Action Page:

Will Congress now act? That is not the yardstick of the worth of our activism. We speak out because we must speak out, whether we are heeded or not. Let history record that we spoke out until the last minute to the eternal shame of those who did not. Because when enough of us speak out at once, the worst thing that can possibly happen is that we are building the progressive base for the REAL change of the future.

So Bush most certainly is planning on pardoning himself. And all the right wing lock down ideologues in the corporate controlled media will call it "healing". Let's all make nice with war criminals? Shall we all make nice with the gang rape of our economy, our environment and our Constitution? We think not.

And one more thing. You know that come January 20th the right wing will start calling for the impeachment of our new president, over a endless litany of the most ridiculous of trivial trifles. In fact it has already started even though he has not even taken office. If they are so hot on impeaching someone, let them speak out now, when it truly is called for, or shut the hell up in 65 days.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Bush Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees

Juliet Eilperin and Carol D. Leonnig, The Washington Post: "Just weeks before leaving office, the Interior Department's top lawyer has shifted half a dozen key deputies - including two former political appointees who have been involved in controversial environmental decisions - into senior civil service posts. The transfer of political appointees into permanent federal positions, called 'burrowing' by career officials, creates security for those employees, and at least initially will deprive the incoming Obama administration of the chance to install its preferred appointees in some key jobs."


Ask Your House Member To Co-Sponsor H.Res. 1531 Against The Bush Preemptive Pardons

Another day, another non-denial denial that Bush is planning midnight preemptive blanket pardons for his entire gang, including himself. In an article in the New York Times the other day, current attorney general Mukasey is quoted as asserting it would not be "necessary". Please take careful note he did not say it wouldn't happen, because unless we speak out now it WILL.

The best shot we have is H.Res. 1531 which puts the administration on clear notice that there will be strong push back from Congress if they attempt such a scurrilous stunt. Please submit this action page to ask your House member to sign on as a co-sponsor of this measure.

Support H.Res. 1531 Action Page:

We all know that George Bush as someone without even the guts to face his own music, he who sent more that four thousand brave Americans to their senseless graves, for a premeditated and knowing lie in Iraq, tens of thousands of American crippled and mutilated for life, trillions looted from our economy, and he doesn't even have the simple courage to risk the accountability of having to defend his numberless crimes in a fair trial.

It is now known that Nixon seriously considered pardoning himself, but even he was not THAT despicable. George Bush most certainly is. And remember that his administration has been infested with Nixon era cronies like Cheney and Rumsfeld, so it is no surprise that the malfeasance of the Nixon era has been magnified in the last eight years.

Nixon infamously said, "If the president does it that means it is not illegal", conveniently after his own blanket pardon by the way. That has been their creed. The entire Bush administration has been one ongoing criminal enterprise since day one, a wrecking ball to the Constitution and rule of law, with torture, illegal surveillance, obstruction and perversion of justice in the firing of U.S. attorneys, not to mention national level election fraud, the naked treason of outing Valerie Plame, and on and on.

And the only way we can make sure nothing like this EVER happens again is to demand full accountability, so that all America truly understands what a miserable, lying, cowardly creep we were so foolish as to allow get away with stealing two successive presidential elections.

Please call on your members of Congress to immediately sign on to H.Res. 1531, and let's have a real national debate on the coming greatest outrage of all, before they get away with that too.

Support H.Res. 1531 Action Page:

And you can also still get an "Impeach Both!!!" cap from the return page from the action page submission. We're not going to say "while supplies last", because we'll manufacture as many as you can wear, right up until the last minute. Another 600 are going out today, for a total of upwards of 2,000 more in just the last two weeks. So if you have already requested yours, it is most likely already on the way.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Obama Vows to Exit Iraq and Rebuild US 'Moral Stature'

By Jitendra Joshi

President-elect Barack Obama vowed to pull troops out of Iraq, crush Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and shut down the Guantanamo Bay camp as part of a dramatic foreign policy break with George W. Bush.

All the King's Men

By John S. Hatch

For all the goodwill Mr. Obama now enjoys, it's possible that if he tries to ignore the crimes of the last eight years, he will reap a whirlwind of outrage exacerbated by the befalling economic disaster, another Bush legacy. He risks becoming a one-term President, replaced in the ever more desperate hope of real change.

