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Wal-Mart: Vote For Obama and You Could 'Lose Your Job'

Long Island residents upset over cell phone tower

LINDENHURST (WABC) -- A battle is brewing over a cell phone tower on Long Island Thursday.

The tower was put up at the corner of a park in Lindenhurst. Some residents there say they were tricked, because they thought it was a flag pole. Now, they are concerned for their children's safety.

There are more than 100,000 cell phone towers in the United States.


Is Perpetual War Our Future? Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Bush Era

Andrew Bacevich, "To appreciate the full extent of the military crisis into which the United States has been plunged requires understanding what the Iraq War and, to a lesser extent, the Afghan War have to teach. These two conflicts, along with the attacks of September 11, 2001, will form the centerpiece of George W. Bush's legacy. Their lessons ought to constitute the basis of a new, more realistic military policy."

U.S. Inflation Hits 17-Year High

As Increases Move Beyond Food, Oil: U.S. inflation soared to a 17-year-high annual rate in July, a government report showed, led by gains in food, energy, airline fares and apparel.

Home foreclosure filings up 55 percent in July

U.S. foreclosure activity in July rose 55 percent from a year earlier as a slump in once-sizzling housing markets forced yet more borrowers to default on their mortgages, according to a monthly report.

The outrage in your credit card's fine print

Americans have now racked up nearly $1 trillion in credit-card debt. As housing equity shrinks and costs rise, agencies such as Moody's report swelling numbers of accounts with balances three or more payments past due. Reinforced by abusive industry practices, the plastic safety net is becoming a permanent cage.

From Information Clearing House

McCain adviser got money from Georgia

John McCain's chief foreign policy adviser and his business partner lobbied the senator or his staff on 49 occasions in a 3 1/2-year span while being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

While Aide Advised McCain, His Firm Lobbied for Georgia

Sen. John McCain's top foreign policy adviser prepped his boss for an April 17 phone call with the president of Georgia and then helped the presumptive Republican presidential nominee prepare a strong statement of support for the fledgling republic.

From Information Clearing House

Iraq minister: US Combat Troops to Pull Out in Three Years Under New Deal

By Deborah Haynes in Baghdad

American soldiers will withdraw from cities across Iraq next summer and all US combat troops will leave the country within three years, provided the violence remains low, under the terms of a draft agreement with the Iraqi Government.

Neokonservative machen Russland zum Feindstaat

A Frozen Katrina

Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation: "As John McCain and the Republicans trumpet their election year boldfaced lie-drill now so we can lower prices at the pump today-they continue to ignore a looming energy disaster with lives hanging in the balance. Currently, eight million homes rely on heating oil during the winter months, and last winter’s prices forced too many citizens to choose between heat, food, and medicine."

Decision is coming on phone mast plan

2:30pm Thursday 14th August 2008

By Tarik Al Rasheed »

MORE than a dozen objections have been raised to controversial plans to build a new mobile phone mast in Barnards Green.

Mobile giant O2 wants to put up a 12.5m mast with three antennas on the Six Ways Industrial Estate, on Barnards Green Road.


Before the "War on Terror" there was the "War on Drugs"

Staat subventioniert Armutslöhne mit Milliardenbeträgen

„Mit rund 4,4 Milliarden Euro hat die Bundesregierung im vergangenen Jahr die Einkommen von Voll- und Teilzeitbeschäftigen aufgestockt. Weil ihr Einkommen trotz Arbeit unter dem Existenzminimum lag, waren circa 1,3 Millionen Menschen auf Hartz-IV-Leistungen angewiesen. Damit, so eine aktuelle Studie des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes, war ein Viertel aller Hartz IV-EmpfängerInnen im ausgewerteten Zeitraum berufstätig…“ DGB-Mitteilung vom 12.08.2008

Aus: LabourNet, 14. August 2008


26. August 2008

Lohnspirale nach unten stoppen!

