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Our average temperature up 2°

Informant: Teresa Binstock

U.S. Faces $1 Trillion Deficit — The U.S. government's extraordinary effort to rescue the banking system may have pulled America's economy back from the brink, but it comes at a cost — helping to push an already bloated deficit up to an estimated $1 trillion for this fiscal year. That would be a record in today's dollars — and would represent the highest level of federal red ink as a share of the overall economy of any US budget since the 1940s. As a result, future presidents may have to rein in spending and raise taxes to pay down that debt. If they don't, foreign lenders at some point could scale back their purchases of U.S. debt, sending interest rates soaring.

Fed’s $1.6 Trillon Bet — Amid the clamor over the crisis on Wall Street, the U.S. Treasury's $700 billion Troubled Asset Rescue Program, or "TARP," bill and the evolving collapse of the global banking system, little attention has been paid to the extraordinary credit extensions at the Federal Reserve. But these are now without parallel in Fed history, including during the Great Depression.

Casino Capitalism and Us — We are looking into an unprecedented abyss of economic and social turmoil that confounds our previous perceptions of historical risk. Our vertigo is intensified by our ignorance of the depth of the crisis or any sense of how far we might ultimately fall.$700

Tell the Bush administration not to let mining companies destroy valleys and streams

ALG II und Finanzkrise

Folgen der Spekulationskrise: Harte Zeiten für die Armen in Deutschland! Trotz alledem: "Hartz IV"- Regelsatzerhöhung Jetzt!

Kommentar von Reinhold Schramm vom 15.10.08 bei scharf links[tt_news]=2639&tx_ttnews[backPid]=56&cHash=07df41befd

Zitat zum Thema


Berlin: Im Zuge der Finanzmarktkrise hat die Bundesregierung kurzfristig das Hartz IV-Gesetz geändert. Danach haben alle betroffenen Banken ab sofort Anspruch auf unbegrenzte Leistungen ohne ALG-Antrag. Wie Bundeskanzlerin Merkel auf einer Pressekonferenz heute bekannt gab, können sogenannte Bedarfsgemeinschaften bei der Fusion von insolventen Banken gebildet werden und dadurch Hilfe in besonderen Lebenslagen sowie Kleidergeld für die Bankenvorstände anfordern. Dabei ist es nicht entscheidend, ob Hypothekenbanken und Landeszentralbanken zusammen in einem Bett schlafen oder sich eine Zahnbürste teilen, sondern nur wie sie das Geld Ihrer Kunden an den Geldbörsen verspielt haben. Banken, so die Bundeskanzlerin weiter, gehören nach einer aktuellen Armutsstudie inzwischen zu den Ärmsten der Armen. Es ist für Deutschland daher vor allem eine moralische Frage, ihnen großzügig unter die Arme zu greifen. Als oberster Fallmanager für betroffene arme Banken wurde der Vorstand der Deutschen Bank, Josef Ackermann eingesetzt.. Dieser prüft künftig sachlich und rechnerisch, wie tief der Fall einer Bank ist und welche Mittel für den Fall eingesetzt werden. Die Bundesregierung bittet an dieser Stelle alle restlichen ALG-Empfänger in Deutschland um Verständnis, daß sie bis zur Behebung der Bankenkrise und Weiteres auf ALG-Leistungen verzichten müssen.“

Aus Deutscher Einheit(z)-Textdienst von Werner Lutz 10/2008

Neues Tacheles Adressverzeichnis mit Ämterbegleitung im Netz

Das neue Tacheles Adressverzeichnis ist nun endlich im Netz. Es ist zu finden unten den bisherigen Links, so und .

Es beinhaltet ein bundesweites Adressverzeichnis mit Rechtsanwälten, Beratungsstellen, Erwerbslosen- und Sozialhilfeinitiativen und als ganz neues Angebot: Institutionen und Personen die Ämterbegleitung anbieten. Behördenbegleitung wird immer notwendiger damit die Betroffenen vom Amt nicht eingeschüchtert werden. Hier ist es notwendig diese zu institutionalisieren. Also das diese flächendeckend von Beratungsstellen, Wohlfahrts- und Sozialverbänden, Sozialengagierten, Initiativen angeboten wird. Dahingehend wollen wir mit dem Adressverzeichnis eine Grundlage schaffen. Behördenbegleitung kann angeboten werden, Betroffene die diese Benötigen können im Adressverzeichnis anfragen. Hier sind die Beratungsstellen und Initiativen gefragt, dahingehende Angebote zu entwickeln. Um auch sozial engagierte Einzelkämpfer in die Behördenbegleitung einzubeziehen haben wir uns ausgedacht, dass wir von diesen eine „Kompetenzbestätigungserklärung“ einer im Verzeichnis eingetragenen Organisation haben möchten um so halbwegs "Garantien" zu haben, dass diese Einzelkämpfer auf die Menschheit losgelassen werden können.

