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America Demands A Peace President

9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: A Force for Peace Emerges from Within Iraq

CODEPINK: America Demands A Peace President!


McCain Plays the Race Card



Record Numbers of People Are Looking For Food


Foreclosure Victims May Lose Votes as Well



Job Losses Cut Across 41 States

money.cnn.com — The number of states suffering monthly job losses more than doubled in September, with Michigan losing the greatest number of jobs, according to a government report released. Private sector and government jobs fell in 41 states and the District of Columbia last month, the Labor Department said. By comparison, only 18 states reported monthly job losses in August. The widespread job losses are a sign of a recession, said Bob Brusca, an economist at Fact and Opinion Economics in New York. "You expect to see job losses across the board, across the country," Brusca said. The numbers underline the grim condition of the nation's job market.


Job Losses May Fuel Foreclosures

marketwatch.com — If 2008 was a record year for mortgages entering foreclosure, 2009 could look even worse: While home-price declines have been driving foreclosure starts recently, mounting job losses could add another layer of stress on American homeowners, the chief economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association said. A recession appears to be underway, according to the MBA's annual economic forecast, which projects negative economic growth through the middle of next year. The MBA presented its forecast to reporters at its annual convention, being held in San Francisco.


Homeless Numbers 'Alarming'

usatoday.com — More families with children are becoming homeless as they face mounting economic pressures, including mortgage foreclosures, according to a survey of a dozen of the largest cities in the nation. Local authorities say the number of families seeking help has risen in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and Washington. "Everywhere I go, I hear there is an increase" in the need for housing aid, especially for families, says Philip Mangano, executive director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, which coordinates federal programs. He says the main causes are job losses and foreclosures. Other factors have been higher food and fuel prices hitting families with "no cushion," says Nan Roman of the National Alliance to End Homelessness.



Foreclosure Crisis Falls Hard on Veterans

Malcolm Garcia, The Kansas City Star: "It was always hard for him to make the house payment. James Wilson, a disabled veteran of the Iraq War, knows his monthly mortgage payment of $532 doesn't sound like much. But living on a fixed income with a family to support caused difficulties he had not anticipated."



Nobel Honors Man Who Told Bush to "Please Go Away"



Break the Addiction



Former Fed Chief Says US Now in Recession

Reuters: "Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said on Tuesday the U.S. housing sector faced more losses and the economy was in recession even as authorities moved to stabilize the financial system. Volcker said the priority for U.S. authorities in the credit crisis was to stabilize the financial system even though that meant heavy government intrusion."



Laurent Joffrin, Liberation: "We still don't know how much the rescue plan discussed in a whirling water wheel of international meetings this weekend will cost. Even less do we know whether it will suffice to return confidence to a banking system totally incapable of saving itself and the leaders of which seem dissolved in their own panic. But we do know one thing ..."



Michigan to Combat Claims of Voter Suppression

Suzette Hackney and Kathleen Gray, The Free Press: "Even as voter turnout in the Nov. 4 presidential election is expected to reach record levels, fear - fed by rumor, innuendo and misinformation - is running high that droves of eligible voters in Michigan and other battleground states could be turned away or tricked into not voting."



Financial Hurricane Batters World Capitalism


Informant: C. Clark Kissinger

From ufpj-news


Deforestation: A partially manmade disaster

Columbia Independent Online - Columbia, NY, USA

... the area of primary forest is decreasing by about 6 million hectares each year; in some regions, the area affected by fires, insects and diseases is ...



Mobile mast planned next to school

Published Date: 13 October 2008

A GIANT mobile phone mast is set to go up just yards from a children's playground and across the road from a primary school.

Vodafone has applied for permission to put up the 14-metre (45 ft) mast at Preston Road, Linlithgow.

If approved, the structure would be placed on the roadside verge at the corner of the new playpark, near Linlithgow Primary School and next to the Union Canal.

Linlithgow Community Council is planning to fight the proposal and Jack Thompson, planning spokesman, said: "We are not in favour of masts that are too close to where children will be playing or going to school because of the potential hazards.

"We will be submitting a formal objection on the grounds of location and size."



