Obama: A Short Honeymoon

The cornering of Obama on Iran



A short honeymoon


by Alan Bock


I suspect that Barack Obama, despite the historic character of his election, will have a shorter honeymoon than many. The economic problems triggered by the government-induced housing bubble have mostly to do with the injection of too much inflationary funny money into the economy, so injecting more, while it may create a temporary sensation of relief, will hardly fix the problems. Perhaps more importantly, however, he faces foreign policy challenges — largely hangovers from the eight years of Bush foolishness, but also some that would have been apparent anyway — that he seems to have little or no idea how to approach intelligently or constructively. The most obvious example is his apparent determination to ramp up the war in Afghanistan, already the graveyard of several empires...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Back to the Grind

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Barack Obama's victory in the 2008 presidential election has completely and totally screwed up my life. Seriously. It has been more than a week now, and I'm still not quite ready to deal with this brave new world before me.... This weird ennui is, of course, nothing more than an extension of the aftermath of having worked against George W. Bush and all he stands for lo these last eight years."


America and the Mornings After the Party

The Chronicles of Favilla

The authors, writing as the Chronicles of Favilla for France's premier business paper, Les Echos, review the challenges that will face the Obama administration.



The Good News: It's Not About Race


Obama and the Crisis of Expecation

By Shamus Cooke

As the economic crisis deepens, Obama's first priority will be to save the financial institutions and major corporations by providing them with further bailouts, with working people continuing to foot the bill. But opposition has already broken out in response to this perversion of justice.


With Iran, Obama Needs More Carrot, Less Stick

By Scott Ritter

Barack Obama has until the 20th of January to get his policies in order, because at one minute past noon on that day, he becomes the most powerful man in a volatile world. While the problems he will face are many, I will focus on what I believe are the four most critical issues that will need to be addressed in the first weeks and months of the Obama administration: Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Russia.




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