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Let's Get Fiscal

Paul Krugman, The New York Times: "The Dow is surging! No, it's plunging! No, it's surging! No, it's ... Nevermind. While the manic-depressive stock market is dominating the headlines, the more important story is the grim news coming in about the real economy. It's now clear that rescuing the banks is just the beginning: the nonfinancial economy is also in desperate need of help."

Congress Cannot Grant Wholesale Immunity to Telecoms

FISA 2008 Act is Unconstitutional, ACLU Tells Court

Waiting for the Barbarians

The Crisis and the Environment

Courage, Cowardice, and McCain

Banks Reap Whirlwind of Govt Spending

How to Manage an Imperial Decline

Aziz Huq, "Do empires end with a bang, a whimper, or the sibilant hiss of financial deflation? We may be about to find out. Right now, in the midst of the financial whirlwind, it's been hard in the United States to see much past the moment. Yet the ongoing economic meltdown has raised a range of non-financial issues of great importance for our future. Uncertainty and anxiety about the prospects for global financial markets - given the present liquidity crunch - have left little space for serious consideration of issues of American global power and influence."

Top GOP Fund-Raiser Tied to Iraq Fuel Contract

James Glanz and Michael Luo, The New York Times: "The Democratic chairman of a House investigative committee presented documents to the Pentagon on Thursday alleging that a top Republican fund-raiser, Harry Sargeant III, has made tens of millions of dollars in profits over the last four years because his contracting company vastly overcharged for deliveries of fuel to American air bases in Iraq." to Launch at Colorado Bioneers Conference

MarketWatch - USA

Focused on the fast emerging public health issue of electromagnetic pollution, the website is educational, activist and philanthropic. ...

Telegraph pole phone mast is worry for mum

Portsmouth News - Portsmouth, England, UK

A mother has spoken of her worry that a mobile phone mast is set to be put up next to a bus stop. A planning application has been made by mobile phone...


Mobile mast is agreed for Uddingston

Hamilton Advertiser news - Scotland, UK

PLANS for a 15 foot high mobile phone mast on land behind Tannochside Miners’ Club have been given the green light. Telefonica O2 (UK) Ltd had applied for ...


Brief an MdL`s zu Politikerprivilegien

Pressemitteilung der ödp München vom 17.10.2008:

ödp München schreibt MdL Eisenreich, Unterländer und Piazolo: „Werden Sie gegen alte Politiker-Privilegien aktiv!“ Überzogene Pensionen stoppen, Aufsichtsrats- und Beraterposten verbieten, Verhaltensregeln für Abgeordnete ändern!

Die Münchner ödp forderte die örtlichen Landtagsabgeordneten Eisenreich, Unterländer und Piazolo anlässlich der konstituierenden Sitzung am Montag (20. Oktober 2008) auf, unzeitgemäße Privilegien der Parlamentarier zu beenden. Die Streichung "überzogener Politiker-Pensionen und ein Verbot von Aufsichtsratsposten und Beraterverträgen für Abgeordnete ist längst überfällig“, erklärt Markus Hollemann, stellv. Vorsitzender der Münchner ödp. Außerdem soll es nach Ansicht der ödp die steuerfreie Aufwandspauschale nur noch gegen Einzelbelege geben und nicht wie bisher ohne Nachweise.

Auch die Verhaltensregeln für Landtagsabgeordnete müssen nach Ansicht der Ökodemokraten auf den Prüfstand: „Abgeordnete sollen wie Richter, Polizisten und andere Beamte keine privaten Spenden annehmen dürfen“, fordert Hollemann. Derzeit dürfen Landtagsabgeordnete nach den geltenden Verhaltensregeln Zahlungen bis zu einer Höhe von 10.000 Euro annehmen, ohne dass dies überhaupt veröffentlicht werden muss, kritisiert der Münchner ödp-Vize.

„Mit dem Verbot von Aufsichtsratsposten und Beraterverträgen könnte der neue Landtag signalisieren, dass die Politiker dem gesamten Volk dienen und nicht wirtschaftlichen Einzelinteressen oder Verbänden. Die Abgeordneten sollen auch für ihren Ruhestand selbst vorsorgen - wie es auch von den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern zunehmend verlangt wird“, fordert Hollemann.