Europe: 24 hours to lead on climate


Den Tod bringen Waffen aus Deutschland

Berlin genehmigte 2007 mehr Rüstungsexporte als je zuvor – Teil I: Den Tod bringen Waffen aus Deutschland

„Seit Jahren rangiert Deutschland unter den Top Ten der Weltwaffen-exporteure. Als „Europameister“ lieferte die Bundesrepublik 2007 für 3,395 Milliarden US-Dollar Waffen in alle Welt – so viel wie nie zuvor. Das dokumentiert der Bericht des Stockholmer Friedensforschungsinstituts SIPRI 2008 für das Vorjahr. Panzer, Kampfflugzeuge oder Kriegsschiffe, Gewehre und Munition wurden „ganz legal“ an Krieg führende NATO-Staaten und an Menschenrechte verletzende Länder geliefert. Wie in den Vorjahren bricht die Bundesregierung damit erneut ihre eigenen „politischen Grundsätze“ zum Rüstungsexport…“ Artikel von Jürgen Grässlin Bach in der NRhZ-Online - Neue Rheinische Zeitung vom 12.10.2008 //www.nrhz.de/flyer/beitrag.php?id=12976

Aus: LabourNet, 14. Oktober 2008

„Krieg dem Pöbel“: Die neuen Unterschichten in der Soziologie deutscher Professoren

„Die Entdeckung der „neuen Unterschicht(en)“ zu Beginn des neuen Jahrtausends ist kein soziologisches, kein wissenschaftliches Datum, sondern das Produkt einer der politischen Propaganda dienenden „öffentlichen Soziologie“, in der einige Wissenschaftler - vor allem Paul Nolte und Heinz Bude - als professorale Autoritäten, aber auch als aktiver Teil einer publizistischen Welle fungieren. Diese hat in Deutschland nicht zufällig im Jahr 2004 einen Höhepunkt erreicht: Sie begleitete und legitimierte die Einführung von „Hartz IV“: die Abkehr vom bis dahin dominierenden sozialstaatliche Ziel der Statussicherung hin zum Ziel der Existenzsicherung…“ Eine Kritik des Lehrers in einer Abendhauptschule Hans Otto Rösser vom 10. Oktober 2008 bei den Nachdenkseiten //www.nachdenkseiten.de/?p=3503

Aus: LabourNet, 14. Oktober 2008


Next-up news Nr 708


Wenn "gestohlene Daten" gesichert werden - 400.000 Augen zudrücken

400.000 Augen zudrücken

Videoüberwachung im toten Winkel der Rechtsauffassungen.

Wenn "gestohlene Daten" gesichert werden...

Das Thema der 17 Millionen T-Mobile-Datensätze, die unrechtmässig kopiert und veräußert wurden, mutiert von der einfachen Posse zur Groteske. Und lässt so manchen angesichts der Vorratsdatenspeicherung schaudern.



A culture of denial and greed has led modern day capitalism to the brink of ruin



Residents protest erection of cell phone tower

Sameer Kumar Sharma
Posted: Oct 14, 2008 at 0143 hrs IST

Ludhiana, October 13 Fuelling another debate on the installation of cell phone towers in the residential complexes, the residents of Mission Compound near Kalvary Church are up in arms against a reputed Telecom firm.

The residents have written to the chief minister, district administration and the municipal corporation seeking the dismantling of the tower at the earliest, stating potential health hazards caused by radio frequency radiations.



Collateral Damage: Is Health Care Reform Another Victim of Wall Street's Madness?

Mike Lillis, The Washington Independent: "Health-care reform - an expensive and politically thorny proposition in any environment - could be particularly tough in the face of a plunging economy. Yet to hear the candidates tell it, the next president will usher in an era of sweeping changes. Both Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are pushing overhauls of the health-care system that purport to save families thousands of dollars while covering millions of the uninsured. Some estimates put the cost of their plans in the trillions of dollars. Neither candidate has said specifically how he would pay the tab."



Ohio GOP Plays Voter Fraud Card

Stephen Majors, The Associated Press: "Voter fraud was a buzz phrase for the Ohio GOP when it pushed voter identification requirements through the state legislature in 2005. It's now a driving factor behind a flurry of GOP lawsuits leveled against Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, seeking either to restrict early voting or mandate how voter information should be checked."


Amy Goodman Interviews Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner

Democracy Now! interview: "Ohio is a key swing state that ended up deciding the outcome of the 2004 election. But the state was riddled with voting problems, ranging from breakdowns in electronic voting machines to accusations of widespread voter disenfranchisement. We speak to Democrat Jennifer Brunner, who was elected secretary of state of Ohio in November 2006."


A Dose of Reality on the ACORN Hysteria

Zachary Roth, Talking Points Memo: "The GOP has accused ACORN of submitting fraudulent voter registration forms numbering in the hundreds or thousands in battleground states including Ohio, Indiana, Nevada and Missouri. But the most important point that's getting lost in the Fox-generated hysteria is that, according to voting experts, even when fraudulent voter registration forms are submitted, they virtually never lead to fraudulent votes being cast."


Acorn Replies to Questions About Role With Voters

Michael Falcone, The New York Times: "A community organizing group that has been attacked by Republicans and the McCain campaign over accusations of fraudulent voter registrations sought to provide assurances on Tuesday that instances of wrongdoing were not widespread."


