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Halstead: residents in fresh battle over aerials on water tower

5:50pm Wednesday 13th August 2008

By Anna Brett

FRUSTRATED residents, who have fought “every single” application to put transmitters on a water tower, are now gearing up to oppose an appeal.

Home owners in Conies Road, Halstead, have a water tower “virtually in their back gardens”, upon which owner Anglian Water has put several transmitters.


Double Standard for Radiation Protection in the Wireless Workplace

EMR Policy Institute (EMRPI) and IBEW Oppose Alltel / Verizon Wireless (VZW) Merger on Worker Safety Grounds

Last update: 1:25 p.m. EDT Aug. 13, 2008

MARSHFIELD, VT, Aug 13, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- EMRPI has filed formal opposition at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the Alltel / VWZ merger. EMRPI's Petition to Deny asserts that FCC has not addressed the impact of long-term exposure to RF radiation (RFR) on human health as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

All mobile carriers have a non-transferable FCC license requirement to protect workers from RFR harm regardless of employment category. Unlike workers who install and repair mobile phone antennas and are required to be trained and alerted to dangerous RFR levels, third-party workers are left ignorant and defenseless in the wireless workplace. It is possible and likely that job site workers would be in a direct line with the antennas' RF beams and be exposed to RFR at levels 200 times stronger than holding a cell phone to their heads.



Cancer cluster school test doubts

Mukasey Won't Pursue Charges in Justice Department Hiring Scandal

Multinational Corporations Trade Biodiversity for Oil

Why the Planet is Sick

ISIS Press Release 13/08/08

Prof. Peter Saunders reviews Stan Cox. Sick Planet. Pluto Press, London, 2008. ISBN 978-0-7453-2741-9 £45.00. , ISBN
978-0-7453-2740-2, £14.99 (paperback) pp219.

Familiar territory with a new slant

There are currently many books on the harm that is being done to our health and to our environment. Most of them cover much the same ground: chemicals, agribusiness, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and so on. This is no bad thing; every author manages to find some new information or put a new slant on things. There is also no shortage of new outrages coming to light, as regular readers of SiS will know.

In Sick Planet, Stan Cox covers a lot of familiar territory and highlights points that others have missed. His targets include disease mongering (the practice of convincing people that they are suffering from some ailment that requires a drug), the marketing of unnecessary food products such as bottled water, the pollution caused by overuse of fertilisers, the hazards of fluoropolymer chemicals such as Teflon, and more.

Because he has spent substantial time in India, he is able to describe some of what has been happening there. The dangers to health caused by the pharmaceutical industry in developed countries are given wide coverage in the popular media; but we are not told about the serious damage being done in the Patancheru area of India where so many of the world’s bulk drugs and intermediate compounds are made. There, sickness rates are more than double the national average, and good farmland is uncultivated because the groundwater has become unfit even for irrigation.

As Cox will convince you if you do not already know, much of what is happening to our planet is due to human ignorance and greed, expressed through the agency of big corporations and with the connivance of governments. Of course ignorance and greed are common human failings, and this might lead us to conclude that there is little we can do to save ourselves. Cox disagrees, and this makes him go beyond what most other writers on the subject have done.

Read the rest of this article here:

Warrior John McCain: More Dangerous Than Bush

Steve Weissman, Truthout: "During the hottest days of the Cold War, Gen. Thomas Power headed the Strategic Air Command, whose nuclear-armed B-52s were meant to deter the Soviet Union. General Power, like many of the Air Force brass at the time, believed that nuclear war with the Soviets was inevitable. He thought the United States would do better to fight that war sooner rather than later and believed we could emerge victorious. 'At the end of the war,' he argued in 1960, 'if there are two Americans and one Russian, we win!' Listening to John McCain talk about Iraq and Iran, I keep thinking of Power. Counter-insurgency and nuclear obliteration are poles apart, I know. But McCain's insistence on 'winning in Iraq,' remaining there 'until Iraq is secure,' and 'bomb-bomb-bombing Iran' reveal the same mindset that made General Power so dangerous."

Watchdog Seeks Federal Investigation of McCain Donations

Greg Gordon, McClatchy Newspapers: "A political watchdog group called for investigations Monday to determine whether fundraisers for John McCain's presidential campaign arranged illegal 'straw' donations - contributions from people who did not spend their own money. Campaign Money Watch urged Attorney General Michael Mukasey to probe the activities of Florida defense contractor Harry Sargeant III, who is credited with raising more than $500,000 for the campaign. It also questioned $57,000 in donations from an office manager for the oil giant, the Hess Corp., and her husband, a railroad foreman."

