Is the American Enterprise Really War in the Caucasus?

Is Not Western Hypocrisy Astonishing?

Georgian President Saakashvili, Welfare King

US propaganda on Georgia and Russia



Informant: Neo Mulder


Georgia: Background to War

US Role in Georgia Crisis

International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) Condemns Russian Use of Cluster Munitions in Georgia

CIVIC: Georgia: After Dropping Cluster Bombs, Russia Has Responsibility to Help Civilians


Georgia's Recklessness

Paul J. Saunders, The Washington Post: "The fates of South Ossetia and Abkhazia are chief among the many issues that are still unresolved in the war between Georgia and Russia. What's clear, however, is that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered his country's military to assert his authority over South Ossetia by force. American officials should reflect on the implications of Saakashvili's behavior for U.S. policy toward Georgia, Russia and the region."

Russia Unleashed

Serge Truffaut, Le Devoir, chalks up Russia's military incursion in Georgia to a single source, "all because the commitment President Bill Clinton made to Moscow was not honored by his successor."

US Watched as a Squabble Turned Into a Showdown

Helen Cooper, CJ Chivers and Clifford J. Levy, The New York Times: "The story of how a 16-year, low-grade conflict over who should rule two small, mountainous regions in the Caucasus erupted into the most serious post-cold-war showdown between the United States and Russia is one of miscalculation, missed signals and overreaching, according to interviews with diplomats and senior officials in the United States, the European Union, Russia and Georgia. In many cases, the officials would speak only on the condition of anonymity."

Tour of Tskhinvali Undercuts Russian Claim of Genocide

Tom Lasseter, McClatchy Newspapers: "As Russian troops pounded through Georgia last week, the Kremlin and its allies repeatedly pointed to one justification above all others: The Georgian military had destroyed the city of Tskhinvali ... But a trip to the city on Sunday, without official escorts, revealed a very different picture. While it was clear there had been heavy fighting - missiles knocked holes in walls, and bombs tore away rooftops - almost all of the buildings seen in an afternoon driving around Tskhinvali were still standing."


What really happened in Georgia?


Blowback From Bear-Baiting

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Mikheil Saakashvili's decision to use the opening of the Olympic Games to cover Georgia's invasion of its breakaway province of South Ossetia must rank in stupidity with Gamal Abdel-Nasser's decision to close the Straits of Tiran to Israeli ships.

All the Propaganda That's Fit to Print:
The New York Times, Again, Tells It Like It Ain't

By Sean M. Madden

As part of an all-out Western media campaign to bury the simple fact that Georgia invaded South Ossetia a week ago -- an act of aggression which led, subsequently, to Russia's response -- Thursday's NYT's top headline helps to further instill the lie, at home and abroad, that Bush and the U.S government are truly concerned about the welfare of Georgians and human beings generally.

Don't Forget Yugoslavia

By John Pilger

The secrets of the crushing of Yugoslavia are emerging, telling us more about how the modern world is policed.

Georgia: Another Neocon Farce?

By Sean Gabb

I am a citizen of a country that was a principal actor in the two big wars of the twentieth century. I believe that these wars were unnecessary for the security of my country and killed unimaginable numbers of people. They also destroyed British primacy in the world and were the means of transforming Britain from genuine liberal democracy to politically correct corporatism.

The Daily Show Live From The White House

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Bush Regime imbeciles don't know when to stop. With the world still rolling in laughter from John McCain's claim that "in the 21st century nations don't invade other nations," the moronic US secretary of state declared: "This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed."

Mikheil Saakashvili: War Criminal

A politician's hubris causes untold human suffering.

US Hypocrisy: Bush accuses Russia of 'bullying'

The US president, speaking from the White House, said the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia must be respected.

The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV?

The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV. A reporter makes a comparison to the US reaction to 911 to Russia's reaction to Georgian attacks and the satellite feed drops off in the middle of his question. TV is censored every day and every hour but sometimes the censorship is plain to see.

Putin's Winning Hand

Once the Atlantic Alliance is shattered, America's lifeline to the world is kaput

By Mike Whitney

There are no military installations in the city of Tskhinvali. In fact, there are no military targets at all. It is an industrial center consisting of lumber mills, manufacturing plants and residential areas. It is also the home to 30,000 South Ossetians. When Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered the city to be bombed by warplanes and shelled by heavy artillery last Thursday, he knew that he would be killing hundreds of civilians in their homes and neighborhoods. But he ordered the bombing anyway.

Gorbatchev describes Georgia Attack,, Media "Lies from Begining to End"


Energy War

Russia-Georgia Conflict Fueled by Rush to Control Caspian Energy Resources

Democracy Now! Audio & Transcript

Human Rights Watch has accused both Russian and Georgian forces of killing and injuring civilians through indiscriminate attacks over the past week of fighting. Professor and author Michael Klare joins us to talk about how the Russian-Georgian conflict is largely an energy war over who has access to the vast oil and natural gas reserves in the Caspian region.

From Information Clearing House


Saakashvili is a pawn in US & Russia's 'New Cold War'

Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


No 'good guys' in Georgia conflict

Matthew Rothschild: US and Russia hypocrisy cubed.


Russophobia: A political pathology

by Justin Raimondo


Since Bill Clinton invaded the Balkans and severed Kosovo from the Yugoslav torso, the incredibly patient Russians had stoically endured years of abuse, insults, and increasingly open belligerence directed at the Kremlin. Yet still they tried to have normal relations with the West. The turning point was reached only recently, as the Americans defended the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and implicitly justified the murder of a dozen Russian soldiers, who were on a UN-sanctioned peacekeeping mission. The War Party has had a hard-on for Putin ever since the run-up to our Iraq misadventure, when the Russian leader opposed the drive to war, tried to buy time for the Iraqis via the UN, and openly mocked the lies that rationalized the whole disaster...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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