Freitag, 14. November 2008

Israel must stop issuing military threats against Iran

'Israel war on Iran on the radar'

A senior European Union diplomat says the perfect time for Israel to strike Iranian nuclear installations 'is between now and January 20'.

Israel must stop issuing military threats against Iran

German MP: "It is Israel that is threatening Iran and not the other way around," Norman Paech wrote in an op-ed piece for the Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel.

Olmert warns of 'end of Israel'

"If the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights, then the State of Israel is finished" Ehud Olmert.

From Information Clearing House

Britain out of Iraq by late 2009: Iraqi official

All British troops will be out of Iraq by the end of next year, Iraq's national security advisor said Friday, days before Baghdad was expected to vote on a controversial U.S. military pact.

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How US Claims About Syria Became Media Facts

By Sharif Nashashibi

Unwary journalists who repeat US army claims about Syria and Iraq become tools in a propaganda war.

Why Did the West Ignore the Truth About the War in Georgia?

By Mary Dejevsky

The US and UK left the impression that Russia was the guilty party.

Time to Move On: Let the Trials Begin

Time to Move On to the Recriminations


Amid the euphoria and angst of the Obama apotheosis, the unreality of a mismanaged, two trillion dollar, taxpayer funded bailout of freewheeling capitalists, and the wars of limbo in Iraq and Afghanistan, one little thing is being overlooked.

Wall Street's Bailout is a Trillion-Dollar Crime Scene

Why Aren't the Dems Doing Something About It?

By Naomi Klein

The more details emerge, the clearer it becomes that Washington's handling of the Wall Street bailout is not merely incompetent. It is borderline criminal.

Is this swimming pool Ireland’s biggest cell phone mast?

Posted by smeddum on August 2, 2008

Health fears over phone masts at pool

The biggest phone mast in Ireland? Herald ie

By Kevin Doyle

Thursday July 31 2008

IS this swimming pool “Ireland’s biggest phone mast”?

Around 50 mobile phone and telecommunication devices on top of a Dublin swimming pool are a “serious health risk” and “an eyesore”, it was claimed today.

The sheer quantity of masts at the Coolock pool is “shocking and scary”, according to Fine Gael TD Terence Flanagan.

“The pool at the Northside Shopping Centre must be the largest phone mast in the country,” he said.

According to Deputy Flanagan there is widespread concern in the area about “the massive cluster of mobile phone masts”.

The pool is used on a daily basis by children and during the school terms a number of local primary schools use it for swimming lessons.

Although there were initially just a few small pieces of equipment on the roof, it has been consistently added to in recent years.

Dublin City Council were unable to confirm exactly how many masts are on the building but locals estimate that there could be as many as 50.

“I was shocked to discover through further investigation that there is an alarming proliferation of mobile phone masts and telecommunication equipment,” said Deputy Flanagan, adding: “There are serious health risks associated with mobile phone masts.”


Informant: Dorothee Krien

Feingold An Advocate For Restoring Rule of Law

Obama Has to Pay for Eight Years of Bush's Delusions

Weeks After Bank Bailout, No Help For Homeowners

Depression Economics Returns

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "The economic news, in case you haven't noticed, keeps getting worse. Bad as it is, however, I don't expect another Great Depression. In fact, we probably won't see the unemployment rate match its post-Depression peak of 10.7 percent, reached in 1982 (although I wish I was sure about that)."

Residents to have their say on phone mast

Reporter: Jan Harwood

Date online: 14/11/2008

Residents in North Middleton can have their say on plans to build a phone mast on land off Hanson Close until 24 November.

Plans for the 17.5 metre high mast were submitted by mobile phone company O2 last month and the publicity period for the proposal ends next week.


Bloomberg Sues the Fed for Bailout Disclosure

Charley James, The LA Progressive: "Lost in the wake of Henry Paulson's announcement Wednesday that Treasury is 'changing direction' in how it doles out money in the bank rescue plan is a little-noticed lawsuit filed last Friday by Bloomberg LP, the business news wire service. It is suing the Federal Reserve Board's governors for public records that would answer two simple questions: Who is receiving $2 trillion in Fed loans and what collateral are taxpayers getting to support them? That's trillion, with a 't.' And, yes, as hard as it is to believe, taxpayers don't know the identity of the borrowers to whom they are lending. They also don't know what kind of junk - Stocks? Bonds? Three milk cows and a '69 Camaro? - they are getting to collateralize the federal loans."