Protests over phone mast plan

By Morwenna Blake

RESIDENTS are expected to be out in force on Thursday to protest against plans for a new 40ft mobile phone mast planned for Laverstock.

Vodafone want permission to put the mast on land owned by Salisbury District Council at Cow Lane, within 100m of homes and close to both Chafyn Grove and Godolphin schools.

Tim Boughton, of nearby Bourne Avenue, has been gathering support for a campaign against the proposal and the district council has received 47 letters of objection.


Controversial mast looks likely to stay

A CONTROVERSIAL mobile phone mast looks set to stay outside a school - despite a bid to have it moved to an alternative site.

Forest Heath District Council admitted that it made a slip-up which allowed phone company 02 to put up the mast in Exning Road, Newmarket, outside Newmarket College and the town's new swimming pool.

But after a public outcry, including a petition from students at the college, the council promised to work with 02 to find an alternative site.


Top-Journalisten verbreiten Falschmeldungen in großem Stil

Hochkonjunktur für Propagandalügen

Neocons Now Love International Law

Robert Parry, of Consortium News: "It's touching how American neoconservatives who have no regard for international law when they want to invade some troublesome country have developed a sudden reverence for national sovereignty. Apparently, context is everything. So, the United States attacking Grenada or Nicaragua or Panama or Iraq or Serbia is justified even if the reasons sometimes don't hold water or don't hold up before the United Nations, The Hague or other institutions of international law."

Auditors Question Blackwater Contracts

Elizabeth Olson, of International Herald Tribune: "Blackwater Worldwide, the contractor whose provision of private security in Iraq has been under scrutiny, and its affiliated companies may have improperly obtained more than $100 million in contracts meant for small businesses, according to federal auditors."

Cracking the Pentagon Pundit Code

The Democrats' Twisted Morality

'Where Are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?'

House Judiciary To Probe Allegations White House Ordered Forged Letter Linking Saddam-Al Qaeda

Most Companies In US Avoid Federal Income Taxes

Take Action to Protect America's Endangered Species

Bush Plan Takes Scientists Out of Decision Making On Endangered Species Status

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF): Hundreds of Species Endangered by Bush Administration Proposal

Don’t Weaken the Endangered Species Act

Save the Endangered Species Act

Oppose changes that would weaken the Endangered Species Act

USA sanieren sich auf Kosten der Hartwährungsländer

Nach den vorausschauenden Wirtschaftsindikatoren der OECD dürfte Euro-Europa realwirtschaftlich wesentlich schwerer von der globalen Finanzkrise betroffen sein als deren Verursacher, die USA.

2008's First Disenfranchised Voters: Injured and Homeless Veterans

Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet: "The first large block of voters to be disenfranchised in 2008 are the wounded warriors from recent wars and homeless veterans living at hundreds of Department of Veterans Affairs facilities across the country, according to veterans and voting rights activists."

Iraq Contractors Outnumber Troops

Andrew Tilghman, TPM Muckraker: "Today private military contractors supporting the U.S. occupation in Iraq far outnumber U.S. troops inside the country. All together, these non-uniformed workers have cost nearly $100 billion, accounting for roughly 20 percent of the total U.S. budget for the five-year war."

The next wave of mortgage defaults

More borrowers with good credit are defaulting on their home loans, and that's going to make it even harder for the staggering housing market to recover.

US central bank auctions funds

The move marks the Reserve's latest attempt to shore up the nation's struggling banking system, as the fallout from the US's mortgage crisis continues.

From Information Clearing House

If OPEC Dumps the Dollar

OPEC members formed a working group to study the dollar's effect on oil prices and to "investigate the possibility of a currency basket" as a means of offsetting declining dollar-based reserves.

From Information Clearing House

Three major US naval strike forces due this week in Persian Gulf

Military sources note that the arrival of the three new American flotillas will raise to five the number of US strike forces in Middle East waters - an unprecedented build-up since the crisis erupted over Iran's nuclear program.

Persian Gulf blockade 'a matter of time'

Khathor commented, "The closure of the strait of Hormuz is something that is going to happen and will happen many times... it might happen very soon with this issue but either way, it will repeat again in the future."

Iran warns against 'surprise attack'

Iran's Defense Minister Mohammad-Najjar has warned that its response to a surprise enemy attack would be a greater surprise for the aggressor.

From Information Clearing House

Regular Folks Who Hate War


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