Say no to the auto bailout

Cato Institute
by Daniel J. Mitchell


General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and the United Auto Workers union are pouring millions of dollars into a lobbying campaign for a taxpayer bailout. The money devoted to influence peddling in Washington would be better spent on improving quality and finding ways to reduce a bloated cost structure, but both management and UAW have decided that fleecing taxpayers is a better option. A taxpayer bailout would be a terrible mistake...

Deja moo

from Reason to Freedom
by Michelle L


In a move that should surprise no one, the Big Three Automakers have come begging for a bailout and are using their most potent weapon; dire threats of further economic collapse and job loss, as blackmail. The reason that this is the very essence of non-news is that not only has the government bailed out one of the industry thugs before, but anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure out that a business model based on products with engineered obsolescence and manufactured in an environment of out-of-control pensions and locked-in union contracts is going to be at the mercy of market trends. It is no secret that the Big Three has long been behind the ball insofar as alternate fuel/high-mileage vehicles for quite some time; preferring to reap huge profits on the SUV/pickup market at the expense of redesigning for fuel efficiency...

What makes Big Business bad

Classically Liberal
by CLS

That a corporation is large poses, in and of itself, very little threat provided that is required to operated in a depoliticized environment. If, however, the marketplace is politicized through strings of regulations, controls, subsidies, taxes, etc., then the corporation has every incentive to use its size and wealth to buy political influence in order to skew the results in their favor. Considering that their competitors will be doing this as well any corporation would be stupid not to act in this manner. But Big Business becomes a threat only to the degree that it can impose its will on people. And that can only be done through the use of Big Government...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Chrysler Bailout


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