Aus: LabourNet, 16. Oktober 2008

About 200,000 Ohio Voters Have Records Discrepancies

The Associated Press: "Close to one in every three newly registered Ohio voters will end up on court-ordered lists being sent to county election boards because they have some discrepancy in their records, an elections spokesman said Wednesday. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner estimated that an initial review found that about 200,000 newly registered voters reported information that did not match motor-vehicle or Social Security records, Brunner spokesman Kevin Kidder said."

Ohio Files Appeal to Supreme Court on Voter Registration Data

Mary Pat Flaherty, The Washington Post: "Ohio's elections chief has asked the US Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute over whether the state is required to do more to help counties verify voter eligibility."


Joe The 'Unlicensed' Plumber Doesn't Like To Pay His Taxes and May Just Find It Hard to Vote In Ohio This Year

If Joe the Plumber Was a New Voter, Ohio Ruling Could Block Him From Voting

A More Aggressive McCain Lacked Game Changer

Cathleen Decker, The Los Angeles Times: "John McCain came into the third and final presidential debate needing to somehow wrestle the campaign out of Barack Obama's arms. He did not do it. There was no single moment that was likely to reverberate in the minds of American voters and change the course of an election that has moved dramatically toward Obama in the last several weeks."

Residents oppose new mobile phone mast plan


TAVIRA CÂMARA’S request for TMN to upgrade the quality of the mobile communications signal in Santa Catarina parish by installing a new mast close to some houses has been met by opposition from some local residents.


Web move to prevent church mast

9:34am Thursday 16th October 2008

By Katie Thompson

BENGEWORTH residents have stepped up their campaign against the installation of a phone mast in St Peter’s Church and created a website for people to object.

Concerns have been raised that not enough people know about the proposal for four Vodafone antennas placed behind window panels on the church tower.

Up until now it had only been advertised in the church but now the Chancellor of the Diocesan Registrar’s office has said a public notice must be put in a local newspaper.

Once published people will have two weeks to object to the plans.

Worried residents already aware of the move to install a G3 transmitter in the clock tower are doing all they can to stop it going ahead.



Informant: sasha karlik


The smoking gun that will put Bush behind bars

Limbaugh’s last lunacy: Black militant plot

Crooks and Liars


As we are witnessing, the conservative movement is in shambles now and the only thing they can do is spew racist hatred out into the world and hope it sticks to their audience in droves. And how is the conservative right going to make sure race is all you can think of when you think of the name Obama? How about by making the case that blacks in general are lazy, angry, and engaged in a 3 decades old plot to train black children as militants against the US? It’s those scary black terrorists again. Don’t think anyone would actually SAY that? Think again. Listen to it in Rush Limbaugh’s own words...

The enduring foolishness of racial politics

Acton Institute
by Anthony B. Bradley


With only a few weeks to Election Day, racial politics has reared its pathetic head as pundits attempt to decipher poll numbers and audience comments at political rallies. It seems silly to imagine that adults in America may vote along racial lines but it should come as no surprise. Many people on the ideological margins of society vote irrationally. In fact, voting along racial lines says less about racism than it does about the lack of mature civic responsibility among voters who are indifferent to the nation’s common good...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bomber Pilot McCain: War Heroism or War Crimes?

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)


Olbermann: McCain, Latest Pander Plan

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC Countdown: "During the warm-up act by a Red Meat Congressional Candidate aptly named Chris Hackett, Hackett mentions Obama and a Palin audience member shouts 'Kill Him.' And Gov. Palin, as usual, does nothing about it says nothing to these thugs and psychos. She may not have heard this one. It is impossible to believe that by now she has not heard about the other ones. Her silence is deafening. Just as, Sen. McCain, you have done nothing when violence has been asserted. Correction. You have done one thing."


McCain and Rolling Thunder

War Hero or War Criminal?

By Robert Richter

I will never forget how stunned I was when Gen. Telford Taylor, a chief U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials after World War Two, told me that he strongly supported the idea of trying the U.S. pilots captured in North Vietnam as war criminals - and that he would be proud to lead in their prosecution.