America the Illiterate

By Chris Hedges

We live in two Americas. One America, now the minority, functions in a print-based, literate world. It can cope with complexity and has the intellectual tools to separate illusion from truth. The other America, which constitutes the majority, exists in a non-reality-based belief system. This America, dependent on skillfully manipulated images for information, has severed itself from the literate, print-based culture. It cannot differentiate between lies and truth. It is informed by simplistic, childish narratives and clichés.

Nothing To Lose But Your Chains

By Mickey Z.

Today, the entire planet is profit-seeking corporations and the corrupt politicians they own (yes, including the Pope of Hope). Are this generation's abolitionists ready to step up and create change? Not ask for change, create change.

The Dollar Standard Is Coming To An End

Video - Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summitt

One Central Bank For The World to Replace The Dollar Standard.

The no-think nation

The Crisis Has Hardly Begun

By Paul Craig Roberts

The exchange value of the dollar will decline with the domestic inflation. Once inflation is off and running, the printing press dollars will only have goods made in America to chase after. The real crisis has not yet begun.

Rasantes Wachstum der globalen Finanzspekulation trotz Finanzkrise


Alles in Frage stellen?

„Was da gerade über uns hereinbricht, gilt als schwerste Krise seit der Weltwirtschaftskrise in den dreißiger Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts. Damals war der Finanzkrach 1929 erst das Vorbeben der großen Krise, in der sich in Deutschland z.B. die Arbeitslosigkeit in zwei Jahren vervierfachte und es zu großem Elend kam. Also kommen die dicken Brocken in den nächsten zwei oder drei Jahren erst noch auf uns zu. Haben die, die uns regieren und beherrschen, eigentlich noch einen Plan? (..) Und wenn das Geld in den letzten Jahren sowieso nur Spielgeld war - und diese Spielchen nun so furchtbar zusammengekracht sind - können wir uns dann nicht auch gleich eine gesellschaftliche Produktion ohne Geld vorstellen? Müssen wir uns das nicht sogar vorstellen? Anstatt in Demut abzuwarten, dass die Krise mal wieder auf unserem Rücken ausgetragen wird, sollten wir da ein Wörtchen mitreden! Denkt mal drüber nach! Und redet mit Euren KollegInnen. Wir melden uns demnächst wieder.“ Aufruf von FAU VAB-Frankfurt vom 10.11.08 (pdf)

Wohin mit dem ganzen Geld? Der Kapitalismus ist dauerhaft nicht beherrschbar

„"Eine kleine Bank”, sagte einmal jemand, „kann man pleite gehen lassen. Eine große, an der das ganze System hängt, kann man nicht pleite gehen lassen, weil dann alles zusammenbrechen würde.” Genau so funktioniert Aneignung, und warum machen wir das eigentlich nicht auch so? Wenn die Leute sich erst einmal massenhaft holen würden, was sie brauchen, wäre Politik ein anderes Spiel...“ Artikel von Werner Rätz in der SoZ - Sozialistische Zeitung – vom November 2008

Einen Kapitalismus ohne Krisen gibt es nicht!

„Die „Finanzkrise“ ist in aller Munde. Und der Aufschrei der bürgerlichen Politiker ist groß. Ein Heiner Geißler spricht offen vom Kapitalismus, jedoch ohne um das Wesen zu erklären oder zu kritisieren. Doch der Tenor solcher Politiker ist: Einzelne aktuelle Erscheinungen seien schlecht, aber das System als solches sei richtig. Die Marktwirtschaft oder soziale Marktwirtschaft, wie sie den Kapitalismus nennen, müsse hier und da etwas reformiert werden und dann sei alles ok….“ Flugblatt der Gruppe Wissenschaftlicher Sozialismus (GWS)(pdf)

Antrag auf Ausschüttung des Anteils am 500-Milliarden-Rettungspaket

„da die privaten Banken in Deutschland sich im Gegensatz zu den staatlichen Landesbanken schämen, die von ihnen selbst mitgeschnürten Rettungspakete in Anspruch zu nehmen, möchte ich als gutes Beispiel vorangehen und beantrage aus patriotischen Gründen die Auszahlung meines Anteils in Höhe von 6097,– Euro (500.000.000.000 € : 82.000.000 Bundesbürger)….“ Muster eines an unseren Bundesfinanzminister gerichteten Antrags (pdf)