Democrats to White House: Preserve Your Records

Pamela Hess, The Associated Press: "Senate Democrats on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees last week told the White House to preserve all records produced by the Bush administration and expressed 'particular concerns' whether Vice President Dick Cheney's office will comply with the law. 'We believe it is vital the presidential and vice presidential documents belonging to the American people be preserved, including those related to key national security decisions in which the (office of the vice president) played an important role,' the senators wrote in the Nov. 7 letter to White House lawyer Fred Fielding. The letter was obtained by The Associated Press."

Against Schools Fingerprinting of Children

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

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G20 To Begin Implementation Of Global Financial Dictatorship

Bid for seven mobile masts 'to plug gaps'

Friday, November 14, 2008, 09:14

MOBILE phone giant Vodafone is bidding to install seven new mobile phone masts around Torbay.

The applications, which will be considered by Torbay Council planners on Monday, are to plug gaps in 3G coverage.

The locations are Herbert Road, Hawkins Avenue, St Vincent's Road, Perinville Road, Grafton Road and Warberry Road in Torquay and, in Paignton, at Lammas Lane.

The plan to install a 10-metre-high mock telegraph pole on an area of land sandwiched between Herbert Road, Vicarage Hill and St Matthews Road is the most controversial, sparking 116 objections.


The assaults on constitutional freedoms are bipartisan

A long train of abuses

The American Conservative
by Alexander Cockburn

If there’s one thing defenders of civil liberties know, it’s that assaults on constitutional freedoms are bipartisan. Just as constitutional darkness didn’t first fall with the arrival in the Oval Office of George W. Bush, the shroud will not lift with his departure and the entry of President Barack Obama. As atrocious as the Bush record on civil liberties has been, there’s no more eager and self-righteous hand reaching out to the Bill of Rights to drop it into the shredder than that of a liberal intent on legislating freedom... (for publication 11/17/08)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Does anyone care about economic common sense?

by McQ


A bailout won’t fix GM. It will only prop it up. And given it’s situation, that won’t last long either. So it most likely would mean a further ‘investment’ would be necessary later — the AIG model if you will. Bankruptcy is not only the smarter choice, it avoids the moral hazard inherent in government bailouts as well as avoiding throwing good money after bad...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Planners reject phone mast plan near play area

7:40am Friday 14th November 2008

PLANS to place a phone mast measuring more than 12 metres close to a children’s play area have been thrown out by councillors.

Mobile phone giant O2 applied for the 12.5 metre radio base to be placed on Warrington Road, Penketh.

The matter was brought before the borough council’s development control committee last Wednesday after Penketh Parish Council objected to the plans.

Clr Fiona Bruce, of Penketh and Cuerdley, said there seemed to be a precedent for masts to be placed on the area as four were already sited close to Warrington Road.


Destroying Oregon's coastal forests is unacceptable

Pentagon setzt verstärkt auf Kampfdrohnen

In Afghanistan werden neue Stützpunkte mit Start- und Landebahnen für Drohnen an der Grenze zu Pakistan eingerichtet, um die Flugzeiten zu verringern und vermutlich mehr Einsätze auch in Pakistan zu ermöglichen.

Schritt zu einem deutschen FBI und zum Präventionsstaat

Oppositionsparteien halten Protest gegen das BKA-Gesetz aufrecht. Ein Gespräch mit der FDP-Abgeordneten Gisela Piltz.


Bayern und Nordrhein-Westfalen sagen wohl Nein zu BKA-Gesetz

Die Landesregierungen von Bayern und Nordrhein-Westfalen werden dem BKA-Gesetz im Bundesrat vermutlich die Zustimmung zu verweigern. Das Gesetz sieht unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen heimliche Online-Durchsuchungen vor. "In der jetzigen Form stimmen wir nicht zu", sagte ein Regierungssprecher am Donnerstag (13. November) in Düsseldorf. Es stünden aber noch Gespräche zwischen Bund und Ländern an. Die Länderkammer wird sich voraussichtlich Ende November mit der Vorlage befassen.

