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Residents protest over mobile mast

Thursday, 27 November 2008

RESIDENTS in Dublin 8 say they have serious concerns about proposals to install mobile phone communications equipment on an apartment block.

Dublin City Council has already refused permission for an application to erect a mobile communications aerial extending to a height of 40m above ground level, located on top of a block of 28 apartments on Basin Lane.

In addition, they want to erect a four-sided advertising structure for the exhibition of advertising on digital media screens located on top of the building, as well as a 3.4m high fibreglass pint glass shape advertising structure.

In refusing permission for the mobile phone equipment, the city council said: “The proposed mobile aerial, by virtue of its location in a residential area and adjacent to existing school buildings, would be contrary to the provisions of the Dublin City Development Plan in respect of telecommunications antennae.”


Bush's Last Days: The Lamest Duck

Joe Klein, Time Magazine: "In the end, though, it will not be the creative paralysis that defines Bush. It will be his intellectual laziness, at home and abroad."

Injured veterans engaged in new combat

In a little-noticed regulation change, the Pentagon's definition of combat-related disabilities is narrowed, costing some wounded veterans thousands of dollars in lost benefits.

Government bailout hits $8.5 trillion

The federal government committed an additional $800 billion to two new loan programs on Tuesday, bringing its cumulative commitment to financial rescue initiatives to a staggering $8.5 trillion, according to Bloomberg News.

From Information Clearing House

A Nation of Colonists and Race Laws

By Juan Santos

Suppressed Speech Of Wamsutta (Frank B.) James, Wampanoag

The Wampanoag Indians reflect on the anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival, and the first Thanksgiving.

Three hundred fifty years after the Pilgrims began their invasion of the land of the Wampanoag, their "American" descendants planned an anniversary celebration. Still clinging to the white schoolbook myth of friendly relations between their forefathers and the Wampanoag, the anniversary planners thought it would be nice to have an Indian make an appreciative and complimentary speech at their state dinner.

The Obama "Dream Team"

Rubin-clones And Other Fakers

By Mike Whitney

Does Paulson think he can "turn off" the public's pessimism like a light switch? Does Bernanke think he can get people to spend themselves further into debt by lowering interest rates? It can't be done. And the Obama camp is going to run into the same brick wall. The nation's confidence has been shaken and people are developing a bunker mentality.

An Administration in Search of a Progressive

The Team Obama Should Have Picked


There not a progressive among them. Not even one. If Obama was vague about his personal politics during the primaries and general election it was for a reason: he doesn't have any.


By John S. Hatch

A new day needs to dawn in America, and that is what President elect Obama has promised. But that can't occur if the past is not acknowledged and reconciled. A harmless skeleton or two left behind in a White House closet is one thing. But in this case the rattling of bones could drown out Mr. Obama's eloquent voice and poison his Presidency.


Obama Says Change Is in His Vision - if Not Appointments

Steven Thomma, McClatchy Newspapers: "As a presidential candidate, Obama's central theme was that he'd change the way politics and the government work, and suggested that it'd take a fresh, outsider approach to do that. 'Change doesn't come from Washington,' he said. 'Change comes to Washington.'"

A Vote To End The Occupation of Iraq


Secret SOFA provisions exposed

An Iraqi media outlet has exposed 'secret' provisions of the US-sought security pact amid ongoing parliamentary deliberations on the deal.

From Information Clearing House

Afghanistan on The Brink

Facts missing on mobile masts

27 November 2008

CLLR GARY Staight missed some key facts from central government guidelines (Recorder Letters, November 6) indicating the need to contact schools and colleges before installation of a mast at, or near, their premises.

Redbridge College is less than 100m from the proposed installation and has indicated apprehension.

Moreover, the government attaches considerable importance to keeping the numbers of radio and telecommunications masts, and of the sites for such installations, to the minimum consistent with the efficient operations of the network, and promote sharing of facilities between operators.


Caroline Lucas, MEP: Correspondence about Mobile Phones and Electromagentic Fields

Caroline has objected to a vast number of mobile phone mast applications - too many to list here. You can however, read her correspondence with the European Commission and the UK and other authorities.

She has called consistently for a moratorium on mast installations and the rolling out of new technology until there is sufficient independent evidence to guarantee their safety. This approach, in keeping with the precautionary principle, is in marked contrast to the position adopted by industry and government, which assumes they are safe until proven otherwise. In recent years, Caroline's focus has been to secure funding for research at EU level.

You may also be interested in the written questions Caroline has submitted on this topic.