Die morgen erscheinende Studie des WSI zur Entwicklung der Reallöhne in Deutschland kommentiert Klaus Ernst, stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Partei DIE LINKE:

Die Bundesregierung kann noch so oft das Gegenteil behaupten: Der Aufschwung kommt bei den Menschen nicht an. Insbesondere Menschen mit niedrigem Einkommen und Teilzeitbeschäftigte müssen mit Realeinbußen von fast 14 Prozent kämpfen. Verbunden mit privaten Zuzahlungen für Rente und Gesundheit sowie massiv gestiegenen Energie- und Lebensmittelpreisen haben viele Menschen immer weniger Geld in der Tasche. Schuld hat die Politik. Hartz IV, Privatisierungen, die Subventionierung des Niedriglohnsektors und Minijobs sind ein Armutszeugnis für Rot-Grün und die Große Koalition. Die Lohnspirale nach unten muss endlich gestoppt werden. Wir brauchen einen flächendeckenden gesetzlichen Mindestlohn. Die gewerkschaftsfeindliche Gesetzgebung von Hartz IV bis zum Anti-Streik-Paragrafen muss endlich beendet werden, damit flächendeckend wieder höhere Lohnzuwächse erkämpft werden können.

Erstmals Hartz IV Regelsätze auf dem gerichtlichen Prüfstand

Erstmals hat ein Landessozialgericht einen Sachverständigenrat einberufen, um die ALG II Regelleistungen/ Grundsicherung für Arbeitssuchende gemäß SGB II, zu überprüfen. Nach Informationen der ARCA Soziales Netzwerk e.V. in Eschwege hatte eine Familie in Hessen mit Hilfe des Erwerbslosenvereins eine Klage eingereicht, in der sie zurecht die Bemessung der ALG II Regelsätze als unzureichend anklagt.

Lesen Sie weiter:

TV star Jasper slams masts as "criminal"

4:55pm Tuesday 12th August 2008

By Martyn Smith

TV celebrity Jasper Carrott branded a controversial phone mast site in Kingswinford “criminal” after viewing the eyesore for himself.

The comedian called at the High Acres estate to lend his voice to a campaign calling for a water tower which is home to 18 antennae to be pulled down amid health fears.

The Birmingham based star met protestors at the foot of the tower and delivered a devastating attack on authorities, who he says allow sites to grow unchecked while collecting billions of pounds in revenue from phone companies.



Petition to the PM - Jasper Carrott & phone mast cancer cluster

Come back and get to work!

Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times: "John McCain recently tried to underscore his seriousness about pushing through a new energy policy, with a strong focus on more drilling for oil, by telling a motorcycle convention that Congress needed to come back from vacation immediately and do something about America's energy crisis. 'Tell them to come back and get to work!' McCain bellowed."

An American life worth less today

Informant: Harlan Girard

Say NO to Offshore Oil Drilling


In Response to GOP Echo Chamber on Off-Shore Drilling, 'Strong' Democratic Leaders Crumble Like Feta Cheese


Democrats Waver Over Offshore Drilling Ban

Paul Harris, The Observer UK: "Under fire from Republicans, top Democratic politicians in the United States are considering lifting a ban on new offshore oil drilling. The issue is now at the forefront of the presidential election, as Republican candidate John McCain has made allowing new drilling one of the center pieces of his campaign, claiming that it will help drive down petrol prices. Democrats have hitherto said new drilling would do little to relieve consumer pain at the pump, accusing Republicans of misleading the public and being a pawn of big oil companies. Yet signs are emerging that they are easing their opposition to the comprehensive ban."


Shock doctrine opens way for oil drilling

Naomi Klein on disaster capitalism.


Tell Congress that drilling everywhere is not a solution!

Tell the Government NO to Offshore Drilling

Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Press

Credit and Credibility


Most of the killings of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan are ignored because US military media releases are published unquestioningly by the world's newspapers. The words of US "officials" go straight into print without question and are presented as incontrovertible fact.

Aafia Siddiqui: Prisoner No. 650


Just when you think Uncle Sam's war has no more surprises to spring on an unsuspecting world, he comes up with yet another gem. Take the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist who grew up in the U.S. and went to top universities including the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Will American Insouciance Destroy the World?

"The Neocons Are Dying to Nuke Iran"

An interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Kathy Sanborn

What was your wake-up call, Dr. Roberts, to the fact that the current administration was determined to take away the civil liberties of Americans?


Nuclear war by miscalculation

F William Engdahl: The geopolitics of Georgia

Weaponized Avian Flu Intelligence Estimate


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