Samstag, 8. November 2008

Right Tears Itself Apart in Pinning Blame for McCain's Defeat

Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian UK: "As the implosion of the defeated Republican campaign continued yesterday, the landscape of American conservatism was dotted with signs that these were very strange times indeed. Rush Limbaugh, behemoth of rightwing radio, took to the airwaves to declare war on two enemies: Barack Obama and the Republican party. Bloggers at, an internet hub for conservatives, announced a boycott of Fox News and John McCain's aides fell over one another to leak embarrassing details about the campaign to the press."

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Renewed talk that Israel may strike Iran before Obama's inaugural

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Erneuter Börsensturz trotz Zinssenkungen und Rettungsplänen

Erstmals seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg werden die Wirtschaftsleistungen der Industriestaaten über ein Jahr schrumpfen, kündigt der IWF an.

Governor Palin you do not have a chance of getting the Republican nomination for President in 2012

Jobs lost in 2008: 1.2 million: Unemployment soars to 6.5%

With most economic indicators signaling even more difficult times ahead, job losses will likely deepen and continue through at least the first half of 2009.

Consumer bankruptcies in October top 100,000

The sagging economy sparked 106,266 consumer bankruptcy filings in October, the first time monthly filings topped 100,000 since the bankruptcy law changed in 2005, the American Bankruptcy Institute said Tuesday.

Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Fell 4.6%

Fewer Americans signed contracts to buy previously owned homes in September, indicating the credit crisis will inflict more damage on the housing market.

US retail sales worst in 35 years; holiday view cut

"The great unknown is just how much lower can consumer spending go?" said Piper Jaffray analyst Jeff Klinefelter. "With savings rates at historic lows and constraints on the availability of consumer credit, I just think there's concern that the perfect storm is brewing."

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Iraq: No US presence beyond 2011

Iraqi national security adviser Muwaffaq al-Rubaie said on Thursday that the US had agreed to remove a clause from the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which would allow US troops to stay in Iraq after 2011.

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From Cold War To Class War

An interview with Dr. Michael Hudson - financial economist and historian

By Guns and Butter - Audio

Will the US default on its foreign debt?

American History X

By David Cook

If you ever doubted the concept of white privilege, ask yourself: when was the last time a white man wept with joy because another white man was elected president?

Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist?

By Naomi Klein

Terrible looting of public capital has a habit of taking place during periods of dramatic political transition, and Bush has one underway.

The Escalation of the New Arms Race

By Rev. Richard Skaff

So here we are, once again, a new American administration, a new conflict, a new monster to quell, and a new arms race.

Why the GM - Cerberus - Chrysler Bailout is Bad for Taxpayers

By Robert Farago

Cerberus Capital, a highly secretive NYC-based vulture investment fund, wants the U.S. government and taxpayers to bailout its failed investment in Chrysler and its failing investment in GMAC. Its partner in this raid on the US Treasury is General Motors, a woefully insolvent automobile manufacturer whose CEO is paid $40k each day. Here's why a bailout for GM and/or Chrysler is a bad idea.

Election Gives Early-Balloting Initiatives a Boost

Richard Wolf, USA TODAY: "For voters who encountered problems at the polls Tuesday, ranging from hours-long lines to missing registrations to deceptive fliers and phone calls, help could be on the way. State and federal officials are poised to consider a number of changes designed to make it easier for millions of Americans to get registered, stay registered and vote without problems."

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