Herbert Brunner
Pressebeauftragter (V.i.S.d.P.)
Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei (ödp)
Stadtverband München
Brienner Str. 46/V, 80333 München
Fon 089/452 474 15 × Fax 089/550 699 86
E-Mail presse


Immer in den Räumen der Gregor-Louisoder-Umweltstiftung, Brienner Str. 46 /EG U 1 und Tram 20/21 Stiglmaierplatz (3 min zu Fuß) –U 2 Königsplatz (5 min zu Fuß)

Do., 13. Nov. 2008, 19:30 Uhr „Klimawandel und weltweite Armut“ Referent: Martin Kowarsch M.A., Philosoph

Do., 11. Dez. 2008, 19:30 Uhr „Klimaschutzprozess: Stehen wir vor einer industriellen Revolution?“ Referentin: Dr. Michaela Homolka, Philosophin und Unternehmensberaterin

What you can do to end the tyranny of the Federal Reserve

Natural News
by Barbara Minton


The bailout opposed by so many Americans was nevertheless negotiated by the Federal Reserve with the help of Congress and the Administration. The final bill for the hotly debated rescue of the rich is over 1 trillion dollars including the ear marks and special interests sops that were included. But this is small change compared to the money that is being pumped into the monetary system by the Federal Reserve without any debate or consent. New money is being printed at record rates, insuring that the currency you have in your pocket will buy less and less everyday. As more people wake up to the threat to American’s future posed by the Federal Reserve, interest is being renewed in the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR2755). This legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Paul in June, 2007 would kill the Federal Reserve Act and would then phase out the Federal Reserve altogether one year after the bill becomes law...

The United States dollar promises nothing!

Nolan Chart
by Republicae


Today, we have those in the Halls of Power who are seeking to find some artificial remedy for the troubles in which we now find ourselves in this contrived and manipulated economy. They seek to find a cure within the very system that is the cause of the ailment. They are reaching deep in the recesses of human ingenuity to find a solution but the fail to diagnose the illness simply looking at the symptoms...

Banking crisis: Simple questions, simple answers

Freedom's Phoenix
by Brock Lorber


Freedom’s Pheonix publisher, Ernest Hancock, observed that information and opinions on the banking crisis and bailout plans was moving so fast and furious, that the simple concepts were being lost in the hyperbole. To cut through the chaff, we’ll establish this article as a repository of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re heading as nations take over their financial sectors...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

McCain’s anger problem

The American Prospect
by Ezra Klein


John McCain has every right to be angry. He should have beaten George W. Bush in 2000. He lost to the money and smears of a lesser man, and then had to watch that man occupy the most historic presidency of modern times. Imagine McCain, a man who has spent his life thinking about war and honor and duty and sacrifice, observing Bush exhort us to shop after 9/11. What must he thought of that moment? … But the world changed on John McCain. The Republican brand is shot. The threat of terrorism has receded from the public imagination. Economic insecurity has come to occupy center stage. … And so it is that George W. Bush now looks like he will beat McCain twice. McCain will have lost to the ruthless aptitude of Bush’s campaign in 2000, and to the inadequacies of his presidency in 2008. It must be a wrenching realization...

That’s it for McCain

Boston Globe
by Joan Vennochi


It’s over. John McCain still hasn’t told the country why he should be president. He has talking points. He is against taxes, earmarks, and pork. But he can’t knit what he opposes into a coherent economic philosophy that would inspire voters to get behind him in the final days of this presidential campaign. He has an inspirational life story. But in this campaign, he never connected his biography to his presidential ambition, and he never told voters how it would shape a McCain administration and make him a better president than his opponent. McCain has long years of political experience, exactly what Democrat Barack Obama lacks. But McCain is unable to explain why his experience makes him better able to lead the country...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush team pushes hard for Iraq security deal



The Bush administration has launched a furious lobbying campaign to win support from skeptical U.S. lawmakers and hostile Iraqi politicians for a security agreement governing the presence of American troops in Iraq. Although congressional approval is not legally required, lawmakers’ support is considered crucial for an agreement to go forward...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

DeepSec: Wie man ein Kleidergeschäft ausräumt

US Journalists and War-Crime Guilt

Military Town Newspaper Challenges US Military on Murder of Military Women

The Trail of Torture

Top Ex-Diplomats Slam 'Militarization' of Foreign Policy

Terms Secret for Bank Hired to Manage Bailout

Anti-War Protesters Deliver Message to Pro-War Candidates

Financial Crisis Eclipses Hunger on World Food Day

World Must Learn Lessons From Food Price Crisis

World Food Crisis at Critical Juncture

Protest gegen Agrarsprit

Am Welthungertag machen verschiedene Organisationen in Berlin auf die wachsende Misere aufmerksam.