Krach in bayerischer Koalition wegen heimlichen Online-Durchsuchungen

Auch die FDP will sich vor dem Wahljahr 2009 als eigenständige Kraft "profilieren". So sorgen in der schwarz-gelben Koalition Bayerns die geplanten zusätzlichen Befugnisse des Bundeskriminalamtes (BKA) im Anti-Terror-Kampf verstärkt für Spannungen. CSU-Generalsekretär Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg kritisierte am Freitag (14. November) den Unwillen der Liberalen gegen das BKA-Gesetz, das die Einführung von heimlichen Online-Durchsuchungen vorsieht. "Wir haben einen Koalitionspartner, der sich offenbar bockig zeigt, aber den Maßstäben der Vernunft doch noch Folge leisten sollte", so zu Guttenberg. Bayerns FDP-Fraktionschef Thomas Hacker entgegnete, seine Partei habe "gute rechtsstaatliche Gründe, die Schaffung einer Art deutschen FBI abzulehnen". Die CSU hält die FDP-Position für verlogen.

Military Suicides Are Casualties of War

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO)

The Democrats of 2002 and 2007 Haven't Gone Anywhere

Even As Ex-President, Bush May Block Inquiries

Colwood considering tougher tower bylaws

By Amy Dove - Goldstream News Gazette

Published: November 13, 2008 1:00 PM

Residents fighting to remove transmission towers from their neighbourhoods may have found a crack in the industry’s policy quagmire.

“I am so optimistic that we have found the Achilles heel here,” said Triangle Mountain resident Sharon Noble. “Everyone believes all the power lies with the federal government, but it’s not true.”

Colwood is forming a task force to review the current bylaws and determine if there is a need for further protections. Within that discussion, staff will look into a health bylaw dictating the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) people could be exposed to. Health Canada’s Safety Code Six is the national standard, however, it allows radiation levels exceeding many other countries, Noble said. While cell and wireless technology is still relatively new, research is making links between exposure and certain cancers, sleep disorders and other ailments.


Kampf um Fortsetzung des Irakkrieges unter Obama

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Rose as Home Prices Fell

More than a quarter million U.S. households received a foreclosure filing in October even as state laws designed to protect property owners from losing their homes slowed the pace of defaults, RealtyTrac Inc. said.

85,000 homes lost to foreclosure in October

As government and industry scrambled to stem the housing crisis, another 84,868 homes were lost to foreclosure in October, according to a report released Thursday.

Soros says deep recession inevitable, depression possible

Said hedge funds will be "decimated" by the current financial crisis and forced to shrink their portfolios by 50-75 percent.

From Information Clearing House

Bulgaria to pull troops from Iraq at end of year

Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev said Thursday after a Cabinet meeting that "the presence of the Bulgarian military contingent on a humanitarian mission in Iraq ends on Dec. 31."

From Information Clearing House

Why Do You Kill Zaid?

By Jürgen Todenhöfer

The West is much more violent than the Muslim world. Millions of Arab civilians have been killed since colonialism began.

The Making of an Insurgent

By Stuart Archer Cohen

We all complain about politics, but have you ever wondered what makes a person pick up a gun and start violently resisting the government?

Do Unto Others

By Karen Armstrong

The practice of compassion is central to every one of the major world religions - but sometimes you would never know it. Instead, religion is associated with violence, intolerance and seems more preoccupied...

Help Us Create a Charter for Compassion

People of all nations, all faiths, all backgrounds, are invited to contribute.
By recognizing that the Golden Rule is fundamental to all world religions, the Charter for Compassion can inspire people to think differently about religion. This Charter is being created in a collaborative project by people from all over the world. It will be completed in 2009. Use this site to offer language you'd like to see included. Or inspire others by sharing your own story of compassion.