Wie Medienverlage die Finanzkrise nutzen: Gelegenheit macht Krise

Zeitschriften und Zeitungen sparen drastisch, Redaktionen werden ausgedünnt, Titel werden eingestellt. Der Markt ist schwierig geworden, heißt es. Dabei ist alles von langer Hand geplant. Artikel von Klaus Raab in der Taz vom 26.11.2008

Aus: LabourNet, 27. November 2008

Wohnen ist Menschenrecht!

Hopp Hopp Hopp - MIETEN STOPP!

Demonstration gegen steigende Mieten, Stadtumstrukturierung, Verdrängung & Ausgrenzung in Kreuzberg 36, Nordneukölln und überall am Samstag, 29.11.08, 14 Uhr Falckensteinstraße (U Schlesische Straße). Billige Mieten für alle in Kreuzberg 36, Neukölln und überall – Wohnen ist Menschenrecht! Mieterhöhungen boykottieren – Zwangsumzüge stoppen - Verdrängung angreifen! Keine weitere Privatisierung – die Häuser denen, die drin wohnen! Luxuswohnungen verhindern - alternative Projekte verteidigen – sinnlosen Leerstand besetzen! Gegen rassistische Polizeikontrollen, Ordnungsamtschikanen, Kameraüberwachung!

Siehe dazu

Den Aufruf

Steigende Mieten und Widerstand

„In Berlin gibt es zur Zeit eine Entwicklung zu beobachten, die so auch in vielen anderen Städten abläuft. Ehemals „alternative“ Viertel werden schicker und teurer. In vielen anderen europäischen Hauptstädten wie London oder Paris ist es kaum noch möglich für Leute mit geringem Einkommen in den Innenstädten zu wohnen. Die horrenden Mieten sind nicht mehr bezahlbar. Die armen Menschen werden derweil in Vorstadtghettos abgedrängt. Berlin stellte mit seinem geringem Preisniveau und den im Vergleich niedrigen Mieten eine Ausnahme dar. Nach der Wende strömten viele Menschen in den Ostteil Berlins um hier unterschiedliche Lebensentwürfe zu verwirklichen. Genauso schnell wie sie kamen, gingen sie in bestimmten Bezirken auch wieder. Die Stadtaufwertung in den Bezirken Prenzlauer Berg und Mitte ist abgeschlossen, in Friedrichshain in vollem Gange. Durch diese Veränderungen ist vielen klar geworden, dass sich das Leben in Berlin in eine falsche Richtung verändern wird. Um diese Stadtumstrukturierung in Richtung „hübsch und sauber“ aufzuhalten und die Entwicklung hin zu etwas ganz anderem zu lenken, muss Widerstand sichtbar werden. Eine soziale Bewegung gegen (steigende) Mieten ?...“ Artikel von Spreepiratin vom 24.11.2008 bei indymedia

Aus: LabourNet, 27. November 2008

Proteste gegen Änderungen des Versammlungsrechtes sowie des Polizeigesetzes in Baden-Württemberg

"Freiheit stirbt mit Sicherheit!"

„Die Regierung Baden-Württembergs hat eine Reform des Versammlungsgesetzes beschlossen. Das neue Gesetz, welches am 1. Januar 2009 in Kraft treten soll, wird die schon jetzt bestehenden Einschnitte des Versammlungsrechtes weiter verschärfen. Das Versammlungsgesetz orientiert sich inhaltlich an dem bayrischen Vorbild. Die Implementierung in Baden-Württemberg wundert indes nicht, steht doch das 60. NATO-Jubiläum im April nächsten Jahres an. Die Pläne der CDU geführten Regierung hatten und haben in Baden-Württemberg vielerorts breite Proteste zur Folge. So sind beispielsweise eine Reihe von Demostrationen angekündigt…“ Dossier mit vielen weiterführenden Links von Autonomes Medienkollektiv Rhein-Neckar vom 26.11.2008 bei indymedia


Mannheim : Für Versammlungsfreiheit - Gegen das neue Versammlungsrecht! - am Samstag, 29.11.2008 um 13 Uhr ab Hauptbahnhof Mannheim.