Groups: ACORN Attacks Meant to Suppress Vote

Chris Good, The Hill: "Left-leaning groups Wednesday came to the defense of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), accusing Republicans of seeking to suppress voter turnout by attacking the group. 'This latest attack on ACORN follows a sorry pattern, played out in election after election,' said Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP, outlining what he called a history of voter suppression tactics by the Republican Party."


The Acorn Story

The New York Times: "In Wednesday night's debate, John McCain warned that a group called Acorn is 'on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history' and 'may be destroying the fabric of democracy.' Viewers may have been wondering what Mr. McCain was talking about. So were we."


US Supreme Court Rules Against Ohio G.O.P. in Voting Case

Adam Liptak and Ian Urbina, The New York Times: "The Supreme Court on Friday overturned a lower court's order requiring state officials in Ohio to supply information that would have made it easier to challenge prospective voters. The decision was a setback for Ohio Republicans, who had sued to force the Ohio secretary of state, a Democrat, to provide information about database mismatches to county officials."



GOP dirty tricks 2.0

In These Times
by Adam Doster


In June, The Atlantic magazine’s Marc Ambinder reported that some people inside Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) presidential campaign were hoping to soften the GOP’s traditionally aggressive campaign against ‘voter fraud,’ partly because they thought previous efforts had created a backlash in public opinion. But the next day, the campaign’s top lawyer fired back, writing to Ambinder that ‘any impression that we’re not committed to stopping voter fraud is 100 percent false.’ Of course, federal officials have never found evidence of widespread voter fraud. But that hasn’t stopped Republican operatives from exploiting fears of ballot security to build a nationwide campaign of laws, policies and flimsy challenges that ostensibly prevent fraud while actually limiting voting access for the nation’s most marginalized citizens...


McCain calls for “voter fraud” inquiry

Los Angeles Times


Over the last year and a half, paid employees of ACORN, a liberal-leaning community organizing group, have helped 1.3 million mostly young, mostly poor people register to vote, enrolling more new voters overall than any nonpartisan group in the country. Why some applications reportedly were signed by Mickey Mouse and supposed members of the Dallas Cowboys, among others, emerged as the latest campaign controversy Tuesday when John McCain and Barack Obama traded charges on whether the Assn. of Community Organizations for Reform Now has tried to pad election rolls with thousands of suspect voters. … McCain aides first accused ACORN of misdeeds last week. McCain upped the ante Tuesday when he called for an immediate investigation of what he described as ‘voter fraud going on’ in battleground states. He also sought to tie the alleged irregularities directly to his Democratic opponent...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Republican voter fraud hoax

Informant: Geraldo Cienmarcos


The October Surprise: Global Panic


Informant: Neo Mulder


Can Congress Bail Out of the Bailout?


Informant: Neo Mulder


US poised to announce plans to expand bailout

ABC News


The Federal Reserve plans to use $250 billion of the $700 billion approved by Congress to recapitalize ailing banks, and while the number of willing participants is unclear, the plan requires nine major banks to take part, officials told ABC News today. The move, expected to be formally announced Tuesday, comes as Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson spent the day in Washington meeting with the heads of major U.S. banks to pound out the details of a more far-reaching American rescue plan, including using some of the $700 billion approved by Congress to buy direct stakes in troubled U.S. banks...


Bingeing and purging

Orange County Register
by John Stossel


The bailout passed! Too bad. When so many politicians speak with one voice in support of the biggest act of government intervention in the economy in generations, I cringe. Everybody talked about the ‘freeze’ in the credit markets, but why, I wonder, were the cable news programs that repeated the credit-freeze mantra pausing for commercials from companies trying to lend me money? Ditech and LendingTree still hawk mortgages at under 6 percent. Some credit freeze...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


What a real financial collapse looks like



Ten Things the 'Straight Talker' McCain Can’t Tell You



We Who Dare Say No to War



Wall Street’s Hostile Takeover of Main Street



Main Street's Road to Recovery

Eileen Appelbaum, Truthout: "As the outlines of a viable plan to rescue the global financial system begin to come into relief, it is time for policymakers to bring that same relief to Main Street."



14 reasons Main Street loses while Wall Street sinks democracy

Market Watch

by Paul B. Farrell


Yes, we’re dummies. You. Me. All 300 million of us. Clueless. We should be ashamed. We’re obsessed about the slogans and rituals of ‘democracy,’ distracted by the campaign, polls, debates, rhetoric, half-truths and outright lies. McCain? Obama? Sorry to pop your bubble folks, but it no longer matters who’s president...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Evil of Bailout

How To Fix Our Depreciating Money

The Evil of Bailout

Our Great Depression: The Perfect Storm

The October Revolution of 2008

Stop Aggregating Wall Street


The Capitalist Shakedown

Informant: Neo Mulder



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