From Information Clearing House


Iraq Detention Imams Work for $2 Billion Private Equity Fund

Nick Mottern and Bill Rau, Truthout: "When Iraqi imams sit down with prisoners at a US detention center in Iraq to discuss Islam, they are working for a subsidiary of Global Innovation (GI) Partners LLP, a California- and London-based private equity firm that claims to have '$2 billion in capital under management.' GI Partners sells, among other things: base maintenance for US military forces in Iraq; psychiatric care in the United Kingdom; in-room television and movies for hotels; wine, movie production studios and pubs."

Crisis Is Beyond The Reach of Traditional Solutions

By Paul Craig Roberts

I cannot predict the future. However, I can explain what the problems are, how they differ from past times of troubles, and why traditional remedies, such as the public works programs that Reich proposes, are unlikely to succeed in reviving the U.S. economy.

A Credit Crisis or a Collapsing Ponzi Scheme?

The Two Trillion Dollar Black Hole


Bloomberg News reporter, Mark Pittman, filed a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) with the Federal Reserve asking for detailed information relevant to whom the central bank was giving these massive loans and precisely what securities these firms were posting as collateral.

Who Got Bailout Money So Far?

By Reuters

The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) has so far committed the following funding:

U.S. Military Fails To Learn An Ancient Military Lesson

No Industrial Economy Equals No Army

By Richard McCormack

It wasn't long ago that the world watched the collapse of the Soviet Empire. At the time, the USSR had a mighty military force that was overextended throughout the world and was bogged down in Afghanistan. Within a flash in 1989, the Soviet Union came tumbling down, not because it could not produce tanks and nuclear warheads, but because it couldn't produce bread. The collapse happened so rapidly it even surprised the U.S. intelligence community.

Jobless Claims Jump Unexpectedly to Seven-Year High

Christopher S. Rugaber, The Associated Press: "The number of newly laid-off individuals seeking unemployment benefits has jumped to a level not seen since...

Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Facing PTSD Join the Homeless

Anna Sussman, The San Francisco Chronicle: "Ethan Kreutzer joined the Army at the age of 17 and fought with the 19th Airborne in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. When he returned home, he had no money, no education and no civilian job experience. He soon became homeless. He slept in an alley off Haight Street, behind two trash cans."

Taking Responsibility for a Historic Crisis

Leslie Thatcher, Truthout: "On Wednesday, November 5, 2008, Le Monde's environmental editor and author of 'How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth,' Herve Kempf, spoke to a large audience at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where the Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities (MASC) Program and several other departments sponsored his presentation. MASC Chair Dr. Sandra Lubarsky suggested it was the most radical presentation the program had sponsored in some time: Mr. Kempf did indeed say it was not an exaggeration to call the wealth currently locked up in tax havens 'stolen.'"

The Worst Is Not Behind Us

Nouriel Roubini, Forbes: "It is useful, at this juncture, to stand back and survey the economic landscape - both as it is now, and as it has been in recent months. So here is a summary of many of the points that I have made for the last few months on the outlook for the US and global economy, as well as for financial markets."

Rachel's News #985

Assistance needed to prevent MTN mast from being erected

Angry Neighbors Protest Cell Phone Towers

By Richard Brenneman

Thursday November 13, 2008

Neighbors worried about cell phone antenna radiation and angry at city officials who have allowed it in their neighborhoods poured out their frustrations at the Berkeley Planning Commission meeting last week.

Planning commissioners listened, questioned, then decided to hold off on any decision for another two weeks—in part because of a recent federal appellate court ruling.

But whatever the commission decides, Deputy Planning Director Wendy Cosin said she is obliged to make a recommendation to the City Council in January.

That deadline was imposed in the settlement of a lawsuit brought against the city 15 months ago by Verizon Wireless, which obligated the city to consider—but not adopt—amendments to the existing ordinance by mid-January.

And while angry neighbors around two antenna concentrations along Shattuck Avenue in the Gourmet Ghetto on the Northside and in South Berkeley are following developments with fierce concentration, a city councilmember and Berkeley’s most prominent local developer are awaiting grilling under oath.


Post-partisan harmony vs. the rule of law

Krugman's Prescription for Disaster


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