Don’t ignore Constitution during election season

Capital Times
by Kathleen Taylor


America is in the midst of an election season, nearing an Election Day with what likely will be far-reaching consequences. Public interest is extraordinarily high, and candidates are debating many critical issues. Yet we have heard little or nothing about the Constitution and its Bill of Rights — the touchstone of our individual freedoms. …. Over the last two centuries, through activism, dissent and dedication, citizens have expanded the scope and depth of our liberty. And today, more Americans enjoy the ‘blessings of liberty’ than at any time in history. Yet, in recent years, our federal government has grown more powerful and secretive, assuming powers it does not rightfully have. Our government has: spied on Americans without the approval of Congress or the courts; allowed the CIA to torture and abuse hundreds of people, including Americans, in secret prisons throughout the world; held prisoners indefinitely without charge; placed hundreds of thousands of Americans on terrorist watch lists without an explanation or opportunity to appeal; and restricted the free flow of scientific information and set up barriers to the use of scientific materials. No matter who wins the election, we must remember that the Constitution applies to everyone...

Election day

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Richard I. Kurlish


Election day is just around the corner. No doubt you are all, if not eager, than at least resigned to do your civic duty by voting for the candidate of your choice, be they Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or one of the lesser breeds of beasts that we call “politicians”. Little aware that by doing so you contribute to your own continued enslavement, and the continued enslavement of future generations of not only your fellow Americans and human beings worldwide, but the very enslavement of the “liberties” that any right thinking human being holds dear. The light of liberty dims with each vote, and the cry of LIBERTY is ever muted amid the roar of political rhetoric...

Land of the free, home of the brave, adieu!

Liberty & Power
by Robert Higgs


In moments of rhetorical enthusiasm, freedom lovers often declare that the love of liberty cannot be stamped out. They are wrong. It can be, and it has been. For most people, however, no stamping is required. All that is necessary is that people, whether they approve or not, be made subject to extraordinary government powers, which are always justified by the supposed dangers of the moment. Keep people in this condition for a few years, and most of them will accommodate themselves to it, first in their actions and eventually in their thinking, as well. After a while, they will have lost not only their old liberties, but also their yearning to be free...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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