Großzügige Koalition - Anmerkungen zur Erbschaftsteuerreform

„Silvester dürften in den feinsten Kreisen unserer Gesellschaft die Champagnerkorken noch lauter als sonst knallen, weil die Große Koalition sich nach jahrelangem Tauziehen auf eine Erbschaftsteuerreform geeinigt hat, die besonders Wohlhabende, Reiche und Superreiche begünstigt...“ Artikel von Wolfgang Lieb vom 12. November 2008 auf den Nachdenkseiten

Eine bizarre Umverteilung. Das Steuergeschenk bei der Krankenversicherung ist keine Bagatelle

„Existenzminimum - dieses Wort klingt so absolut. Es transportiert die Idee eines nicht verhandelbaren Mindestbedarfs, der für jeden Menschen gleich sein muss. Aber so funktioniert das nicht in Deutschland. Wieder einmal zeigt sich, dass das Existenzminimum für Reiche weit höher angesiedelt ist als für Normalbürger. Konkret geht es diesmal darum, dass ab 2010 die Beiträge zur Pflege- und Krankenversicherung fast vollständig von der Einkommensteuer abgesetzt werden dürfen…“ Kommentar von Ulrike Herrmann in der taz vom 10.11.2008

Aus: LabourNet, 17. November 2008


Der Bankraub


Weltfinanzgipfel für noch mehr Freihandel

Überwachung statt Regulierung der Finanzmärkte

Der Weltfinanzgipfel in Washington hat sich am Wochenende mit den globalen Kapitalmärkten befasst. Vor dem Hintergrund der Finanzkrise beschlossen die Staats- und Regierungschefs der G20-Staaten keine scharfe Regulierung der Finanzmärkte, sondern lediglich eine Überwachung von Märkten, Produkten und Teilnehmern. Damit sollen die Transparenz und die Kontrolle der Finanzmärkte verbessert werden. Zugleich wurde der weitere Weg in einen ungezügelten festgelegt. So sprach sich der Gipfel ausdrücklich gegen protektionistische Maßnahmen aus. Auch soll in der Doha-Runde eine Einigung über den weiteren Abbau von Handelsschranken erzielt werden. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) zeigt sich sehr zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen.


Das Kursfeuerwerk an den Börsen ist schon wieder vorbei

Wie zuvor nach der Verkündung von milliardenschweren Rettungs- und Konjunkturpaketen verpuffte die Euphorie an den Börsen erneut schnell.


Kapitalmärkte müssen gerechter gestaltet werden

"Brot für die Welt" präsentiert Kriterien für ethische Geldanlagen.

Uproar over mobile phone base station

7:00am Monday 17th November 2008

CAMPAIGNERS are fighting to stop a proposed mobile phone base station being built near a school in Grays.

Vodafone have submitted an application to Thurrock Council to put the base at Viking House, next to the Daneholes roundabout.

Parent Andrea Wright, 40, of Gunning Road, Little Thurrock, said: “It’s such a short distance from the Little Thurrock Primary School and I am not happy t these masts are completely safe.”

Ward Councillor for Little Thurrock, Rob Gledhill, has backed Mrs Wright’s concerns.

He said: “Councillor Ben Maney and I are appalled Vodafone want to add more phone masts on Lodge Lane.


Torture, yes we can?

by Justin Raimondo


Most politicians wait at least until they’ve been sworn in before they start breaking their campaign promises. In this sense, as in so many others, Barack Obama represents an entirely new phenomenon: the politician who preemptively reneges. A recent Wall Street Journal piece describing the transition process as it relates to intelligence-gathering reveals we aren’t going to see much change in this vitally important realm, the one in which the Bush administration truly made its blackest mark. This will ‘create tension within the Democratic party,’ we are told, apparently because even the worst party hacks will have a hard time going along with the revised Obama Doctrine on the issue of torture...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Say no to the auto bailout

Cato Institute
by Daniel J. Mitchell


General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and the United Auto Workers union are pouring millions of dollars into a lobbying campaign for a taxpayer bailout. The money devoted to influence peddling in Washington would be better spent on improving quality and finding ways to reduce a bloated cost structure, but both management and UAW have decided that fleecing taxpayers is a better option. A taxpayer bailout would be a terrible mistake...