Stuttgart: 6. Dezember 2008, ab 14 Uhr in der Lautenschlagerstraße

Siehe dazu die Aktionspage des Bündnisses „Nein zur Verschärfung des Versammlungsgesetzes“

Freiburg: 13. Dezember 2008, ab 14 Uhr am Rathausplatz

Demoaufrufe, Bündnisinformationen und Hintergründe auf der Landesweiten Bündnisseite

DGB-Stellungnahme und Synopse des Gesetzesvorhabens beim DGB BaWü

Aus: LabourNet, 27. November 2008


Demonstrationsrecht: Proteste gegen Änderungen des Versammlungsrechtes sowie des Polizeigesetzes in Baden–Württemberg

Versammlungsrecht richtet sich nach "polizeilichen Bedürfnissen nach Ordnung und Sicherheit"

„Der baden - württembergische Landesdatenschutzbeauftragte, Peter Zimmermann in einer Pressemeldung vom 2.2.2009: "Der Entwurf des Landesversammlungsgesetzes, der von verschiedenen Seiten schon deutlich kritisiert wurde, ist offensichtlich in erster Linie an den polizeilichen Bedürfnissen nach Ordnung und Sicherheit orientiert und wird der verfassungsrechtlichen Bedeutung der Versammlungsfreiheit nicht gerecht." Dazu erschien heute eine Pressemitteilung des DGB…“. Ein Artikel vom Bündnis für Versammlungsfreiheit Stuttgart auf vom 02.02.2009

Brief von ver.di an alle Personalräte, Betriebsräte und Vertrauensleute zur untenstehenden Unterschriftensammlung (pdf)

Unterschriftenliste Verdi

„Mit meiner Unterschrift protestiere ich gegen die geplante Verschärfung des Versammlungsrechts in Baden-Württemberg. Das Versammlungsrecht ist eines der wesentlichsten Merkmale einer Demokratie und darf nicht weiter beschränkt werden.“ Die Unterschriftenliste von ver.di (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet, 4. Februar 2009

Überwachung: Willkommen in der ZukunftÜberwachung

Next-up News Nr 752

Mehrzahl der Menschen befürwortet Reduktion der CO2-Emissionen

Selbst in den Schwellenländern würden die Menschen ihre Regierungen zum Handeln drängen.

Die Isolierschicht wird dicker

Immer mehr Treibhausgase in der Atmosphäre. Entwarnung gibt es lediglich bei den FCKW.

Mobile company turnaround over Fetcham mast

Thursday, November 27, 2008, 07:00

A mobile phone company is considering alternatives for one of its masts following pressure from residents.

Last week the Advertiser reported how Vodafone was set to build an eight-metre high phone mast at the corner of Cobham Road and Orchard Close in Fetcham despite being refused planning permission earlier in September.

This was due to a mistake by Mole Valley District Council in its decision notice.

In the notice, the council omitted four critical words making it invalid and leaving the mobile phone company free to build the mast.

Now Vodafone has decided that it will look at other sites following talks with Fetcham residents.


New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial power

National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive establishes "National Continuity Policy".

Global Climate Change: A Planetary Emergency

From APFN daily update

Rape's Vast Toll in Iraq War Remains Largely Ignored

Anna Badkhen, The Christian Science Monitor: "As though recoiling from her own memories, Khalida shrank deeper into her faded armchair with each sentence she told: of how gunmen apparently working for Iraq's Interior Ministry kidnapped her, beat and raped her; of how they discarded her on a Baghdad sidewalk. But her suffering did not end when she fled Iraq and became a refugee in Jordan's capital, Amman. When Khalida's husband learned that she had been raped, he abandoned her and their two young sons."

The Ideology of No Ideology

Norman Solomon, Truthout: "On Monday, hours before Obama's formal announcement of his economic team, USA Today explained that he is forming a Cabinet with 'records that display more pragmatism than ideology.' The ideology of no ideology is nifty. No matter how tilted in favor of powerful interests, it can be a deft way to keep touting policy agendas as common-sense pragmatism - virtuous enough to draw opposition only from ideologues. Meanwhile, the end of ideology among policymakers is about as imminent as the end of history."

Weapons Come Second: Can Obama Take On the Pentagon?

Frida Berrigan, "Even saddled with a two-front, budget-busting war and a collapsing economy, President-elect Barack Obama may be able to accomplish a lot. With a friendly Congress and a relieved world, he could make short work of some of the most egregious overreaches of the Bush White House - from Guantanamo to those presidential signing statements. For all the rolling up of sleeves and 'everything is going to change' exuberance, however, taking on the Pentagon, with its mega-budget and its mega-power, may be the hardest task he faces."

Labor Pained: Labor Secretary Not on Econ Team

Ben Smith, The Politico: "The markets rose on the news of Barack Obama's economic policy team Monday, but some labor spirits fell. Obama's team of treasury secretary and four top economic advisers, introduced as the hands that will steer America's economy, had no particular ties to the labor movement. And Obama's secretary of labor was not introduced as part of that team - a suggestion that that post will retain its second-tier status and quiet voice in matters central to economic policy."

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