Samstag, 9. August 2008

Military Leaders Make Weak Advisers

Lawrence J. Korb writes for The Washington Independent: "Over the past 18 months, anyone proposing any policy for extricating the United States from the Iraqi quagmire has been told by critics that the proposal should be vetted by Gen. David Petraeus, who took command of the U.S. forces in Iraq in February 2007. For example, Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican candidate, criticized his Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, for revealing his plan to end the war in Iraq before sitting down with Petraeus. The assumption behind this line of thought is that political leaders should defer to the military commanders when it comes to issues of war and peace, especially in the middle of a war."

Know-Nothing Politics

Paul Krugman writes in The New York Times: "So the G.O.P. has found its issue for the 2008 election. For the next three months the party plans to keep chanting: 'Drill here! Drill now! Drill here! Drill now! Four legs good, two legs bad!' O.K., I added that last part. And the debate on energy policy has helped me find the words for something I've been thinking about for a while. Republicans, once hailed as the 'party of ideas,' have become the party of stupid."

Globalization Is Destroying the World's Oceans,1518,570877,00.html

Informant: Teresa Binstock

Climate change in action in Greenland,8599,1829365,00.html

Informant: Teresa Binstock

FBI Says It Obtained Reporters' Phone Records

The New York Times reports: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday that it had improperly obtained the phone records of reporters for The New York Times and The Washington Post in the newspapers' Indonesia bureaus in 2004."

Heroic Effort Puts Cindy Sheehan On The Ballot, Now Let's Put Her In Congress

Cindy Sheehan Is On The Ballot!! Now Let's Go For The General Election Gold

Today we got confirmation that Cindy Sheehan has QUALIFIED for the ballot as an independent candidate to challenge Nancy Pelosi for the seat from the 8th Congressional district of CA. This required the verification of the signatures of more than 10,000 of her constituents, only the 6th time in history this has ever been accomplished in the state of CA.

And it could not have been done without the heroic support of people, not just in that one district, but from all over the country who recognize that a successful challenge to Pelosi will do more to compel real policy change than almost anything else we can do. Pelosi, who has turned a deaf ear to the entire American people on ending the war funding, impeachment and everything else, MUST be defeated to start to finally hold the White House, and the rest of Congress, accountable.

This is now a very winnable race, but only if we rally behind Cindy Sheehan, who had the courage to call the recent non-impeachment hearing the toothless sham that it was, and was thrown out of that hearing for saying so. Let's make her a member of Congress so they can never throw her out again. Please make a donation now to help Cindy Sheehan win the big one.

Cindy Sheehan Donations:

The faster we can give Cindy Sheehan a big head of stream, the faster we can get the attention of each and every other member of Congress who thinks they can just coast through their next election without actually standing up for us. Let them know that there is a Cindy Sheehan waiting in the wings in their district to take them down too next time unless they do their job now.

The simple, cold fact is that unless and until Congress sees a downside to their despicable cowardice there will be NO policy change. We'll repeat that. No policy change whatsoever. Their whole self-justification is they point to the elections they are winning. Unless and until we defeat one of their own, one of the biggest of them all, we can send emails and make phone calls until we're blue in the face, and they will must keep lying to us and stalling. Yeah, sure they're just about to impeach. Sure.

Now some people (defeatists) will say, "Oh, you'll never defeat the Speaker of the House". Well guess what, until we do they will never take the voice of the people seriously. We HAVE to win. And we have to do everything we could have done to make that a reality. So we are calling on all of our participants to throw everything they have behind candidates who will fight for the issues, the real issues.

And there is no better investment in time, energy or money we can make now than to give Cindy Sheehan the biggest platform possible to advocate for us.

Paid for by Cindy Sheehan for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.


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Showdown with Nancy Pelosi

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan on the ballot

By John Wildermuth, Chronicle Staff Writer

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan qualified Friday for a November showdown with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, collecting the signatures needed to get on the ballot as an independent candidate for Congress. - While Sheehan said Friday that she has raised more than $300,000 for the race, Pelosi had collected more than $2.3 million by the end of June and had $455,138 in the bank.

Désordres Climatiques: Les Tornades

White House Remains Defiant on Miers, Bolten Testimony

Susan Crabtree reports for The Hill: "Despite a court ruling last week rejecting its claim of executive privilege, the White House still rebuffs congressional subpoenas for chief of staff Joshua Bolten and former counsel Harriet Miers."


Can The Bush White House Stall On Compliance with Judge Bates’s Ruling?

Victory in Phone Mast Preconsultation

O2 made a preapplication consultation with residents in Baxenden, Accrington for an iphone mast. Following a public meeting, we rallied people to write and object, over 60 people did so. This was quite remarkable considering we had only about a week to respond. Apart from the normal health concerns, we decided to put them on notice by sending letters of intent to hold them responsible should anyone develop an illness due to the mast. Secondly we all threatened to boycott O2 and their services if they went ahead. We received a response that they would not proceed with this application at this time and would actively seek an alternative site, including the possibility to add this equipment to an existing mast.