Deja moo

from Reason to Freedom
by Michelle L


In a move that should surprise no one, the Big Three Automakers have come begging for a bailout and are using their most potent weapon; dire threats of further economic collapse and job loss, as blackmail. The reason that this is the very essence of non-news is that not only has the government bailed out one of the industry thugs before, but anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure out that a business model based on products with engineered obsolescence and manufactured in an environment of out-of-control pensions and locked-in union contracts is going to be at the mercy of market trends. It is no secret that the Big Three has long been behind the ball insofar as alternate fuel/high-mileage vehicles for quite some time; preferring to reap huge profits on the SUV/pickup market at the expense of redesigning for fuel efficiency...

What makes Big Business bad

Classically Liberal
by CLS

That a corporation is large poses, in and of itself, very little threat provided that is required to operated in a depoliticized environment. If, however, the marketplace is politicized through strings of regulations, controls, subsidies, taxes, etc., then the corporation has every incentive to use its size and wealth to buy political influence in order to skew the results in their favor. Considering that their competitors will be doing this as well any corporation would be stupid not to act in this manner. But Big Business becomes a threat only to the degree that it can impose its will on people. And that can only be done through the use of Big Government...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Chrysler Bailout

Globalization: Spreading the wealth (of mistakes)

Strike the Root
by Les Lafave


If not for the remnants of the dollar’s reserve currency status, the credit collapse in the U.S. would have much more of that emerging market bubble flavor (possibly without the imitation butter) — among the primary features, a crashing currency and soaring interest rates. The circulation of the credit collapse has to seem pretty sickening overseas, but the apparent high dollar, low interest boon for the U.S. is in fact a slow motion tragedy. Our leaders are grabbing the wrong signals with desperate enthusiasm, trying to recover the past and oblivious to the future...

Bailouts destroy prudence

Tibor's Space
by Tibor R. Machan


Instead of making it possible for you to deal with your reduced resources, instead of letting you make the budgetary adjustments you can make within the context of your own life circumstances, the politicians are insisting that if you refuse to spend the big bucks on those Detroit gas guzzlers, for example, they will tax you and hand over what they have extorted from you to the car makers, never mind your prudent choices. In time the savings you thought you could garner from your good sense and discipline will have to be shelled out in extra taxes so as to bail out those who aren’t getting your business any more. Instead of insisting that those who make the big cars and whatever else that’s no longer in demand in the market place make their own adjustments, tighten their own belts, etc., the politicians insist that they continue to be paid as if nothing had happened, no one changed his or her purchasing behavior, as if the economy continued to be in fine shape...!B2FD693F4B9A5746!538.entry

Untangling the corporatist knot

Cato Unbound
by Steven Horwitz

Long raises one of my own favorite examples of the conflation problem: ‘privatization.’ I would like to see us ditch the term ‘privatization’ for two reasons. First, many of the things government does and then ‘contracts out’ are things that no one should be doing in the first place, either publicly or privately. The use of private contractors in Iraq is the most obvious example here. … Second, in the cases where state-provided goods and services could be better supplied in the market, the real goal is not ‘privatization’ but ‘de-monopolization.’ What advocates of free markets should be arguing is that the monopoly privilege bestowed by government is the source of trouble, regardless of whether the organization receiving that privilege is public or private...

