Sonntag, 30. November 2008

The global credit system is in a state of paralysis

What to Do

Paul Krugman, New York Review of Books: "What the world needs right now is a rescue operation. The global credit system is in a state of paralysis, and a global slump is building momentum as I write this. Reform of the weaknesses that made this crisis possible is essential, but it can wait a little while. First, we need to deal with the clear and present danger. To do this, policymakers around the world need to do two things: get credit flowing again and prop up spending."


Deficits and the Future

PAUL KRUGMAN — The deficit worriers have it all wrong. Under current conditions, there's no trade-off between what's good in the short run and what's good for the long run; strong fiscal expansion would actually enhance the economy's long-run prospects. Fiscal expansion will be even better for America's future if a large part of the expansion takes the form of public investment — of building roads, repairing bridges and developing new technologies, all of which make the nation richer in the long run.

Gentech-Mais kann Veränderungen im Immunsystem bewirken


Weitergeleitet durch das Dugi-News-Team am Sonntag, den 30. Nov 2008. Mit der Bitte um Weiterleitung.


"Body of Lies": Spiel mir das Lied vom Terrorist

Das Cheney-hafte Paranoia-Szenario von der Fragilität unserer Welt im ersten wirklichen Hollywood-Abgesang auf Bushs-Präsidentschaft: "Body of Lies".

USA: Armut wächst

Mit der Zahl der Arbeitslosen wächst die derjenigen, die in Armut fallen und Lebensmittelmarken benötigen.

The Rebirth of Keynes, and the Debate to Come

Robert Reich, Robert Reich Blog: "The economy has just about come to a standstill - not so much because credit markets are clogged as because there's not enough demand in the economy to keep it going. Consumer spending has fallen off a cliff. Investment is drying up. And exports are dropping because the recession has now spread around the world. So are we about to return to Keynesianism? Hopefully."

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo sees her ouster as the ultimate act of retaliation

Triumph, but Also Vulnerability

Marcia Mitchell, Truthout: "The senior EPA analyst whose historic anti-discrimination case led to legislation protecting whistleblowers is being fired from her job at the Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo sees her ouster as the ultimate act of retaliation, a payback for continuing her fight to protect federal employees who speak out against wrongdoing in government agencies."

Mumbai to Obama: End Bush's War on Terror

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "The terrorist attacks in Mumbai call out to President-elect Barack Obama and his advisors to rethink the signature blunder of George W. Bush's eight years in office - the so-called War on Terror. As US intelligence reports have made clear, the centerpiece of the supposed campaign against terror, the military occupation of Iraq, has increased the likelihood of more attacks like those in Mumbai, Madrid, London and Manhattan. The new escalation in Afghanistan will similarly increase terrorist attacks there, in neighboring India and Pakistan, in disputed Kashmir, and throughout the world."


A tale of two terror attacks

by Dave Lindorff

Before the odor of burned gunpowder has left the air of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, the US is lecturing India not to go off half-cocked and attack Pakistan, simply because all of the attackers in the terrorist assaults in that city arrived by boat, apparently from neighboring Pakistan. US officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, are calling on India to engage in a ‘transparent’ and ‘thorough’ investigation into the attacks to establish who was responsible. How different this is from the American government’s response to the 9-11 attacks in the US! … Here again, we have an example of the US expecting one mode of behavior for the rest of the world, and another for itself...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die Arktis im Klimawandel

Eisbären können nicht weinen - Die Arktis im Klimawandel | NDR | 03.12.08 | 20:15 Uhr

Mächtige Eisbären, klirrende Kälte und "ewiges Eis" - das ist die Arktis, wie man sie kennt. Doch seit Jahren schmilzt das "ewige Eis". Der Klimawandel bedroht besonders die Polarregionen und wird sie vielleicht schon bald unwiederbringlich zerstören.

Bosse für Klimaschutz

Nicht nur in den USA, sondern auch in Deutschland sprechen sich immer mehr Konzernchefs für wirksamen Klimaschutz aus.

Neue Studie der Energy Watch Group: Schneller Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien ist bezahlbar

Der Ausstieg aus der fossil-nuklearen Energieversorgung ist finanziell mit überschaubaren Investitionen machbar.

Amphibien in Not

Weltweit verschwinden die Amphibien in einer nie dagewesenen Geschwindigkeit.

Hungern für Biosprit?

Gewaltsame Aufstände wegen massiver Verteuerung der Lebensmittelpreise gehen seit Monaten immer wieder durch die Presse. Die Andheri-Hilfe Bonn hat dieses Thema aufgegriffen. Nun scheint es, dass endlich der Schuldige gefunden wurde: der Biosprit.


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