Thanks also to Sylvia Wright in sending me information on Barrie Trower's reports.

Did anyone see the recent TV programme on Vanessa - Mae, the violin virtusoso?

In the programme, she was asked to sign her name and then asked to do it again with an electro-magnetic device close to her head. She was UNABLE to do it. The purpose was to show the part of her brain which controlled her musical ability. However, it struck me that all it succeeded in doing was to show how electromagnetic radiation instantly affects brain function. Maybe we would make use of this high profile demonstration to put pressure on our politicians to show the effects of using a mobile phone or living close to a mast?

Dennis Cannon

From food bank's chief, insight into hungry U.S.

In January we surveyed our 200 food banks and demand was up 20 percent over last year. We're seeing more and more people visiting food banks for the first time because they've lost their jobs or they're not getting raises. They can't afford vegetables or protein, the essentials of a good diet.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy, Says Top Budget Committee Republican

By Terence P. Jeffrey

The ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee said the U.S. government is headed toward bankruptcy if it stays on its current fiscal course.

Our $100 Trillion National Debt

By Biby Bill Walkerll

The "official" debt of the United States is only around $10 trillion dollars as of August 6, 2008. This is a manageable number; we could pay it off in a few decades if we quit buying luxuries like food and clothing, and take a few other minor economy measures. Unfortunately, the "$10 trillion" number was produced by government accounting, which among other things allows one to ignore Social Security, Medicare, and the new prescription drug benefit. This is like ignoring rent, food, and utilities in your household budget. it will lead to a few bounced checks. Our real debt is about ten times higher.

Our Economic Malaise

The Fire This Time?

By David Michael Green

We stole from Native Americans within minutes of landing here, and never stopped until we'd grabbed all the land and resources we wanted, leaving them casinos and poverty in return. We harnessed yokes around Africans and imported them as if they were agricultural beasts of burden, and continued to do so for centuries. We built our economic accomplishments on the backs of near-slave immigrant laborers, from Chinese coolies to Mexican wetbacks, along with Irish, Italian, German, Jewish and a whole lot of other nationalities in-between

Why TV News in the US is Utter Rubbish

By Kieren McCarthy

It's not just that world events are ignored in favour of celebrity gossip. News anchors skew the facts to provoke debate.

Blaming Pakistan's Spies For A War Gone Wrong

By Eric Margolis

Manufacturing Consent For An Attack On Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence complicit in Afghan violence: U.S. general: The top US commander in Afghanistan Thursday publicly accused Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate of "some complicity" over time with militant groups fomenting violence in Afghanistan.

U.S. weighs pursuing militants into Pakistan

Top Bush administration officials are urging the president to direct U.S. troops in Afghanistan to be more aggressive in pursuing militants into Pakistan on foot as part of a proposed radical shift in its regional counterterrorism strategy, The Associated Press has learned.

From Information Clearing House

Why Iran Won't Budge on Nukes


To speak frankly, with its bellicose behavior the West is pushing Iran towards nuclear weapons, even if they don't want them now."

Military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities may not be effective

The analysis by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) found that Iran's uranium facilities are too widely dispersed and protected -- and, in some cases, concealed too well -- to be effectively destroyed by warplanes. And any damage to Iran's nuclear program could be quickly repaired.

Iranian diplomat warns of harsh response to any strike

Tehran's press attaché in Damascus grants interview to Israeli-Arab newspaper, says 'if Israel were to do something stupid – it will face a shocking response the likes of which it has never encountered before'.

From Information Clearing House


Israel, Iran and the new neocons

ANP: Neocons say Bush should let Israel attack Iran after election day before new president takes office.

US-Militär sperrt irakische Gefangene in kleine Holzkästen ein

Das sei ganz "human", sagt ein Pentagon-Sprecher.

A Novel Approach to Politics

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, for Truthout: "ABC News's political blog, 'The Note,' points out this week that Paris Hilton is issuing policy statements while John McCain nominates his wife for a topless beauty contest. The world's turned upside down. Who could blame a person for thinking that chronicling such oddness is beyond the skills of simple journalists? This is a job for the novelists."

Effects Of 50 Hz Magnetic Field On Some Factors Of The Immune System In Male Guinea Pigs

Be careful with cell phones

The grim nature of today's wars

Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

Residents object to Aberdeen mobile phone mast

Aberdeen Evening Express

Worry over site planned near to ARI

By Lynn Kernan

Published: 09/08/2008

A MOBILE phone giant wants to install new masts across Aberdeen.

Residents have hit out at one proposed site near a popular park.

Vodafone has lodged eight separate applications for equipment. Of these, six are plans for masts with transmission dishes on top...


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