Das große Fressen

Die Münchner Millionärsmesse als kulturelle Bruchstelle.

Nach der Finanzkrise trübt die Rezession die Stimmung an den Börsen

Erste Schritte auf dem Weg zur Verabschiedung der Rettungspakete.

"Das System ist am Tipping Point"

Für den Physiker Didier Sornette war die Finanzkrise prinzipiell vorhersehbar.

Alle Zeichen weisen auf eine weltweite Rezession hin

In Deutschland beginnen die Banken, Hilfen in Anspruch zu nehmen, Kapitalbedarf hat offenbar auch die Deutsche Bank.


Verbraucherschützer sollen in Finanzaufsichtsgremien

Düstere Aussichten für Irak, Afghanistan und Pakistan

Berichte der US-Geheimdienste warnen vor neuen Konflikten im Irak, dem wachsenden Widerstand in Afghanistan und dem Pulverfass Pakistan.

What To Expect When Martial Law Is Declared

He Got a Bailout, She Got a Bailout, I Want a Bailout, Too

The Stock Market Bubble

The State versus the Internet

On the Fed's economic crisis, and the crisis of the state

Government’s Last Stand

"W", the movie coming to a theater near you

Draft pact lets Iraq try troops

American troops could face trial before Iraqi courts for major crimes committed off base and when not on missions, under a draft security pact hammered out in months of tortuous negotiations, Iraqi officials familiar with the accord said Wednesday.

Iraqi Parliament accuses top US general of interfering

The Iraqi Parliament said on Thursday the top US general in Iraq violated diplomatic norms and interfered in internal affairs when he accused Iraqi lawmakers of taking bribes from Iran.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. attack kills 6 in Pakistan's tribal region

Three missiles hit two houses in Sam Kunigram area of South Waziristan tribal region on the Afghan border, leaving at least six dead and five injured, Dawn News TV said.

From Information Clearing House

Above The Law: Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law


In the authorization bill, Mr. Bush challenged four sections. One forbid the money from being used "to exercise United States control of the oil resources of Iraq"; another required negotiations for an agreement by which Iraq would share some of the costs of the American military operations there.


Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL): President Bush Asserts Right to Control Iraqi Oil

Additional Thoughts on the Bailout

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office" - Aesop

By Paul Craig Roberts

Just as the Bush regime's wars have been used to pour billions of dollars into the pockets of its military-security donor base, the Paulson bailout looks like a Bush regime scheme to incur $700 billion in new public debt in order to transfer the money into the coffers of its financial donor base.

The End of Friedmanite Economics

By Mike Whitney

"We are in the midst of a major historic turning point, equivalent to the emergence of neoliberalism under Thatcher and Reagan" (interview with economist Robert Pollin).

The American Way of Life is Dead...

By Stanislav Mishin

The era of the dollar is over and with it US power. The dollar has been in a steady free fall for the better of the past 6 years, faster than the steady decline of the preceding 30 years. How is it, that with a prolonged war, costing close to $1 trillion, no new taxes have been raised? Well, that's what printing presses are for and why since 2004, the Fed has stopped issuing the M3 report.

"Working Poor"

Nearly 30% of US Families Subsist on Poverty Wages

By Tom Eley

A report released Tuesday by the Working Poor Families Project reveals that more than 28 percent of American families with one or both parents employed are living in poverty.

Infant Mortality: US Ranks 29th Lowest In The World

By Gardiner Harris

Although the United States has relatively good numbers for cancer screening and survival, the nation compares poorly with other countries in many other statistical categories, including life expectancy and preventable deaths from diseases like diabetes, circulatory problems and respiratory issues like asthma.

As crisis bites, more Americans turn to food stamps

While penny-pinching among the wealthy may help draw attention to poverty issues, living on food stamps is a devastating reality for millions of Americans -- and the numbers are growing to alarming levels.

From Information Clearing House


Gov’t of thieves

by Paul Craig Roberts


Just as the Bush regime’s wars have been used to pour billions of dollars into the pockets of its military-security donor base, the Paulson bailout looks like a Bush regime scheme to incur $700 billion in new public debt in order to transfer the money into the coffers of its financial donor base. The US taxpayers will be left with the interest payments in perpetuity (or inflation if the Fed monetizes the debt), and the number of Wall Street billionaires will grow. As for the US and European governments’ purchases of bank shares, that is just a cover for funneling public money into private hands...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp$700

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Airport ready to start scans


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