When Dictatorship Came to America


Financial Dictatorship Comes to America

It’s Not as Though Anyone Saw It Coming

"For entertainment uses only" that would be Mad Money with Jim Cramer


The biggest armed robbery in history

Las Vegas Review Journal
by Vin Suprynowicz


Eleven days ago, the entire government of the United States — OK, no one invited the Supreme Court — sat in the White House in front of the gathered cameras and played used car salesman. From Bernanke of the Fed to Paulson of the Treasury; from Harry Reid to Nancy Pelosi; from Chris Dodd to John McCain to Barack Obama to their earnest front man George W. Bush, the government sat there stern-faced and swore in all earnestness that the nation was in an economic crisis — a liquidity crisis (despite the fact the Fed has been printing up and handing free money to the big bankers all year, by the billions.)...


The rebellion that failed

by David Lindorff


The lesson is clear. No grassroots rebellion that focuses on Congress as its battleground, or that counts Republican or Democratic elected officials as its troops, will go anywhere. The government party will hew to the people with the money. A wiser course of action would be the wholesale rejection this Election Day of all incumbents who voted for the bailout bill in both House and Senate. Do that once, and watch how much better Congress responds to citizen pressure the next time around...


And the market crashed anyway

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Jim Davidson


So, last week, the stock market fell 777 points on news of the failure of Congress to pass the Wall Street Fat Cat Bailout Bill of 2008. Why did the market crash? Pundits claimed because the bill failed. Why did the bill fail? I think because Americans were against it 9 to 1 and contacted their Congress critters. So, this week, the Senate added another $150 billion of sleaze and “incentives” and various kinds of pork, and Congress ate it up. The president signed the bill, and the stock market crashed. Huh?


Toldya so

The Libertarian Enterprise
by A.X. Perez


I’ve stated in at least one previous article that tyranny leads to arrogance and stupidity. As tyrants exercise and become used to power they reach a point where their will to power can only be satisfied by abusing power. Consider Speaker Pelosi’s recent performance...


Who controls your choices?

Liberty For All
by R. Lee Wrights


The only way to abolish the slavery passed onto you by your government is to recognize how you are being exploited and what you can do to bring it to an end. James Bovard said it best in the preface of his 1994 book on government abuse entitled Lost Rights when he wrote, ‘Americans need to remember their constitutional birthright and stand up to arrogant government officials who treat them like subjects rather than citizens’...


Why the big bailout?

Nolan Chart
by Lou Poumakis


This past month has been an eye-opening experience for many Americans. We have seen the beginning and are still very much in the middle of the greatest economic disaster this nation has ever experienced. Many of us still don’t understand how or why this has happened. The simple explanation is that the Federal Reserve (our central bank), led by Alan Greenspan, continuously inflated the currency from the early ‘90’s until 2006, when Ben Bernanke replaced him...


How government stoked the mania

National Center for Policy Analysis
by staff


Many believe that wild greed and market failure led us into this sorry mess. What’s missing is the role politicians and policy makers played in creating artificially high housing prices, and artificially reducing the danger of extremely risky assets, says Russell Roberts, a professor of economics at George Mason University and a scholar at the Mercatus Center...


The bubble boys

by Justin Raimondo


This is what Ayn Rand — Greenspan’s old mentor — used to call ‘the aristocracy of pull,’ as she put it in one of her fascinating and audaciously self-referential essays. The housing boom — and bust — was made possible by U.S. government-guaranteed loans, given to individuals who failed to meet minimum credit standards. This ‘backed by the faith and credit of the U.S. government’ label created a market that continued to overvalue these ‘assets,’ which were then bundled together into instruments of increasing complexity and sophistication. These ‘derivatives’ and other exotic securities became progressively further and further removed from real market conditions. The Greenspan bubble, pumped up to its limit, continued to expand — and quite naturally popped. Rand used to call him ‘the undertaker,’ because of his dark suits and darker demeanor. Little did she realize that her loyal disciple — Greenspan used to give lectures on ‘The Economics of a Free Society’ at the old Nathaniel Branden Institute — would one day become the undertaker of the U.S. economy...


Time for a second American revolution

by Wendy McElroy


It is October 1st. The mechanism for martial law to be imposed domestically by the American military at the whim of the feds is now in place; that mechanism is loaded and cocked and pointed at your head; it will be fired at the discretion of federal authorities. American soldiers the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team — who have been trained to kill, remember, and are fresh from long duty in Iraq — are ready to aim their weapons at American citizens who disobey and, so, constitute an ‘unruly crowd.’ Vis-a-vis the U.S. military, dissenting Americans will have the same status as the Iraqi population has ‘enjoyed’ for several years now...


Raping the taxpayer for fun and profit

Classically Liberal
by CLS


I fully expect the Bush bail out to become policy. It is bad policy but bad policy and Congress go together like salt and pepper. The politicians have raised their token resistance. Minor changes will be made. Pressure will be put on the holdouts and they will change their votes assuring voters that they held out for the ‘best’ they could hope for...


The fatal conceit of Congress

Independent Institute
by Michael Reksulak


On Monday, the House of Representatives narrowly rejected the ballyhooed ‘Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008′ which would have funneled $700 billion of taxpayer money to bolster the stumbling American financial sector. Figureheads from both major parties immediately vowed commitment to revised bipartisan legislation. However the bill is tweaked to placate feuding Democrats and Republicans, though, its passage is liable to bury years of dirty financial secrets under politicians’ largess at taxpayer expense. Of course, we may have to wait until after the general election to learn just what any adopted bailout entails. The current bill, obligingly, gives all who would support the plan great cover since the Treasury has 45 days to ‘publish program guidelines’ explaining how the distressed assets in this bailout will be priced and valued...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


A £516 trillion derivatives 'time-bomb'

Not for nothing did US billionaire Warren Buffett call them the real 'weapons of mass destruction'.




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