Five-trillion-dollar frenzy

Disloyal Opposition
by JD Tuccille


Remember when we were just bitching about a $700 billion bailout to favored banks in the financial industry? Well, break out your spare zeros. Forbes reports that the total is much, much higher — and still growing. … Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if, having gotten away with mind-numbing outrages for decades, most of our political class is so jaded that they’re doing all of this on a dare. ‘Hey guys! Let’s throw a few hundred billion more at my brother-in-law and see if that starts a revolution. Nancy! I bet you my private island that they sit still for it’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp$700

Documenting the Surge: The realities of the occupation

The Women's International Perspective
by Jennifer Fenton


Army Sergeant Casey J. Porter has many battles to fight, and unlike the dramatizations of politicians and media commentators, his battles are concrete, real, and hard fought. During his time as an enlisted soldier deployed in Iraq, Casey has undergone an evolutionary process, one that has taken him from warrior to peace activist. His talent and passion for filmmaking have given him the perfect medium for his personal expression. Utilizing his current circumstances and natural talent as a filmmaker to speak out against the war, Casey’s films have turned the heads of people like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and filmmaker Michael Moore...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Panel finds widespread Gulf War illness

Rome [GA] News-Tribune

At least one in four U.S. veterans of the 1991 Gulf War suffers from a multi-symptom illness caused by exposure to toxic chemicals during the conflict, a congressionally mandated report being released Monday found. For much of the past 17 years, government officials have maintained that these veterans — more than 175,000 out of about 697,000 deployed — are merely suffering the effects of wartime stress, even as more have come forward recently with severe ailments. ‘The extensive body of scientific research now available consistently indicates that “Gulf War illness” is real, that it is the result of neurotoxic exposures during Gulf War deployment, and that few veterans have recovered or substantially improved with time,’ said the report, being released Monday by a panel of scientists and veterans...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Link to full Gulf War Illness Report

Lots of info being shared on this landmark Gulf War Illness report today. Thanks to all the members of various lists for taking the time to send it forth. Above is a link to the full report---450 pages--wish I had the ink and paper to copy it. This could be a huge resource for those of us doing activism work for the chemically injured. And for those of us who have worked with the Gulf War vets, this just feels so right. I have received so many emails today saying this is what validation feels like! So many have already died, but hopefully this will be of help to many so that the suffering and too-soon deaths can stop. We can only hope that the next steps taken are morally and ethically correct--and that is to stop the poisoning and loss of health and life for the civilian and military populations. We are the tip of the iceberg in the vast degradation of our Earth and her inhabitants by environmental toxicants.

Below is a link to an article from Boston University School of Public Health.

Maggie MacRaven

Informant: Dorothee Krien


Panel: Gulf War Illness Confirmed

Thomas D. Williams, Truthout: "A federal health panel released conclusions Monday that evidence strongly and consistently indicates hundreds of thousands of US troops in the first Gulf War contracted long-term illnesses from use of pills, given by their own military to protect them from effects of chemical weaponized nerve agents, and from their military's pesticide use during deployment."

Amazonas-Regenwald soll zur Rodung freigegeben werden

Eine Gesetzesvorlage soll Waldbesitzern die Abholzung von 50 Prozent ihres Gundbesitzes erlauben.

EU-Recht und Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Wenn der Europäische Gerichtshof über die Klage Irlands entscheidet, geht es nicht nur um Formalia.

Bulgarisches Gericht verbietet Vorratsdatenspeicherung

In Bulgarien wurden Überwachungs- und Abhörmaßnahmen ausgebaut, ein Geheimdienst spähte in der Operation Galerie über 50 Journalisten aus.Überwachung

Tierschutz extrem: Überwachung?

Wie die Forderung nach einem Tierhalterpass Überwachungsfreunden in die Hände spielt.Überwachung

Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame

Fractional Reserve Banking Is Fraudulent

The Case for Bigger Government

In Transition, Tangle of Ties to Lobbying

David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times: "President-elect Barack Obama has imposed stricter conflict-of-interest restrictions on his White House transition team than any president before him. But a list of transition team members that his office made public on Friday includes a complicated tangle of ties to private influence-seekers."

"I Heard a Tap-Tap of Gunfire, But I Didn't Realize My Legs Had Gone"

Paul Harris, The Guardian UK: "As the man and woman walked slowly towards the war memorial in Chicago last week, the figure of Barack Obama was instantly recognizable. But as the pair hugged after laying a wreath in the ceremony, it was the young woman who caught the attention of the media and whose photograph flashed around the world.... The woman was Tammy Duckworth, one of the most remarkable figures to emerge from the conflict."

Without a conspiracy, how could the "bailout" of the banksters have happened?

Informant: John Perna


Banker + gangster = bankster


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