Americans Unwilling to Face Reality Card

Paulson's Plan B


Henry Hazlitt on the bailout

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Scott A. Kjar


Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson needs to change his reading list. Instead of reading the balance sheets and income statements of the failing banking industry, he needs to read Henry Hazlitt’s classic book Economics in One Lesson. It will cost Paulson far less than the $700 billion that he is spending on the bailout, and he might just learn a little economics in the process...

Business as usual

Foundation for Economic Education
by Becky Akers


If I had a nickel for every time someone described the government’s bailout of the financial industry with that adjective, I could have bailed out Wall Street myself. Tragically, parts of the bill Congress passed earlier this month weren’t unprecedented. In fact, they constitute a pattern for the Bush administration. Even more tragically, many of these sections showed all the staying power of an incumbent politician as Congress and the White House maneuvered, deleting this and amending that among 451 pages few of the voting congressmen could possibly have read...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The Debate 'The Debate Commission' Doesn't Want America To See

Klimaschutz darf nicht länger aufgeschoben werden

Neue Industrielle Revolution gefordert

Die Energie- und Klimawochenschau: Während einst straßenkampferprobte Grüne inzwischen der Hamburger CDU aus der Hand fressen, wird der Ton einst zurückhaltender Wissenschaftler immer drängender. Klimaschutz darf nicht länger aufgeschoben werden.


Rekordtemperaturen in der Arktis

Der Klimawandel nimmt in der Arktis dramatische Ausmaße an.

200 Millionen Klima- und Umweltflüchtlinge bis 2050

UN-Konferenz: Experten warnen vor Menschenhändlern.

Klimawandel sorgt für Rückkehr gefährlicher Infektionskrankheiten

Wanderung von Krankheitserregern betrifft Mensch und Tier.

Was die EU zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel tun muss

Die EU muss ihre Anpassung an den Klimawandel wesentliche aktiver angehen.

Erneuerbare Energien, unterm Strich ein Gewinn für die Volkswirtschaft

Erneuerbare Energien vermeiden immer mehr Importe teurer fossiler Brennstoffe nach Deutschland.

Next-up news Nr 712

Here comes election fraud 2008

This Stock Collapse Is Petty When Compared to the Nature Crunch

George Monbiot, The Guardian UK: "As we goggle at the fluttering financial figures, a different set of numbers passes us by. On Friday, Pavan Sukhdev, the Deutsche Bank economist leading a European study on ecosystems, reported that we are losing natural capital worth between $2 trillion and $5 trillion every year as a result of deforestation alone. The losses incurred so far by the financial sector amount to between $1 trillion and $1.5 trillion."


Going Beyond Climate Change

Despite Big Rally, Grim Outlook on Profits and Jobs

Vikas Bajaj, The New York Times: "A day after the stock market staged one of its biggest rallies in history, buoyed by the government's plan to rescue banks, investors retreated once again. Worries about the economy came to the fore. Many people fear that corporations - and by extension their workers and shareholders - will face harder times in the months ahead."

Voter Fraud

On Bill Moyers Journal: "As the election nears and accusations of voter fraud run rampant from party to party, Bill Moyers Journal takes a close look at the charges and what you can do to protect your vote. Bill Moyers sits down with Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media ecology in the Department of Culture and Communication at New York University, who has been following voter fraud allegations in his blog, News from the Underground."

Rove's Office Urged Spending to Help GOP Incumbents in Tight Races

R. Jeffrey Smith, The Washington Post: "When Karl Rove's office requested special help for beleaguered Republican congressional candidates in the months before the 2006 elections, the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy jumped to the task. Director John Walters carried half-million-dollar grants to news conferences with two congressmen and a senator, earning a top Rove aide's accolade of "superstar" after the election."

Report: Taxpayers Paid for GOP Politicking in 2006 Elections

Marisa Taylor, McClatchy Newspapers: "The White House dispatched cabinet members and other agency officials to more than 300 events nationwide to help Republican candidates in the run-up to the 2006 midterm elections, according to a House of Representatives committee report. Taxpayers paid for more than half of the events, the report said."

On the Free Market and Financial Derivatives

Informant: Richard


It is not surprising that a 60 foot metal tower should cause anger amongst local residents forced to live with the eyesore, but is there more at risk than just spoiling the view? Inside Out investigates claims that phone masts are a danger.


Informant: Martin Weatherall

Will U.S. Taxpayers Need A Bailout?

America’s Coup D’État in the Making: Deception and Self-Deception

Capitalism Without Capital?

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism


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